Citrus College Course Reviews

Citrus College

COS 221Hair Extension Techniques00000
DANC 263BDance for Musical Theatre- Intermediate00000
BIOT 150Biotechnology II: Biomanufacturing and Quality Principles00000
COMM 230Desktop Publishing00000
CHLD 110Early Childhood Development00000
AUTO 167Automotive HVAC Service, Diagnosis & Repair00000
CS 177Unity Game Programming I00000
ART 140Beginning Ceramics00000
CHEM 103College Chemistry I00000
ART 168Animation I00000
CM 285Construction Quality Management00000
CHLD 154Observing and Recording Behavior00000
ASTR 116Stellar Astronomy00000
COMM 280DMagazine Production: Leadership Staff00000
ART 109Survey of Arts of Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous North Amer...00000
COUN 201Course Planning with Degree Works00000
AUTO 696ASpecial Topics: Automotive Technology00000
DANC 162Beginning Ballet00000
ANTH 216HSex and Gender in a Cross Cultural Perspective Honors00000
DANC 284Intermediate Popular Dance Techniques00000
ART 152Introduction to Art: Mobile Digital Devices00000
CHEM 211LOrganic Chemistry A Laboratory00000
ARCH 110Introduction to Design Fundamentals and Communication00000
CHLD 122Music and Rhythms for Children00000
ART 199Motion Picture Appreciation00000
CM 130Surveying Methods and Applications00000
CHLD 181Infant and Toddler Caregiver: Relationships00000
ASL 101American Sign Language I00000
COMM 103Freelance Journalism00000
ART 102Art History Western Medieval Art00000
COMM 245AEditorial Board00000
AUTO 145Automotive Brakes Maintenance and Light Repair00000
COS 185Skin and Nail Care00000
AJ 150Introduction to Forensics00000
COUN 156College Planning Today for Tomorrow00000
AUTO 230AAutomotive Service and Repair Work Experience A00000
COUN 208Career and Technical Education00000
ART 117Figure Drawing III00000
DANC 102History of Dance00000
BIOL 108Biology of Cancer00000
DANC 259Intermediate Tap I00000
AJ 105Criminal Investigation00000
DANC 269Intermediate Tap II00000
BUS 170Small Business Management00000
DANC 296Pop Dance: Rehearsal and Performance- Intermediate00000
ANTH 224Anthropology of Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft00000
CHEM 111General Chemistry I00000
ART 159Introduction to Typography00000
CHIN 101Chinese I00000
AJ 109Criminal Court Process00000
CHLD 116Introduction to Curriculum00000
ART 182Advanced Clay Sculpture I00000
CHLD 130Infant Development and Group Care00000
ARCH 201Architectural Design I00000
CHLD 164The Child with Special Needs00000
ART 201History of Motion Pictures 1945-Present00000
CM 110Introduction and Fundamentals of Construction Management00000
CHLD 184Infant and Toddler Caregiver: Environments and Routines00000
ART 253Digital Media Production II00000
CM 210Construction Project Safety00000
ART 100AHSurvey of Western Art from Prehistory through the Middle Age...00000
COMM 100Mass Media and Society00000
ASTR 115Planetary Astronomy00000
COMM 136Cultural History of American Films00000
AJ 135Control and Supervision in Corrections00000
COMM 240ANewspaper Production: Beginning Staff00000
AUTO 101Fundamentals of Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair00000
COMM 280BMagazine Production: Intermediate Staff00000
ART 105Art History Topics in Contemporary Art00000
COS 141Introduction to Cosmetology00000
AUTO 151Engine Service, Diagnosis and Repair00000
COS 199BEsthetician II00000
AJ 101Introduction to the Administration of Justice00000
COUN 110Introduction to Online Learning with Canvas and Enhancing Di...00000
AUTO 230BAutomotive Service and Repair Work Experience B00000
COUN 160Strategies for College Success00000
ART 112Intermediate Drawing00000
COUN 205Pathways to Healthcare Careers00000
AUTO 296Cylinder Head Development00000
CS 112Introduction to Python Programming00000
ANTH 212Introduction to Physical Anthropology00000
CS 242Computer Architecture and Organization00000
BIOL 104Biology: Contemporary Topics00000
DANC 159Beginning Tap00000
ART 127Display and Exhibition Design00000
DANC 230Alignment and Correctives Intermediate00000
BIOL 124Molecular and Cellular Biology00000
DANC 261Intermediate Modern Dance I00000
ACCT 102Managerial Accounting00000
DANC 265BMusical Staging: Rehearsal and Performance- Intermediate00000
BUS 146Principles of Money Management00000
DANC 272Intermediate Ballet II00000
ART 145Ceramic Design and Decoration00000
BUS 175Introduction to Management00000
ACCT 100Accounting00000
ACCT 112Computerized Income Tax Preparation00000
AJ 121Death Investigation00000
ARCH 250History of Architecture: Prehistory to Mannerism00000
ART 230Advanced Painting00000
CHLD 190Administration of Early Childhood Education Programs I00000