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Conn Course Reviews

Connecticut College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 305LMarine Ecology Lab00000
CHI 402Multimedia Chinese00000
ARC 273History Of City Planning00000
AT 309Graphics & Virtual Environmnts00000
ART 222AShelter And Comfort00000
ANT 301Practicing Anthropology00000
BOT 205LPlants/Protists & Fungi Lab00000
AMS 201KIntro To American Studies00000
ART 105Time-Based Digital Art00000
AMS 277Sex, Gender, And Revolution00000
AST 391Individual Study00000
ART 335Indiv Studio I00000
ANT 206Introduction To African Art00000
BIO 202Human Physiology00000
AHI 410Roman Architecture00000
BIO 493IGenetically Modified Crops00000
ANT 431FGlobal/Transborderism(In Span)00000
BOT 330Applied Mycology00000
AFR 400The Sociology Of Globalization00000
CHM 223LOrganic Chemistry Lab00000
AMS 234American Religions00000
ART 208Design: Object and Environment00000
AHI 104Introduction To Asian Art00000
ART 299Visioning The (In)Visible00000
AMS 379Black Poetics00000
ART 498Honors Study00000
ART 449ASenior Studio00000
ANT 103Gender, Sexuality, and Intesec00000
AT 211Media And Pop Culture In Japan00000
AHI 280Intro to Museum Studies00000
BIO 106LCells Lab00000
ANT 260Anthropology Of The Caribbean00000
BIO 214Biopsychology00000
AFR 331Racial Capitalsm: A Global His00000
BIO 325Cell Ultrastructure00000
ANT 356Imagin Otherness Visual Cultr00000
BNS 492Individual Study00000
AHI 492Individual Study00000
BOT 299FBotanical Latin(In Latin)00000
ARA 291Individual Study00000
CA 225Community Engagement Praxis00000
AFR 224Human Rights, Media & Activism00000
CHM 103LGeneral Chemistry Lab00000
ARC 491Individual Study00000
CHM 303Biochemistry00000
AFR 491Individual Study00000
ART 200Photography I00000
AMS 255Religion And Public Life00000
ART 2153D:Scan/Model/Animate/Print00000
AFR 252Latino Usa: Us Latinx Cultures00000
ART 227Design Between Hand & Machine00000
AMS 323The Pursuit Of Happiness00000
ART 334Indiv Studio 2 Credit00000
AHI 205Japanese Art & Architecture00000
ART 336Indiv Studio II00000
AMS 421Afrofuturism 2.000000
ART 450Senior Studio00000
ART 449CSenior Studio00000
AMS 473Urbn Renewal/America: New Lndn00000
AST 110Beyond the Solar System00000
AHI 261Late 20Th C Art00000
AT 201Hist of Arts & Technology00000
ANT 165Rus Visual And Musical Culture00000
AT 227Design Between Hand & Machine00000
AFR 309Hist Of Slavery/Emanc In Amer00000
AT 392Individual Study00000
ANT 229Music, Culture, And Experience00000
BIO 120CIntro to Biological Inquiry00000
AHI 299Secrecy:Power,Privil,Invisible00000
BIO 207LEcology Lab00000
ANT 270FTattoo2Tutu: The Cult (In Itl)00000
BIO 298Genomics,Epigenomics,Transcrip00000
AFR 206The Civil War And Reconstruct00000
BIO 313Principles Of Immunology00000
ANT 311Ethnobot Southern New Engl00000
BIO 336Neurobiology Of Disease00000
AHI 456Museum Projects00000
BIO 493LPathophysiology00000
ANT 391Individual Study00000
BOT 114LPlants And Climate Change00000
AFR 351Fugitive James Baldwin00000
BOT 225LSystematic Bot/Local Flora Lab00000
ARA 102Elementary Arabic00000
BOT 311Ethnobot Southern New Engl00000
AMS 104American Cults00000
BOT 493KEcological Restoration00000
ARC 201Tech Wkshp:Comp-Aided Design00000
CHI 101Intensive Elem Chinese00000
ACC 392Individual Study00000
CHI 414Multimedia Chinese00000
ARC 375Arch Imaginary In 20Th Century00000
CHM 204LInorganic Chemistry Lab00000
AMS 215Polit/Cult In U.S. Since 194500000
ARC 495Internship00000
ACC 101LIntro To Excel For Fin Acc00000
AFR 123Intro To African-American Lit00000
AFR 305Race/Ethnicity Baseball In U.S00000
AHI 225Btwn Art & Industry: Bauhaus00000
AMS 458Civ Rights In North, 1925-197500000
ART 450BSenior Studio00000