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Colgate Course Reviews

Colgate University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 310Epidemiology00000
BIOL 478Animal Systematics & Phylogeny00000
ARTS 248African Art00000
BIOL 182LMolecules, Cells, Genes Lab00000
ARTS 312ZDrawing II00000
ARTS 108Lost in Tibet?: Buddhist Art00000
BIOL 355Adv Top Org Bio: Ornithology00000
ANTH 250Native Art of N America00000
ARTS 274Sustainability in Arch Design00000
ANTH 337Globalization and Culture00000
ASTR 312LAstronomical Techniques Lab00000
ARTS 363War and Plunder00000
ARAB 301Advanced Arabic I00000
BIOL 205LCell Biology Lab00000
ANTH 191Questions in Archaeology/SG00000
BIOL 330Conservation Biology00000
ARTS 212Destroying Images00000
BIOL 385Neuroethology00000
ALST 320African Amer Women's History00000
BIOL 488ZIndp: Investign Terrestr Ecol00000
ANTH 316Religion, Culture, & Media00000
ARTS 287LRequired Film Screening00000
ALST 340Art & Cult Contemp Jamaica/SG00000
ARTS 348Modern Art on Display00000
ANTH 355Ancient Aztec Civilization00000
ASIA 499Special Studies for Honors00000
ARTS 406Senior Project: Studio Art00000
ANTH 495Honors00000
ASTR 591Stars, Galaxies & the Universe00000
ALST 499Special Studies for Honors00000
BIOL 202Genetics00000
ARTS 100Introduction to Studio Art00000
BIOL 301LParasitology Lab00000
ALST 281Slavery & Slave Trade Africa00000
BIOL 318Vertebrate Physiology00000
ARTS 206What the Hand Knows00000
BIOL 340Marine Biology00000
ANTH 228Women and Gender in Prehistory00000
BIOL 361Biochem of Gene Expression00000
ARTS 242Digital Photography00000
BIOL 407LBiology of Stem Cells Lab00000
ALST 220XBlack Diaspora/FLAC-Akan/Twi00000
BIOL 483Investigating the Microbiome00000
ARTS 260Social Practice Art00000
BIOL 488Investign Terrestrial Ecology00000
ALST 327Dictator/Democr in Caribbean00000
ARTS 277Modern Architecture 1880-197000000
ANTH 330Deep Time:Human Past in S.Afri00000
ARTS 302AdvDigStud:Interactivity&Narra00000
ALST 228Caribbean-Conquest/Colonialism00000
ARTS 342Advanced Photography00000
ANTH 341Archaeology of Death & Burial00000
ARTS 360Borderlands00000
ALST 354Lit: The Francophone World00000
ARTS 381Sem:Pre-1300:Pre-Mod Fashion00000
ANTH 359Archaeol/Ethnology SW Indians00000
ASIA 313Env Prob & Env Actvsm in China00000
ARTS 491Ind: The Branding Impact00000
ANTH 382Nations, Power, Islam00000
ASTR 210Intermed Astronomy & Astrophys00000
ALST 367Jamaica Literary Imaginatn/SG00000
ASTR 414Astrophysics00000
ARAB 122Elementary Arabic II00000
BIOL 102Topics in Human Health00000
ALST 245Dirty South00000
BIOL 201LEvolution Lab00000
ARAB 401Topics in Arabic Lang/Cult I00000
BIOL 204Molecular Biology00000
ALST 591Indp:Gullah Culture & Ethnog00000
BIOL 291Indp: Pheretimoid Earthworms00000
ARTS 105Introduction to Architecture00000
BIOL 305LVertebrate Zoology Lab00000
ALST 211ECuba: Hist, Cult & Life Ext St00000
BIOL 313Microbiology00000
ARTS 201Dig Stud:Code, Recipes, Spells00000
BIOL 320LBiostatistics Lab00000
ANTH 211Investigating Contemp Cultures00000
BIOL 335LLimnology Lab00000
ARTS 210Contemp Art & Polt in M. East00000
BIOL 341EMarine Mammals-Cognitn, Behav00000
ALST 290Model African Union00000
BIOL 356LDevelopmental Biology Lab00000
ARTS 238Transatlantic Avant-Gardes00000
BIOL 374Immunology00000
ANTH 245Nature, Culture & Politics00000
BIOL 391Indp: Swainson's Hawks00000
ARTS 244Housing the Sacred/India00000
BIOL 475Molecular Analysis-Development00000
ALST 201Africa00000
BIOL 480Cell Cycle Regulation00000
ARTS 250Native Art of N America00000
BIOL 485Experimental Animal Behavior00000
ANTH 300Museum Studies-Native Amer00000
ARTS 264Sculpture: Material & Process00000
AHUM 200XFLAC Language Pedagogy00000
ALST 202Intro to African Amer Studies00000
ALST 237Ghana:Hist, Culture & Politics00000
ALST 360ZALST Interdis Methods Seminar00000
ANTH 371Gender & Society in Africa00000
ASIA 121Elementary Korean/NY600000