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CMSV Course Reviews

College of Mount Saint Vincent

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
IDS 644International Law & Gov'T Reg00000
MATH 300Logic and Proof00000
ENGL 325WProfessional Writing00000
HIST 460Independent Study00000
FREN 340French Civilization00000
EDUC 750WSuprvsd Prct Tesol Pre-K 600000
ITAL 320Topics:Ital Patrons & Composer00000
EDUC 506WLang. Cog. Dev. Cult00000
FILI 216Aspects Of Philippine Culture00000
EDUC 524WTchg Ss & Sci Nclus Setting00000
HIST 302Eastern Roman Empire00000
FSEM 125The Evolution Ofmodern Slavery00000
EDUC 675Assessment Of Young Children00000
HNRS 375The Tudor Reformations00000
EDUC 366Practicum IV (We)00000
INTL 401ABROAD:St. Mary's University00000
ENGL 120Writing in Context II00000
MATH 119Statistics00000
ECON 220Microeconomics00000
MBA 509Managing Human Resources00000
EDUC 513WPsy-Tchng & Learning00000
FREN 202Fren for Comm II00000
ECON 370Topics:Issues In Global Trade00000
FSEM 108Science Or Pseudoscience00000
EDUC 531Std.Tchng Elementary Education00000
HIST 220Americas Before Columbus00000
FSEM 142Listening to Women from The French Caribbean and Africa00000
EDUC 622Early Literacy Methods II00000
HIST 376European Union Or Disunion?00000
EDUC 328Childrens Literature00000
HIST 477Cambodia:Hist, Politics & Dev.00000
EDUC 716Life Span Special Education00000
IDS 518History And Ethics Of International Service Learning00000
COMM 375Internship I00000
INTL 003Eng Lang & College Prep00000
ENGL 110WWriting In Context I00000
ITAL 210Writing Italian00000
EDUC 450Student Teaching Sp Ed 1-600000
JAPN 202Intermediate Japanese II00000
ENGL 303Shakespeare00000
MATH 241Linear Algebra I00000
COMM 341Acting II / Directing00000
MBA 501Managerial Accounting00000
ENGL 421Topics:Books Engl Majors Read00000
MBA 642International Financial Mgmt00000
ECON 305Money & Banking00000
FREN 101Fren For Beginners I00000
EDUC 522WTchg Math Sch In Inclu Setting00000
FREN 250Topic:Fr Lang,Culture&Civlztn;00000
COMM 345Strategic/Promotnl Wrtng00000
FREN 460Independent Study00000
FSEM 118Adv, Pop Cult, Celeb00000
ECON 470Top:Contemp Issues In Intl Dev00000
FSEM 136Shakespeare's Problems on Film HONORS00000
EDUC 536WTeaching Literacy Inclu Elem C00000
HIST 202Royalties & Rev: Pre-Modern to Modern00000
FSEM 148U.S Presidential Elections00000
EDUC 608Cont Hlth Is In Urb Educ00000
HIST 273Topics: Western Civ II00000
EDUC 324Teaching Science And Social Studies In Inclusive Settings (1...00000
HIST 346America: Roaring 20's Wwii00000
EDUC 670Topics:00000
HIST 437Europe 1914-1945:Wwi, Wwii, Holocaust00000
COMM 370Topics: Promotional Video & Tv00000
HIST 468Europe, European Union &Medite;00000
EDUC 712WStrtgies For Incl Of Spec Lrnr00000
HNRS 301Junior Seminar : Ethics00000
EDUC 361Teach Soc.Studies Middle & 2N00000
IDS 511Reflections: Perspectives and Practice00000
EDUC 726Assesment In Engl As 2Nd Lang00000
IDS 599Study Abroad: Thailand00000
COMM 330Communication And The Law00000
IDS 671Multicultural Issues In Psyc00000
EDUC 760Student Teach in Spcial Ed 1-600000
INTL 011Engl Lang & College Prep00000
EDUC 429Student Teaching Pre K-200000
ITAL 102Italian for Beginners II00000
ENGL 110Writing in Context I00000
ITAL 303Italian Culture Through Film00000
COMM 460Independent Study II00000
ITAL 460Independent Study00000
ENGL 271Poetry, Seduction, Witchcraft00000
KHME 103Khmer Language For Beginners I00000
EDUC 502Foun/Urb/Mult Educ00000
MATH 212Biomedical Statistics00000
MATH 250LGoogle Applied Comp Series Lab00000
COMM 230Media Writing00000
MATH 450Capstone Fall00000
ENGL 336Major American Writers00000
MBA 505Marketng Concepts & Strategies00000
EDUC 509WWrkng W/ Sys, Teams &Divrs Fam00000
ENGL 460Independent Study00000
ATH 715Thesis00000
COMM 310Feature &Magazine Writing (We)00000
COMM 353Interpersonal Communication00000
EDUC 304Health Educ In Schools00000
EDUC 602WResrch For Classrm. Tchr00000
FSEM 153Topic:Art&Politics In Wld Cine00000