CNU Course Reviews

Christopher Newport University

PHIL 205The Anatomy of Thought54551
CPSC 327C++ Programming32341
CPSC 475Android Mobile Computing53551
CPSC 420Algorithms45331
HONR 354Computer Science & Theology54551
PHIL 207Ethical Issues in Business11111
BIOL 211LPrinciples of Biology I Lab44441
CPSC 150Introduction to Programming11111
CHEM 435Nanochemistry & Nanotechnology00000
BIOL 419Exercise Physiology00000
CHIN 295SPC TP:Intermediate CHIN Lab00000
CHEM 321Organic Chemistry I00000
BIOL 395SPC TP: Aquaculture & Restorat00000
CHEM 565Environmental Chemistry00000
BIOL 115Tpcs in Ecology & Environment00000
BIOL 440LHerpetology Laboratory00000
CLST 312Ancient Roman Art00000
COMM 210Communicating Identity00000
COMM 318Quant Rrsch Mthds in Comm00000
ANTH 365Case Study in Culture00000
BIOL 285Fund Human Anatmy & Phys II00000
BIOL 457LEntomology Lab00000
COMM 350Media Research Methods00000
COMM 415Rhetoric and Religion00000
BIOL 301LMicrobiology Laboratory00000
BIOL 499IND ST: Exercise Physiology00000
CHEM 122LGeneral Chemistry Lab II00000
BIOL 319Nutrition & Energy Homeostasis00000
CHEM 342LPhysical Chemistry Lab II00000
BCHM 415LBiochemistry II Lab00000
CHEM 492WI: POGIA-A Chemistry Capstone00000
BIOL 409Comparative Anatomy Vert00000
CHIN 112Elementary Chinese Writing II00000
ANTH 325Food and Culture00000
CLST 201The Mythic Imagination00000
BIOL 425LOrnithology Lab00000
CLST 495SPC TP: Sprt Spec in Ancient W00000
BIOL 213LPrinciples of Biology III Lab00000
COMM 291Internship in Communication00000
BIOL 450Environmental Microbiology00000
COMM 326Media Audiences00000
AMST 330Treason in America00000
COMM 366Interpersonal Conflict00000
BIOL 492IND ST: Selctve Breedng Red-He00000
COMM 452WI: Sr Research in Comm00000
ANTH 395SPC TP: Infectious Disease Soc00000
BIOL 306LEnvironmental Conservation Lab00000
BTMG 010First YR-BTMG Activity Course00000
BTMG 040Fourth YR-BTMG Activity Course00000
BUSN 231Applied Business Statistics00000
AMST 350Sex, Law and Society00000
ARAB 101Beginning Arabic I00000
BIOL 307LCell Biology Laboratory00000
BUSN 276LSoftware Applctn for Business00000
BUSN 302Business Law for the Arts00000
BIOL 308Plant Biology00000
BUSN 304Operations Management00000
CHEM 104LIntroductory Chemistry Lab II00000
BIOL 315Human Anatomy/Physiology II00000
CHEM 221LOrganic Chemistry Lab I00000
BCHM 414LBiochemistry I Lab00000
CHEM 322LOrganic Chemistry Lab II00000
BIOL 365Evolutionary Biology00000
CHEM 391WI: Investigating Chemical Lit00000
ANTH 203Cultural Anthropology00000
CHEM 445Instrumental Analysis00000
BIOL 405Disease Biology00000
CHEM 543Atmospheric Chemistry00000
BIOL 109LGeneral Biology Laboratory00000
CHIN 102Beginning Chinese II00000
BIOL 412LFndmntl Molecular Biology Lab00000
CHIN 202Intermediate Chinese II00000
AMST 200Evolution-American Experiment00000
CHIN 395SPC TP: Grammar & Composition00000
BIOL 423LHuman Donor Experience I00000
CLST 301Ancient Greek & Roman Theater00000
BIOL 212Principles of Biology II00000
CLST 415WI: Resisting Rome00000
BIOL 434LMarine Ecology Lab00000
COLL 150The Intentional Learner00000
ANTH 330Language and Culture00000
COMM 232Comm through Digital Techn00000
BIOL 445Mammalogy00000
COMM 311Family Communication00000
BIOL 284Fund Human Anatmy & Phys I00000
COMM 322Communication & Social Media00000
BIOL 454Global Change00000
COMM 335Rhetoric and Politics00000
ACCT 570Data Management & Analytics00000
COMM 360Health & Medical Communication00000
BIOL 465LFish Biology Laboratory00000
COMM 395SPC TP: Relationships & Techn00000
BIOL 300Biostats-Statstcl App Life Sci00000
BUSN 317Sales Skills00000
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIOL 308LPlant Biology Laboratory00000
BUSN 351Business Law I00000
BUSN 442Luter Business Inst Biotech00000
BIOL 312Invertebrate Zoology00000
BUSN 491Brout Seminar00000