Coppin Course Reviews

Coppin State University

EDUC 583Master's Degree Thesis I00000
ENMGT 405Artist Management00000
CRJU 430Advanced Legal and Technical Writing00000
DANC 425Professional Outreach Workshop00000
CRJU 560Seminar in Criminal Justice Administration00000
COSC 420Special Topics in Computer Science00000
ENGL 201Survey of British Literature I00000
CHEM 401Physical Chemistry I00000
CRJU 520Advanced Scientific Investigation00000
CNCMUB 506Understanding & Assessing Conflict00000
DANC 320Intermediate Ballet I00000
CUIN 560Theoretical Bases for Teaching and Learning00000
COSC 307Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00000
ECED 333Methods of Teaching Reading in Early Childhood00000
BIOL 509Techniques in Molecular Biology00000
ELED 302Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School00000
CRJU 405Women and The Criminal Justice System00000
ENGL 338Studies in Black American Literature00000
ART 208Basic Drawing00000
GEOG 102World Regional Geography00000
CHEM 501Polymer Nanoparticles - Synthesis & Applications00000
CRJU 555Sur Amer Policing00000
ART 404The Arts of Africa00000
CRJU 577Criminal Justice Program and Evaluation00000
CORH 615Introduction to Rehabilitation00000
DANC 221Fundamentals of Modern Dance II00000
CUIN 608Internship in Curriculum and Teaching00000
COSC 220Computer Science I00000
DANC 328Creative Process: Theory & Practice00000
BIOL 401General Ecology00000
DANC 441Advanced Modern Dance I00000
COSC 383Coop Field Placement I00000
EDUC 330Theoretical Perspectives and Culture and Cognition in Urban...00000
APPLUB 610APPLPsychopatho Diagnosis00000
EDUC 660Critical Issues in Education Seminar00000
CRJU 322Crju & Pub Policy00000
ELED 412Directed Teaching in the Elementary School00000
CHEM 102General Chemistry II00000
ENGL 236Literature of the Black American II00000
CRJU 414Judicial Courts and Corrections00000
ENGL 496Senior Colloquium00000
ADLT 513Sociology of the Community and Community Development00000
FRSEM 101Freshman Seminar00000
CRJU 448Forensic Entomology00000
GLST 499Seminar In Global Studies I00000
ART 321Digital Photography00000
CRJU 536Intelligence Led Policing and Intelligence Analysis00000
CHEM 590Polymer Chemistry00000
CRJU 557Criminal Justice Function in African American Society00000
ANTH 300Physical Anthropolgy and Archaeology00000
CRJU 563Advanced Criminology00000
CNCMUB 515Mediation: Theory & Practice00000
CRWR 304Creative Writing II00000
BDSC 340Operations and Production Management00000
CUIN 605Philosophical, Sociological, and Political Aspects of the Ed...00000
CORH 617Casework/Casework Management00000
DANC 130Introduction to Dance Education00000
DANC 101Introduction to Pilates Mat Exercise00000
CORH 625Multicultural Counseling00000
DANC 227Sacred Modern Dance I00000
BIOL 301Animal Embryology00000
DANC 323Dance Company VI00000
COSC 302Advanced Data Structures and Files00000
DANC 420Introduction to Dance Therapy00000
APPLUB 602Ethics/Legal Issues in Psychology00000
DANC 427Internship00000
COSC 314Web Programming00000
ECED 201Learning Lab in an Educational Setting (Introduction to Earl...00000
BIOL 410Molecular Biology00000
ECED 338Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood00000
COSC 412Introduction to Computer Graphics00000
EDUC 537Developmental Bases of Behavior00000
ADLT 503Counseling Adults in Adult and Continuing Education00000
EDUC 603Assessing Student Performance00000
CRJU 305Principles of Criminal Law00000
EDUC 681Effective School-Community Relations for Effective Schools00000
BUSI 320International Business00000
ELED 305Methods of Teaching Science in the Elementary School00000
CRJU 326Criminal Procedures00000
ENGL 102English Composition II00000
APPLUB 642Motivation, Satisfaction and L00000
ENGL 206Survey of American Literature II00000
CRJU 408Criminal Justice and the Constitution00000
ENGL 305Advanced Expository Writing00000
CHEM 307Organic Chemistry I00000
ENGL 392Seminar in Special Topics00000
CRJU 423Seminar in Criminal Justice I00000
ENMGT 360Facility and Venue Management00000
ACCT 414Tax Accounting00000
ESPT 310Introduction to Esports Coaching00000
CRJU 443Biological Evidence00000
GAHSUB 510International Migration And Human Security00000
CHEM 405Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
CRJU 489Advanced Investigative Techniques00000
ACCT 351Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 421Advanced Accounting00000
ANTH 411Seminar: Special Topics00000
BIOL 104General Zoology00000
CORH 621Practicum00000
DANC 118Movement Improvisation I00000