Clayton State Course Reviews

Clayton State University

CMS 3110Media Industries00000
CRJU 3240Community Policing00000
BIOL 3500LEcology Laboratory00000
CHEM 4201Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
BIOL 4999BSenior Evaluation00000
BIOL 2250Microbiology for the Health Sciences00000
COMM 1002Presentation Applications00000
ARST 5300Digital Preservation00000
BIOL 4325Parasitology00000
ART 11042-D Design/Color Theory00000
CHEM 3231Introductory Research II00000
CHEM 1151LSurvey of Chemistry Laboratory I00000
BIOL 1012KIntroductory BIOL 2 with lab00000
CHEM 4701Special Topics in Chemistry II00000
AFAM 4802Introduction to AFAM Religion00000
CMS 3921Internship/Prac in CMS III00000
BIOL 3230Introductory Research I00000
CPTG 2201Advanced Computer Applications00000
ADMN 3115Legal Issues-Admin./Tech. Man.00000
CRJU 4200Criminal Justice Ethics00000
ARST 6900Directed Research00000
BIOL 4700Science and Society00000
ADMN 4101Human Resources for Admin/Tech00000
BUSA 1105Introduction to Business00000
ART 4800Native American Art00000
CHEM 3202Introductory Biochemistry00000
CHEM 1211Principles of Chemistry I00000
AVIA 4130Aviation Labor Relations00000
CHEM 3411Physical Chemistry I00000
AFAM 3200Black Arts Movement00000
CHEM 4207Electrochemistry00000
BIOL 1111LIntro to Biology Laboratory00000
CMS 2010Introduction to Media Studies00000
ADMN 3101Supervision for the Workplace00000
CMS 3710Writing for Digital Media: Theory and Practice00000
BIOL 3201Genetics00000
CMS 4801Science Fiction00000
ARST 5100Archives, Records and Tech00000
COMM 3460Principles of Project Management00000
BIOL 3320Invertebrate Zoology00000
CRJU 3110Race and Crime00000
ACCT 4352Advanced Financial Accounting00000
CRJU 3410Survey of Criminal Law and Procedures00000
BIOL 4100LAnimal Physiology Lab00000
CRJU 4800Family Violence00000
ADMN 3160Technology Entrepreneurship00000
BIOL 4500Biology Seminar I00000
ART 1100Art Appreciation00000
BIOL 4900Biocomputing00000
ACCT 4480Auditing & Assurance Services00000
BIOL 5702Adv Endocrinology00000
ART 3001Oil Painting00000
BUSA 5000Decision Concepts00000
ADMN 4111Leadership-Admin./Tech.00000
CHEM 1152LSurvey of Chemistry Laboratory II00000
ART 5000Great Works in Art History00000
CHEM 2500Sophomore Chemistry Seminar00000
CHEM 1212Principles of Chemistry II00000
AVIA 3130Leadership in the Aviation Ind00000
CHEM 3220On-Campus Internship I00000
AFAM 2050AFAM Intellectuals00000
CHEM 3400Survey of Physical Chemistry00000
BALS 3903Liberal Studies Internship00000
CHEM 3500Junior Chemistry Seminar00000
ACCT 5370Commercial law for Accountants00000
CHEM 4203Biochemistry II00000
BIOL 1108LPrinciples of Biology Lab II00000
CHEM 4402LAdvanced Lab II: Biochemistry00000
AFAM 4100AFAM Sociological Thinkers00000
CHEM 4811LInstrumental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory00000
BIOL 1151LHuman Anatomy & Phys. Lab I00000
CMS 3020Research Methods00000
ACCT 4210Volunteer Income Tax Preparation Program00000
CMS 3550Introduction to Advertising00000
BIOL 2900Biological Inquiry00000
CMS 3901Internship/Practicum in Communication and Media Studies I00000
ARST 4100Archives, Records, and Tech00000
CMS 4610Social Media00000
BIOL 3211Off-Campus Internship00000
CMS 4804Storytelling in Video Games00000
ADMN 3111Applied Economics00000
COMM 1110Public Speaking00000
BIOL 3250Introductory Microbiology00000
COMM 4200Nonverbal Communication00000
ARST 5150Preservation, Archival Records00000
CRIT 1101Critical Thinking00000
BIOL 3375Animal Behavior00000
CRJU 3140Gender and Crime00000
ACCT 3351Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
CRJU 3330Community Corrections00000
BIOL 3700Plant Physiology00000
CRJU 4150Crime Prevention00000
ARST 5500Archiv Appraisal/Select/Eval00000
BIOL 4202LBiotechnology Laboratory00000
ACCT 2102Principles Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 3362Interm. Financial Acct. II00000
ACCT 5210VITA Preparation and Coordinat00000
ADMN 4850Seminar in Adm and Tech Mgmt00000
ASTR 1020Stellar and Galactic Astronomy00000
CHEM 2411Organic Chemistry I00000