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Citrus College Course Reviews

Citrus College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
KIN 118Meditation and Mindfulness00000
MTRK 148Medium and Heavy Truck Maintenance and Inspection00000
DANC 262Intermediate Ballet I00000
HIST 103HHistory of World Civilization up to 1500 C.E./Honors00000
EMER 164Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents00000
COS 199AEsthetician I00000
KINC 105Physical Conditioning for Varsity Cross Country00000
BIOL 108Biology of Cancer00000
DENT 125Dental Practice Management00000
CHEM 104College Chemistry II00000
FOR 105Wildland Fire Management00000
ENGL 271Introduction to World Literature: Ancient Early Modern00000
COMM 101Reporting and Writing News00000
HUM 123Introduction to Peace Studies Saving Civilization00000
AUTO 151Engine Service, Diagnosis and Repair00000
KIN 167Women in Sport00000
COUN 207Pathways to Careers in Business and Information Technology/S...00000
MATH 020Arithmetic Fundamentals00000
ART 120Two-Dimensional Design00000
MUSC 105Pop, Rock, and Jazz Performance Styles II00000
BIOT 150Biotechnology II: Biomanufacturing and Quality Principles00000
DSPS 088Strategies for Stress and Anxiety Management00000
ART 153Digital Media Productions I00000
ENGL 103HComposition and Critical Thinking Honors00000
CHIN 102Chinese II00000
ESL 056Grammar Review II00000
ESCI 110Earth Science00000
CHLD 190Administration of Early Childhood Education Programs I00000
GER 101German I00000
ASTR 115HPlanetary Astronomy Honors00000
HIST 140History of the American West00000
COMM 260Social Media00000
ITIS 150Web Design with Dreamweaver00000
ART 102Art History Western Medieval Art00000
KIN 145Strength Training, Balance and Agility00000
COUN 158Transfer Preparation00000
KIN 176Elementary School Physical Education00000
AUTO 291Engine Performance Enhancements and Tuning00000
KINC 213Women's Varsity Basketball00000
DANC 158Beginning Hip-Hop Dance Techniques00000
MATH 150Intermediate Algebra00000
ANTH 210Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
MTRK 172Medium And Heavy Truck Drivetrain Service, Diagnosis, And Re...00000
DANC 279Advanced Tap I00000
MUSC 123Jazz Ensemble II00000
ART 141Intermediate Ceramics00000
DRAF 102Visual Communication00000
BUS 161Business Law and the Legal Environment II00000
ECON 100Survey of Economics00000
ANTH 220Introduction to Archaeology00000
ENGL 099Introduction to Reading and Composition00000
CHEM 211LOrganic Chemistry A Laboratory00000
ENGL 216American Latino Literature00000
ART 180Beginning Clay Sculpture00000
ENGL 293Children's Literature00000
CHLD 121Art for Children00000
ESL 030English Language Skills III00000
ESCI 140The Geology of Death Valley National Park00000
CHLD 168Development Risk: Infants and Toddlers00000
ETHN 101Introduction to Ethnic Studies00000
ART 241Advanced Ceramics II00000
GEOG 102Cultural Geography00000
CM 140Vertical and Horizontal Construction00000
HEAL 100Emergency Medical Services Career Preparation00000
ARCH 251History of Architecture: Baroque to the Present Day00000
HIST 111History of the African-Americans to 187600000
COMM 240DMultimedia Newsroom: Staff Leadership00000
HUM 101HHumanities Prehistory through the Medieval Period Honors00000
AUTO 101Fundamentals of Automotive Service, Diagnosis and Repair00000
ITIS 109Network and Computer Security00000
COS 141Introduction to Cosmetology00000
KIN 101Badminton00000
AJ 131Introduction to Corrections00000
KIN 120Body Weight Suspension Training00000
COUN 103Social Media for Job/Internship Search00000
KIN 151Body Conditioning00000
AUTO 172Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles00000
KIN 171HHealth and Wellness Honors00000
COUN 161Higher Education Transitional Skills for Student Veterans/Fa...00000
KIN 185Softball Theory00000
ART 109Survey of Arts of Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous North Amer...00000
KINC 138Off Season Conditioning for Varsity Baseball00000
CS 225Object Oriented Programming00000
KINC 225Men's Varsity Golf00000
BIOL 102Human Genetics00000
MATH 050Corequisite Support for Intermediate Algebra00000
DANC 230Alignment and Correctives Intermediate00000
MATH 168Mathematics for Elementary Teachers l00000
ACCT 114Volunteer Income Tax Assistance II00000
MTRK 163Medium and Heavy Truck Drivetrain Service, Diagnosis, and Re...00000
DANC 266Pop Dance: Rehearsal and Performance Beginning00000
MTRK 699BCooperative Education00000
BIOL 200Human Anatomy00000
DENT 101Chairside Assisting00000
ACCT 101HFinancial Accounting/Honors00000
AJ 106Patrol Procedures00000
ARCH 110Introduction to Design Fundamentals and Communication00000
ART 200History of Motion Pictures: 1895-194500000
CHLD 130Infant Development and Group Care00000
ESL 005AAdvanced College Reading & Writing Skills00000