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Chicago State Course Reviews

Chicago State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ED 5000Philosophy of Eductn00000
ENG 2050Legal Writing00000
CPTR 3500Int Operating Sys00000
ECH 5411Meth Dev Inf Tod Curr00000
CPTR 5710Cloud Computing Arch00000
COUN 5730Tech Assess & Diagno00000
ELCF 5900The Adult Learner00000
CJ 5899Adv Prc/Int Crim Jus00000
CPTR 5400Cptr System Archtect00000
CMAT 2200Intro Multimedia Production00000
ECH 5170Nutr/Hlth/Safety Chld00000
CPTR 5850Software Projct Mgmt00000
CMAT 4378Media Entrepreneursh00000
ECON 4010Econometrics00000
CJ 5357Juv Delinq & Juv Jus00000
EDDL 6650Seminar Rsrch Diss00000
COUN 5950Prac Counseling II00000
ELED 5110Mths Teach Eled Math00000
CJ 4326Police Com Relations00000
ENG 4337Classical Rhetoric00000
CMAT 2070TV Studio Production00000
CPTR 5600Adv Dbase Dsgn/Implm00000
CJ 4352Juvenile Institutions00000
CPTR 5770Cryptography I00000
CMAT 2550Acting00000
ECH 4750St Tch/Sem:Ech00000
ECH 4002The Young Child00000
CMAT 3462Marketing for PR00000
ECH 5401Hist Phil of ECH00000
CJ 5338Criminology Theory00000
ECH 5445Fld Practicum PreK Gr 200000
COUN 5640Counslg Thry/Ethics00000
ECSE 5417Meth Instruc ECSE00000
CJ 2316Intro Criminology00000
EDDL 6050Educational Statistics00000
COUN 5780Adv School Counselin00000
ELCF 5375Manag Fisc Res Oper00000
CJ 5801Research Foundations00000
ELED 4112Mths Teach Eled Socs00000
CPTR 1900Intro to Comp Profssns00000
ELED 5200Stdnt Tchg Eled I00000
CHEM 5301Biochemistry I00000
ENG 2910African Amer Lit I00000
CPTR 4600Intro Database Systm00000
ENG 4379Workshop in Publish00000
CJ 4344Trial Practice00000
CPTR 5520Parallel Proc App00000
CMAT 2120Radio Production00000
CPTR 5665NoSQL DBs00000
CHIN 1020Elem Chinese II00000
CPTR 5730Mobile Com Sec00000
CMAT 2500Media & Soc Justice00000
CPTR 5800Adv Software Engrng00000
CJ 4363Criminal Investigtn00000
CPTR 5990Grad Cptr Sci Experc00000
CMAT 3080Practicum in Media00000
ECH 4450Student Teaching PreK 200000
ECH 4150Chd/Fam/Com/Relatns00000
CMAT 3320Public Relations II00000
ECH 4850Screen/Assmnt/Eval00000
CJ 5324Youth Gang Interventn00000
ECH 5304Infant/Toddl Dev Prog00000
CMAT 4307Broadcast Internship00000
ECH 5405Child Development II00000
CJ 1190Law And Justice00000
ECH 5415Meth Teach Math00000
CMAT 5399Independent Study In Cmat00000
ECH 5750St Tch/Sem:Ech00000
CJ 5350Rsrch Design in CJ00000
ECSE 4417Meth Instruc ECSE00000
COUN 5670Prin/Tech Group Cnsl00000
ED 2000Hist/Phil Am Pub Ed00000
CHEM 4398Selected Topics Chem00000
ED 5450Adv Methods:Sec Subj00000
COUN 5746Coun Lifespan Techn00000
EDDL 6300Public Plcy Pltcs Ed00000
CJ 5380Quantitative Rsrch Meth00000
ELCF 5150Lead Impl Res Pract00000
COUN 5810Prac Addictions Coun00000
ELCF 5600Sem Finan Budg Hi Ed00000
CJ 4320Women in Crim Just00000
ELCF 5985Lead Peac Prod Clim00000
COUN 5992Thesis Guid/Counslng00000
ELED 4150Tch Soc Stud Elem Sc00000
CJ 5879Sem Pub Polcy is CJ00000
ELED 5116Eled Std Teach II00000
CPTR 3100Data Structures00000
ENG 1270Composition I00000
CHEM 4210Micro Phys Chem Lab00000
ENG 2330Read British Lit I00000
CPTR 4210Thry of Computation00000
ENG 4311Shakespeare00000
CMAT 2030Basic Speech Commun00000
CPTR 4800Software Engineering00000
CHEM 2400Organic I Chem Lec00000
CHEM 4303Biochem I Lecture00000
CHIN 4010Chin Conv & Comp00000
CJ 4391Bachelor Paper00000
CMAT 3111WCSU Radio MGT Prac00000
ECH 4220Ad/Sup Chld Care Ser00000