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Coastline Course Reviews

Coastline Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMST C110Public Speaking32231
ART C137Hist/Appreciation Chinese Art00000
BUS A118HInternational Business Honors00000
CHIN C180Elementary Chinese 100000
BIOL G182LZoology Lab00000
ART G131Painting 200000
CHEM A010NChem Skills for Intro Chem NC00000
ARCH A104Intro FrameCAD Steel Framing00000
ARCH A185Environmental Design Systems00000
ATHL G246Football Team00000
ATHL A263Water Polo Team Men's00000
BIOL C210General Microbiology00000
ART G130Painting 100000
BUS A100Intro to Business00000
APT A132Aviation Navigation00000
CA A126LPrinciples of Baking 2 Lab00000
ART G103History of Asian Art00000
CHEM A130LPreparation for Gen Chem Lab00000
AMT A170LPwrplnt Recip Engns Lab FAA00000
CIS C157Intro to Python Programming00000
ARCH A141Intro Resource Management00000
ATHL A236Cross Country Team Women's00000
AMT A174LPwrpnt Ignition Sys Lab FAA(I)00000
ARCH A296HHist of Architecture 2 Honors00000
AUTO G141Auto Chassis:Steering/Suspen00000
BC C107BKeyboarding00000
BIOL G220Human Anatomy (I)00000
ART A135Digital Painting00000
BIOL A210LGeneral Microbiology Lab00000
ANTH A100HCultural Anthro Honors00000
BIOL C106Human Ecology00000
ART A141Sculpture 100000
BUS A100HIntro Business Honors (I)00000
AMT A180Airframe Instrumentatn FAA (I)00000
BUS C222Entrepreneur & Sm Bus Ops/Mgt00000
ART A102Survey Modern/Contemporary Art00000
CA A149Pantry00000
APT A124Adv Commercl Pilot Flight Lab00000
CHEM A130Preparation for Gen Chemistry00000
ART C100Survey of Art-Prehist Gothic00000
CHEM A180General Chemistry A00000
ACCT C100Intro to Accounting00000
CIS A111Intro Computer Info Sys00000
ATHL A238Crew Team Women's00000
CIS C240SQL Database Dev00000
AMT A153Gen Mat/Processes/Weld FAA00000
ATHL A242Swimming Team Women's00000
ARCH A155BIM 1 for Architecture00000
ATHL G235Basketball Team Women00000
ACCT G220Forensic Accounting, Intro00000
AUTO G101Intro To Automotive Technology00000
ARCH A122FrameCAD Studio 200000
BC C107AKeyboarding00000
ANTH C100Cultural Anthropology00000
ARCH A142Environmental Advocacy00000
BC C104Microsoft Windows 100000
BC C284Work Based Learning00000
BIOL C200Pharmacology00000
ARLN A139Flight Attendant Qualification00000
BIOL A210General Microbiology00000
ANTH A185LPhysical Anthropology Lab00000
BIOL G220LHuman Anatomy Lab (I)00000
ART C101Renaissance Modernism00000
BIOL C220Human Anatomy00000
ALH A112Intro to Autism/ABA00000
BIOL A100LPrinciples of Biology Lab00000
ART C133Chinese Landscape Pnt 100000
BIOL G183Botany00000
APT A131Intro to Unmanned Aircraft Sys00000
BUS C284Work Based Learning00000
ART C102Contemporary Art Hist00000
BUS G100Intro To Business (I)00000
ACCT G215Internal Control Compliance00000
BUS G130Introduction To Bus Writing00000
ART C135Survey of Chinese Brush Paint00000
BUS C190Investments00000
APT A133Aviation-Meteorology00000
CA A131Principles of Artisan Bread00000
ART C122Painting 100000
CA A122Culinary Principles 200000
AMT A160LArfrm & Prplnt Elec Lab FAA00000
CHEM C220LOrganic Chemistry A Lab00000
ART A124Advanced Drawing00000
CHEM G110Introduction to Chemistry00000
APT A146Advanced Aircraft & Engines00000
CHEM G110LIntro To Chem Lab00000
ART G127Art of the Ancient Americas00000
CHEM G130Prep for General Chemistry00000
ACCT G101Financial Accounting00000
CIS A191Network Technologies00000
ASTR A101Planetary Astronomy00000
CIS C260Systems Analysis/Design00000
ARCH A1623-D Modeling: Rhino 100000
BCT C308Plumbing Code00000
ATHL G244Cross Country Team Men00000
ACCT G235Quickbooks Pro for Accounting00000
ACCT A218Auditing00000
ALH A010Health Occupations00000
ANTH C185Physical Anthropology00000
ARCH A110Intro To Architecture00000