Clarion Course Reviews

Clarion University of Pennsylvania

CHEM 366Inorganic Chemistry II00000
COLB 325Phys of Exercise-Cal U Col00000
ATTR 572Evidence Based Assessment & Intervention of the Elbow, Wrist...00000
CHEM 164General Chem II Lab00000
BIOL 224Human Biology00000
ATSW 333Fitness For Wellness00000
CIS 330Information Systems Programming00000
ART 139Introduction to Arts Management00000
BIOL 105Freshman Biology Seminar00000
ART 301Intro to Museum and Gallery Studies with Field Trips00000
BSAD 490Adm Decision Making00000
BIOL 382Evolution00000
ARTH 31420th Century Art00000
CHEM 311Drugs: From Discovery To Mkt00000
ANTH 364American Voices00000
CIS 230Practicum in CIS00000
ATTR 510Clinical Practicum I00000
CIS 412Parallel Processing00000
AH 201Introduction to Healthcare00000
COM 208Intro to Film00000
ART 250Introduction to Graphic Design00000
BIOL 165Prin of Biology I Lab00000
ANTH 211Humans and Culture00000
BIOL 305Vertebrate Zoology00000
ART 351Intermediate Graphic Design II00000
BIOL 484Quantitiative Methods in Aquatic Environmental Biology00000
BIOL 430Biology Of Cancer00000
ART 471Advanced Printmaking00000
CHEM 145Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences I00000
ANTH 265Bones - Identification and Analysis00000
CHEM 261Organic Chem I Lab00000
ATE 215Evidence-Based Practice00000
CHEM 355Physical Chemistry II00000
ACTG 552Management Accounting00000
CIS 202Intro Programming and Algorithms I00000
ATSW 408Principles And Problems Of Athletic Coaching00000
CIS 301Comp Sys Analysis00000
APT 299Applied Technology Field Training00000
CIS 375Software Engineering00000
ATTR 560Evidence Based Assessment & Intervention of the Knee00000
CIS 470Project Management00000
ACTG 461International Accounting00000
COM 138Introduction to Health Communication00000
ATTR 698Capstone in Athletic Training00000
COM 214Bus & Prof Speaking00000
ANTH 2XXAnthropology Elective II00000
BIOL 130Are Bacteria Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy?00000
ART 270Introduction to Printmaking00000
BIOL 202Principles of Ecology00000
ACTG 480GAccounting Practicum00000
BIOL 252Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ART 339Technology in Arts Management00000
BIOL 324Biogeography00000
ANTH 216Gender and Culture00000
BIOL 411Wildlife Ecology & Mgmt00000
ART 355Illustration00000
BIOL 477Forest Ecology00000
BIOL 446Pathogenic Microbiol00000
ART 380Intermediate Sculpture00000
BIOL 495Undergraduate Sem I00000
ANTH 250Archaeology of Native North America00000
BSAD 574Legal and Ethical Issues of Healthcare00000
ARTH 110Visual Arts00000
CHEM 154General Chemistry II00000
ACTG 506Auditing I00000
CHEM 252Organic Chem II00000
ARTH 414Topics in Contemporary Art00000
CHEM 265Inorganic Chemistry I00000
ANTH 315Ending Poverty00000
CHEM 353Analytical Chem I00000
ATSW 160Introduction To Nutrition And Fitness00000
CHEM 363Analytical Chem I Lab00000
ACTG 453Prob Fed Tax Actg00000
CHIN 103Introduction to Chinese Languages and Cultures I00000
ATSW 350Thy & Technique Of Coaching00000
CIS 210Introduction to Cybersecurity00000
ANTH 426Special Topics in Biological Anthropology & Archaeology00000
CIS 254Data Structures00000
ATSW 435Risk Management For Sports00000
CIS 306Object Oriented Programming00000
ACTG 654Comparative Accounting Systems00000
CIS 355Operating Systems I00000
ATTR 512Clinical Practicum III00000
CIS 403Data Communications00000
ART 121Foundation Drawing00000
CIS 435Machine Learning00000
ATTR 566Evidence Based Assessment & Intervention of the Head & Thora...00000
CIS 570Project Management00000
ACTG 351Intermediate Accounting II00000
COM 101Debate00000
ATTR 685Pharmacology & Supplements in Sport00000
COM 160Intro to Global Understanding00000
ART 224Figure Drawing I00000
BCHM 456Biochemical Basis of Human Disease00000
ACTG 251Financial Actg00000
ACTG 353Federal Taxes00000
ACTG 501Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH 220Archaeological Mysteries00000
ART 370Intermediate Printmaking00000
BIOL 455Endocrinology00000