Concordia College NY Course Reviews

Concordia College NY

ESL W04Esl Kings00000
HUM 100Aesthetics: Living W/The Arts00000
CRJ 330Policing Diverse Communities00000
ENG 341Advanced Writing00000
EDU 281Working With Special Populatns00000
CAR 096Integrated Communication Sem00000
HEA 362Field Work In Health Study II00000
BIO 490Hospital Internship00000
EDU 140Learning Strategies00000
BUS 281Business Law I00000
ENG 212Introduction To Drama00000
EDU 400Financial Freedom & Per Dev00000
BUS 492Internatl Strategic Management00000
ENG 490Internship:Cls00000
BIO 373General Microbiology00000
FYS 101Transfer Seminar00000
CHM 302LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
HIS 216American History II00000
BIO 207LBiology I Lab00000
ITL 102Introduction To Italian II00000
BUS 234Principles Of Management00000
EDU 243Home/Schl/Church/Com Relations00000
BIO 226Conservation & Pollution Bio00000
EDU 325Method/Material:Social Studies00000
BUS 336Organizational Behavior00000
ENG 190From Paige To Stage00000
EDU 482Student Teaching: Global and Local Experience00000
BUS 437Business Ethics00000
ENG 241World Literature00000
BIO 302The Cell00000
ENG 390Ernest Hemingway00000
CAR 092Advancement & Advocacy00000
ESL R04Kings00000
ART 222World Art00000
ESL W05ESL Kings00000
CHM 202General Inorganic Chemistry II00000
HEA 100Medical Terminology00000
BIO 405Genetics00000
HEB 306Biblical Hebrew II00000
COM 100Using Language To Inform00000
HIS 362Latin American History00000
ACC 421Auditing00000
INS 362Latin American History00000
ECO 264Macroeconomics00000
MAT 100Intermediate Algebra00000
BIO 208Biology II00000
EDU 164Pre-Prof Practicum: Childhood00000
BUS 235Management Information Systems00000
EDU 271Educational Psychology00000
ACC 490Peter Figliozzi & Co Cpa00000
EDU 322Methods&Materials: Science00000
BUS 332Cross-Cultural Communications00000
EDU 329Reading/Language Arts Elem II00000
BIO 271Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
EDU 452Student Teaching Seminar00000
BUS 352Principles Of Finance00000
ENG 120Argument And Rhetoric00000
ENG 050Epe00000
BUS 390Independent Study: Bus00000
ENG 203British Literature III00000
BIO 285Human Sexuality00000
ENG 222American Literature II: The New World Romantics to Dawning R...00000
BUS 490Siwanoy Country Club00000
ENG 305Contemporary Novel00000
ART 205Color, Theory And Application00000
ENG 346Writing For The World Wide Web00000
CAR 090Practical And Living Skills00000
ENG 450English Capstone00000
BIO 361Biological Psychology00000
ESC 231Earth History00000
CAR 094Social Fluency00000
ESL R05Kings00000
ACC 324Federal Taxation00000
ESL G05Grammar 500000
CHM 201General Inorganic Chemistry I00000
EXL 330Urban Sociology00000
BIO 381Biochemistry00000
GRK 202Greek I00000
CHM 301LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
HEA 281Legal&Ethical Aspects Hlth Car00000
BIO 125Human Anatomy & Physiology00000
HEA 441Senior Capstone:Health Studies00000
CIS 248Composing Case Notes00000
HEB 390Hebrew Readings00000
BIO 414Bio: History/Process/Methods00000
HIS 351Religion In America00000
CRJ 201Intro To Criminal Justice00000
HIS 441Seminar In History00000
ACC 242Computer Acct: Quickbooks00000
INS 347International Marketing00000
ECO 262Studies In Economic Problems00000
INS 467Pol & Eco Systems/Dev Cntries00000
BUS 231Business Communications00000
ECO 366Money And Banking00000
ACC 223Financial Accounting00000
ACC 322Intermediate Accounting II00000
ART 120Form,Color,Space In 3D00000
BIO 272LHuman Anatomy & Physiology Lab00000
BUS 366Money And Banking00000
ENG 110LWriting Lab00000