City Tech Course Reviews

New York City College of Technology (CUNY)

CMCE 3501Steel Fabrication Detailing00000
COMD 1103Foundation Drawing00000
BIO 4150Computational Genomics00000
CMCE 1215Strength of Materials00000
BUS 3525Strategic Management00000
BIO 1100Human Biology00000
COM 1332Introduction to Human Communication00000
ARCH 3512Architectural Design V00000
BUF 3300International Retailing00000
ARCH 3591Computer Assisted Architectural Animation00000
CHEM 4312Instrumental Chromatography00000
CET 4705Component and Subsystem Design I00000
ARTH 1110Islamic Art00000
CMCE 2322Surveying II00000
ARCH 2330Building Technology III00000
CMCE 4458Earth Retaining Structures00000
BIO 2450Genetics00000
COM 3401Business & Professional Communication00000
AFR 2302Art and Architecture of Africa00000
COMD 1257Typographic Design00000
ARCH 3561Architectural Office Management00000
BUF 4700Contemporary Issues in the Fashion Industry00000
ANTH 1102Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion00000
CDMG 3611Vector Art Editing00000
ARCH 4810ARCH Des VIII: Special Topics00000
CHEM 2223Organic Chemistry I00000
CET 4900Internship in Computer Engineering Technology00000
ARTH 1103Introduction to the History of Art00000
CHN 1102Elementary Chinese II00000
ARCH 1250Site Planning00000
CMCE 2306Materials Testing Laboratory00000
ARTH 2200Art and Urban Culture in Modern China00000
CMCE 2416Elements of Structural Design - Concrete00000
AFR 2000Blacks in Media: Race, Gender, & Cultural Representations00000
CMCE 4403Professional Practice & Ethics00000
BIO 2110Programming for Biologists00000
CMCE 4700Construction Law00000
ARCH 2412Architectural Design IV00000
COM 2402Intercultural Communication00000
BIO 3450Biomedical Data Analytics I00000
COM 3502Communicating Healthcare Narratives00000
AFR 1321Black Theater00000
COMD 1162Raster and Vector Graphics00000
BUF 1101Introduction to the Fashion Industry00000
COMD 2300Communication Design I00000
AFR 3000IDBlack New York - Interdisciplinary00000
BUF 3500Brand Image Marketing00000
ARCH 3580Structures Ll00000
BUS 2339Financial Management00000
AFR 1460Early African History00000
CDMG 2316Advanced Image Editing00000
ARCH 3612Architectural Design VI00000
CET 3615Instrumentation and Data Acquisition00000
ARB 1101Elementary Arabic00000
CET 4805Component and Subsystem Design II00000
ARCH 4830Const Tech: Special Topics00000
CHEM 1000Principles of Chemistry I00000
CET 4925Internet of Things00000
ARTH 1100History and Appreciation of Photography00000
CHEM 3312Analytical Chemistry00000
ARCH 1212Architectural Design II: Foundations and Visual Studies00000
CHEM 4901Internship and Research in Applied Chemistry00000
ARTH 1106Modern Art00000
CMCE 1114Materials and Methods of Construction I00000
AFR 1501Seminar in Current Community Problems00000
CMCE 1222Surveying I00000
ARTH 120420th Century Dress and Culture00000
CMCE 2319Building Service System00000
ARCH 2312Architectural Design III00000
CMCE 2410Construction Drawings III (CAD)00000
ASL 1101American Sign Language I00000
CMCE 2456Soil Mechanics and Laboratory00000
AFR 1301Introduction to the Art of Africa00000
CMCE 4400Bridge Building Technology00000
BIO 1201Biology II00000
CMCE 4422Introduction to Geographic Information Systems00000
ARCH 2370Building Systems00000
CMCE 4472Risk Mgmt in Construction00000
BIO 2250Evolution00000
CMCE 4800Senior Capstone Project00000
AFR 2212Modern African Literature00000
COM 1400Introduction to Media Studies00000
BIO 3352Bioinformatics II00000
COM 2404Interpersonal Communication00000
ARCH 2480Principles of Stability in Structures00000
COM 3404Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication00000
BIO 3601Biochemistry00000
COM 4100Senior Seminar00000
ACC 2311Cost Accounting I00000
COMD 1123Foundation Drawing00000
BIO 4910Independent Research Study in Biomedical Informatics: Inform...00000
COMD 1231Figure Drawing00000
ARCH 3550Building Performance Workshop00000
BUF 2255Merchandising Planning and Buying00000
ACC 1162Elements of Accounting00000
ACC 2411Cost Accounting II00000
AFR 1465Early African-American History00000
ARCH 1101Introduction to Architecture00000
ARCH 4900Architectural Internship00000
CET 4960Applied Digital Technology00000