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Columbia Course Reviews

Columbia University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSOR W4231Analysis of Algorithms I53441
AHIS W3451Latinx Artists Coast to Coast00000
AHIS G8317Antiquarianism And Archaeology00000
AHIS G8492The Performative Object00000
AHIS X2001Drawing Studio00000
AHIS G9001Research for Advanced Students00000
AHIS G5000Critical Colloquium00000
ADDN D6310Preclin Peds Theory & Technique00000
AFAS C1010Intro-Afr-Amer Studies - Disc00000
AHIS G6408Origins of Mod Visual Culture00000
AHIS G8366Renaissance Portraits00000
AHIS G8346Bosch And Bruegel00000
AFRS X3589Blk Sexual Pltcs U.S.Pop Cltr00000
AHIS G8310Painting and Society in the Fifteenth-Ce00000
ADDN D6306Preclinical Comprehensive Care Lab IV00000
AHIS W4531Tintoretto - 500 Years00000
AHIS G8606Japanese Architecture: Tokyo00000
AHIS W3417Medieval Revival: Collecting, Copying, a00000
ACTU K5030Intro to Life Insurance00000
AHIS X3999Independent Project00000
AFAS C3901Independent Stdy-Undergraduate00000
AHIS W4042Afr Amer Artists in 20/21 Cent00000
ACTU K5851Retirement Income Solution00000
AFEN X3009Toni Morrison: An Ethical Poetics00000
AHIS X3910Contmp Photo&Related Media:Pol Exhibitns00000
AHIS G8147Pausanias' Greece: Travelling through th00000
AHIS G8616Chinese Painting Connoisseurship: Authen00000
AFRS X1100Carib Influ On Harlem Ren00000
AHIS G5001Curatorial Colloquium00000
ACTU K5848Risk Management In P&C Insurance00000
AHIS W4546Gilles Deleuze:Thinking In Art00000
AFRS X3554Blackness & Comedy In Us00000
AHIS G8206Byzantium, Venice, and the Medieval West00000
ACCT B9014(PhD) Accounting & Information00000
AHIS X3983Ways Of Graphic Design-Ing00000
AHIS G8714Post-Columbian: Ancient Latin America in00000
AHIS V2600The Arts of China00000
ADDN D6304Preclinical Comprehensive Care00000
AHIS X3099Independent Study00000
AHIS W4947Architectures of Information00000
AHIS W3012Restitution or Repatriation of Cultural00000
ACCT B6001Financial Accounting00000
AHIS G8347Ephemeral Art00000
AHIS G8503African Art& Decolonizing00000
AHIS G8701Dir In Late Mod & Latin American Art00000
ACTU K5900Proseminar in Actuarial Science00000
AHIS W2427Twentieth-Century Architecture00000
AFAS W4032Image/Ident-Contemp Advertisng00000
AHIS X3853Exhibiting Modern Inuit Sculpture00000
ACCT B8025Life Cycle of a Deal00000
AHIS W4110Modern Japanese Architecture00000
AFAS C3997Independent Study-Non Afam00000
AHIS W3708Beyond El Dorado00000
ACTU K5830Models for Finance & Economics00000
AFEN X3253Before 'Black Lives Matter':Reading Insu00000
AHIS W2120Rome Beyond Rome-Disc00000
AHIS W4024Medieval Art II Discussion Section00000
AHIS G6403Structuralsm/Poststruct/Modern00000
AFRS X3552Black Women Style&Perfrmnce00000
AHIS X2018Freestyle/Displcemnt Cont Art00000
ACTU K5850Oral Communications For Actuarial Profes00000
AHIS W2401Nineteenth Century Art-Disc00000
AFRS X3585Poor in America: the Experience and Impa00000
AHIS V2108Greek Art and Architecture00000
ACCT B8122Accounting for Consultants00000
AHIS G8484Digitization And (Anti)Democracy00000
AFRS X2005Caribbean Culture & Societies00000
AHIS G8504Masquerade: Rhetoric/Theory/Practice00000
ADDN D6307Preclinical Operative Dentistry00000
AHIS W4520Gothic Nature00000
AHIS G5006Moda Thesis Prep00000
AHIS W3314Inganno and Enga o: Art and the Rhetori00000
ACCT B9022Research On Regulation And Accounting In00000
AHIS W2500Arts Of Africa00000
AHIS X3675Feminism/Postmodernism In Art00000
AHIS G8614Ukiyo-E Prints,Paintings,Illustrated Bks00000
ADDN D6312Preclinical Dentistry Pros Lab00000
AHIS G5003Materials & Practices-Art Hist00000
AHIS W4740Re-Reading American Photographs00000
AHIS W4741Art and Theory in a Global Context00000
ACLS X3997Interdisciplinary Senior Sem00000
AHIS V241218Th Century Art In Europe00000
AHIS W2318Renaissance Architecture - Discussion Se00000
AHIS G8148Mimesis and Empire: Imitation, Replicati00000
ADDN D6315Preclinical Dentistry Periodontics00000
AHIS G8706Directions In Contemporary Art00000
AHIS G8493Restitution or Repatriation of Cultural00000
AHIS X3682Early Modernism And The Crisis Of Repres00000
ACCT B9010(PhD) Valuation and Financial00000
AHIS W3450Art and Empire00000
AHIS W2305Renaissance In Imperial Spain00000
AHIS W2702Pre-Columbian Art And Architecture00000
AFAS W4998Independent Study-Graduate00000
AHIS G8146Curatorial Seminar for Ancient Near East00000
AHIS W4021Mdvl Art I: Late Antiquity To Byzantium00000
ACCT B7022Accounting for Value00000
ACCT B8022Accounting for Value00000
ACCT B5007Financial Planning & Analysis00000
ACTU K5821Actuarial Methods I00000
AFRS X3998Senior Seminar00000