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City Tech Course Reviews

New York City College of Technology (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MM 100Leave Of Absence 0000000
PHYS 1000The Physical Universe00000
LAW 4801Internship and Seminar II00000
MECH 4850Senior Design Project00000
MAT 2440Data Structures and Algorithms00000
LAW 2307Legal Research II00000
NUR 2130Caring for Clients with Alterations in Integrative Needs00000
HSA 4740Hlth Research Method00000
MAT 1190ENQuantitative Reasoning-Enhanced00000
HUS 1203Human Services Seminar00000
MECH 3530Advanced Engineering Materials00000
MAT 3770Mathematical Modeling I - Optimization00000
IND 2340Engineering Structures00000
MEDU 4001Student Teaching in the Middle School00000
HMGT 4992Menu Planning and Design00000
MTEC 3140Topics & Perspectives in Emerging Technologies00000
LAW 3539International Law00000
NUR 4110Client Care:Urban Is00000
HMGT 4902Hospitality Revenue Management00000
PHYS 3100Classical Mechanics00000
HSCI 2301Health Dynamics00000
MAT 1372Statistics with Probability00000
HMGT 4959Internship Project00000
MAT 2900Internship - Computer Science00000
HUS 3501Counseling Methods00000
MECH 2335Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines00000
MAT 4788Financial Risk Modeling00000
HUS 4801Professional Internship II00000
MECH 3672Actuators and Sensors Application in Robotics00000
HMGT 4981Geography of Travel & Tourism00000
MEDU 2010Technology In Mathematics Education00000
LAW 1103Civil Law and Procedure00000
MKT 1214Advertising00000
HMGT 3502Hospitality Management Research Seminar00000
MTEC 2230Media Computation00000
LAW 3530Alt Dispute Resol00000
MUS 1211Music of Latin America00000
HMGT 4999Events Management00000
NUR 3130Nursing Research00000
LAW 4701Law Office Management00000
PHIL 2106Philosophy of Technology00000
HMGT 1105Lodging Operations Management00000
PHYS 1434General Physics II: Algebra Based00000
LNG 1100Language, Culture, Society00000
PHYS 4100Computational Methods00000
HMGT 4953Executive Housekeeping Principles00000
MAT 1275College Algebra and Trigonometry00000
HUS 1101Introduction to Human Services00000
MAT 1476LCalculus Laboratory00000
HMGT 1204Baking and Pastry Arts I00000
MAT 2580Introduction to Linear Algebra00000
HUS 2307Community Organizing and Development00000
MAT 3075Intro to Real Analysis00000
HMGT 4965International Cuisine00000
MAT 3880An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations00000
HUS 3503Case Management00000
MECH 1234Statics and Strength of Materials00000
MAT 4900Internship I00000
HUS 4700Professional Internship I00000
MECH 3500Computer Programming & Applications00000
HMGT 4975International Desserts00000
MECH 3610Product Design I00000
IND 1112Engineering Drawing I00000
MECH 4760Vibration & Advanced Dynamics00000
HMGT 2402Wines and Beverage Management00000
MED 3910Internship/Research Biomed Inf00000
LATS 1461Latin American History00000
MEDU 3002Methods of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics00000
HMGT 4988Parks, Recreation and Sports Management00000
MKT 1102Principles of Selling00000
LAW 2302Business Organizations and Commercial Law00000
MKT 2327Entrepreneurship00000
HMGT 1101Perspectives in Hospitality Management00000
MTEC 1101Emerging Media Foundation00000
LAW 2409Internship and Seminar I00000
MTEC 2250Fabrication for Physical Computing00000
HMGT 4996Wines of Italy00000
MTEC 4800Interdisciplinary Team Project00000
LAW 3535Workers' Compensation00000
NUR 1010Medication Calculations in Nursing00000
HMGT 4702Hospitality Services Marketing & Management00000
NUR 3110Mgt Of Patient Care00000
LAW 3545Housing Law00000
NUR 4040HIV/AIDS Advocacy & Care00000
HSA 3602Health Service Management II00000
PERMX 3Non-CUNY Permit Out00000
LAW 4705Administrative Law00000
PHIL 2203IDHealth Care Ethics - Interdisciplinary00000
HIS 3208IDUS Immigration History00000
PHYS 1112Principles of Science II00000
LAW 4900Senior Legal Seminar00000
PHYS 2443IDModern Physics00000
HSA 4970Social Marketing in Healthcare Settings00000
MAT 675Elem Algebra Xp-Fysp00000
HIS 1111US History Since 186500000
HIS 3208US Immigration History00000
HMGT 2304Baking and Pastry Arts II00000
HMGT 4971Deluxe Desserts00000
HUS 3609Hum Svc & Criminal Justice Sys00000
MECH 1201Computer-Aided Manufacturing Systems00000