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Colgate Course Reviews

Colgate University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CORE 152Challenges of Modernity00000
ECON 105Principles of Accounting00000
BIOL 320LBiostatistics Lab00000
CLAS 237Roman History00000
BIOL 485ZExperimental Animal Behavior00000
ASTR 312Astronomical Techniques00000
CORE 192SThe Anthropocene00000
ARTS 212Destroying Images00000
BIOL 385Neuroethology00000
ARTS 241Analog Photography00000
CHIN 304ZReadings in Social Issues00000
CHEM 101LGeneral Chemistry I Lab00000
ARTS 363War and Plunder00000
CORE 123SClimate Change & Human Hist00000
ARTS 105ZIntroduction to Architecture00000
CORE 176SNatrl Disaster:Sci,Media,Movie00000
BIOL 202Genetics00000
COSC 304Theory of Computing00000
ANTH 315Gender and Culture00000
ECON 345Games and Strategies00000
ARTS 222Video Art: Image Recycling00000
BIOL 477Molec Control Neural Devel00000
ANTH 355Ancient Aztec Civilization00000
BIOL 592LBiostatistics Lab00000
ARTS 250Native Art of N America00000
CHIN 121Elementary Chinese I00000
CHEM 333Physical Chemistry I00000
ARTS 342Advanced Photography00000
CLAS 222The Tragic and Comic Muse00000
ARAB 402Topics in Arabic Lang/Cult II00000
CORE 103SRemote Sensing of Environment00000
ASIA 121Elementary Korean/NY600000
CORE 146SGood Life: Psych Science/SRS00000
ANTH 211Investigating Contemp Cultures00000
CORE 163CThe Caribbean00000
BIOL 181Evolution, Ecology, Diversity00000
CORE 183CThe Middle East00000
ARTS 206What the Hand Knows00000
COSC 201Computer Organization00000
BIOL 305LVertebrate Zoology Lab00000
COSC 460Database Management Systems00000
ALST 290Model African Union00000
ECON 314Industrial Organization00000
BIOL 350Biophysics00000
ECON 352Money & Banking00000
ANTH 337Globalization and Culture00000
BIOL 407LBiology of Stem Cells Lab00000
ARTS 231ZIndp: Painting I00000
BIOL 481Modeling of Biological Systems00000
ALST 340Art & Cult Contemp Jamaica/SG00000
BIOL 488Investign Terrestrial Ecology00000
ARTS 246From Emperors to Anime00000
BIOL 593Vertebrate Physiology00000
APPR 000Approved Program Registration00000
CHEM 212Inorganic Chemistry00000
ARTS 264Sculpture: Material & Process00000
CHEM 464Organic Synthesis00000
CHEM 384Molecular Dynamics00000
ARTS 302AdvDigStud:Interactivity&Narra00000
CHIN 299XChinese Medical Culture/FLAC00000
ARAB 302ZAdvanced Arabic II00000
CHIN 491Ind: Chin Lang & Econ Thought00000
ARTS 354ZPrintmaking II00000
CLAS 235Archaeology of Italy00000
ANTH 102Culture,Diversity,Inequality00000
CLAS 365EFreedom, Tyranny & Philosophy00000
ARTS 406Senior Project: Studio Art00000
CORE 113SHow to Build a Baby00000
ARTS 100Introduction to Studio Art00000
CORE 137SMind, Body, and Health00000
ASIA 491Ind: Partitionindia Narratives00000
CORE 149CHispaniola (Haiti/Dom. Rep.)00000
ALST 244African Amer Religious Exper00000
CORE 158CPuerto Rico00000
ASTR 492Ind: Quasar Variability00000
CORE 169CRwanda00000
ARTS 115Islamic Art and The World00000
CORE 179SAn Unequal World00000
BIOL 202ZGenetics00000
CORE 188CThe Iroquois00000
ANTH 249Art/Architect-Ancient Americas00000
COSC 101Intro to Computing I00000
BIOL 206LOrganismal Biology Lab00000
COSC 290ZDiscrete Structures00000
ARTS 209Art & Politics:Venice/Milan ES00000
COSC 410LApplied Machine Learning Lab00000
BIOL 313Microbiology00000
COSC 480LTpcs:Applied Machine Learn Lab00000
ALST 203The Caribbean00000
ECON 234Gender in the Economy00000
BIOL 335LLimnology Lab00000
ECON 339The Japanese Economy00000
ARTS 216Nature's Mirror: Art 1400-155000000
BIOL 361Biochem of Gene Expression00000
AHUM 191Ind: Chinese Lang Tutorial/ES00000
ALST 225Jamaica:Colony to Independence00000
ALST 367Jamaica Literary Imaginatn/SG00000
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
ARTS 280Visual Culture of Fascism00000
CHEM 431Molecular Modeling/Simulation00000