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Clarkson Course Reviews

Clarkson University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ES 110Engineering and Society423.552
BY 162Biology II Laboratory33451
UNIV 190The Clarkson Seminar44341
MA 232Elementary Differential Equations33231
CS 141Introduction to Computer Science I34241
ME 212Introduction to Engineering Design54551
FY 100First Year Seminar35341
CE 406Infrastructure Construction00000
BY 330Great Lakes Water Protection00000
CE 490Senior Design (Structures, Transportation, Geotechnical, Con...00000
CE 570River Restoration00000
CE 301Introduction to Geospatial Analysis and Geographic Informati...00000
BY 300Recent Advances in Biological Research00000
CE 442Steel Design00000
AS 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
CE 515Foundations, Stability, and Retaining Structures00000
BY 400Directed Study in Bioscience00000
AE 451Aircraft Design II00000
CE 579Water and Wastewater Treatment Design00000
BEM 3OPSOperational Logistics Management00000
BY 427Advanced Mass Spectrometry: Practical Applications00000
CE 622Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization in Computational...00000
CH 370Transfer Process Design00000
BIE 510Biomedical Ethics00000
BY 465Molecular and Genome Evolution00000
BY 486Molecular Biotechnology00000
BY 622Graduate Seminar00000
BY 218Cell Biology00000
CE 315Geology For Engineers00000
ANTH 499Minor Portfolio00000
CE 415Foundations, Stability, and Retaining Structures00000
BY 314Bioinformatics00000
CE 470River Restoration00000
AE 427Design of Propulsion Systems00000
CE 505Project Controls and Lean Methods in Construction00000
BY 358Animal Learning and Cognition00000
CE 535Groundwater Hydrology and Geochemistry00000
AS 303Leadership Laboratory00000
CE 574Ecohydraulics00000
BY 416Principles of Toxicology and Epidemiology00000
CE 586Industrial Ecology00000
AC 623Financial Statement Analysis00000
CE 686Environmental Engineering Design00000
BY 445Biological Oceanography00000
CH 392Undergraduate Research Project00000
AE 458Design of Aircraft Structures00000
BY 474Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory00000
BIO 580MAT Project in Biology (Content Area)00000
AC 650Accounting Research & Theory00000
BY 495Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship in Bioscience00000
AE 470Orbital Mechanics00000
BOE 614Electric Power Industry Economics and Finance00000
BY 512Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
BY 514Bioinformatics00000
BR 400Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals00000
BY 524Experimental Evolution Laboratory00000
BY 528Conservation Biology00000
BY 600Directed Study in Bioscience00000
BY 160Biology II - Cellular and Molecular Biology00000
BY 690Critical Thinking and Research Proposal Development in Biolo...00000
ANTH 320Racial Inequality in the United States00000
CE 305Construction Planning and Management00000
BY 224Ecology Laboratory00000
CE 340Introduction to Environmental Engineering00000
AE 366Independent Projects II00000
CE 409Fundamentals of Building Systems00000
BY 309Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Health00000
CE 434Sustainable Development Engineering00000
AS 101Air Force Heritage and Values I00000
CE 453Properties & Performance of Concrete Materials00000
BY 322Microbiology Laboratory00000
CE 481Hazardous Waste Management Engineering00000
AC 490Internship in Accounting00000
CE 496Special Projects in Civil and Environmental Engineering00000
BY 350Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
CE 510Sustainable Infrastructure and Building00000
AS 204Leadership Laboratory00000
CE 527Advanced Fluid Mechanics00000
BY 368Mathematical Biology Seminar00000
CE 554Continuum Mechanics00000
AE 431Gas Dynamics00000
CE 572Advanced Open Channel Hydraulics00000
BY 406Biomedical Analysis and Instrumentation00000
CE 576Hydraulic Engineering in Cold Regions00000
AS 402National Security, Leadership Responsibilities, and Commissi...00000
CE 582Environmental Systems Analysis and Design00000
BY 424Experimental Evolution Laboratory00000
CE 595Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering00000
AC 311Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
CE 681Environmental Physico-Chemical Processes00000
BY 431Limnology00000
CH 330Transfer Process Fundamentals00000
BIE 400Responsible Conduct of Research00000
ANTH 230Introduction to Race and Ethnicity00000
BR 500Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals00000
BY 540Introduction to Biomedical Rehabilitation Engineering and Sc...00000
BY 560Comparative Physiology00000
BUS 580MAT Project in Business and Marketing00000
BY 571Anatomy & Physiology I00000
BY 574Anatomy & Physiology II Laboratory00000