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Chemeketa Course Reviews

Chemeketa Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BI 230Introductory Microbiology00000
CA 118DInternet: Office Environment00000
AUM 253Automotive Engines 200000
BA 280LCooperative Work Experience00000
BA 115Introduction to Accounting00000
ASL 111American Sign Language 100000
BT 186Personal/Professional Dev00000
APR 266LCAD for Apprenticeship00000
AUM 280ICooperative Work Experience00000
ART 142Introduction to Photography00000
BA 277Business Ethics00000
BA 218Personal Finance00000
ART 247Glass Fusing And Slumping00000
BI 121Intro to Anatomy/Physiology 100000
APR 256HHVAC/R Appr Intermediate 500000
BLD 273Intl Fire Codes for Bldg Depts00000
AUM 158Auto Steer/Suspension00000
BT 280CCooperative Work Experience00000
APR 158BPlumbr Appr Math/Print Reading00000
CA 201DMicrosoft Word Processing 100000
ART 116Basic Design/Color00000
AUM 281Engine Performance 300000
APR 166ESheetmetal Appr Architect Sys00000
BA 209Intro to Social Media00000
ART 201Intro to Arts of East Asia00000
BA 261Organizational Leadership00000
BA 227Business Law 200000
ART 234Figure Drawing00000
BA 280ICooperative Work Experience00000
APR 253GElectrician Appr Safety & Code00000
BA 290Accounting Information Systems00000
ART 267Portrait Photography00000
BI 153Fundamentals of Plant Biology00000
APR 156FHVAC/R Appr Intermediate 300000
BLD 260Fire Protection for Buildings00000
ATH 101Human Evolution00000
BT 112Proofreading/Editing00000
APR 258GPlumber Appr Residntl Install00000
BT 280BCooperative Work Experience00000
AUM 185AAuto Machining Fundamentals00000
CA 118F1PowerPoint Basics 100000
APR 116AMillwright Appr Basic Elec 1A00000
CA 121Keyboard & Doc Prod00000
AUM 277Electronic Vehicle Controls 100000
CA 201D2Microsoft Word 1-Part 200000
APR 158FPlumber Appr Adv Waste Wtr Sys00000
AUM 280JCooperative Work Experience00000
ART 120Digital Media Time Design00000
BA 100Business Career Exploration00000
APR 153BElectrician Appr AC/DC Circuit00000
BA 202Pers Effectiveness/Business00000
ART 198CIndependent Studies00000
BA 213Managerial Accounting00000
APR 166BSheet Metal Appr Fund/Drawings00000
BA 224Human Resource Management00000
ART 204Introduction to Art History00000
BA 251Office Management00000
BA 234Fundamentals Supply Chain Mgt00000
ART 223Graphic Design 3: Pkg Design00000
BA 268Int Financial Accounting 300000
APR 253KElectrician Appr Voltage00000
BA 280HCooperative Work Experience00000
ART 238Introduction to Illustration00000
BA 280JCooperative Work Experience00000
APR 155FHVAC/R Appr Elect & Magnetism00000
BA 286Negotiations00000
ART 261Darkroom and Film Photography00000
BI 102Gen Bio: Cell Bio, Gen & Evol00000
APR 255JHVAC/R Appr Refrig Fundamental00000
BI 132Environmental Science 200000
ART 281Painting 100000
BI 211Principles of Biology 100000
ANES 212Anesthesia Tech Clinic Prac 300000
BLD 182Mechanical Codes 200000
ASL 211American Sign Language 400000
BLD 268Foundations/Excavation/Grading00000
APR 258HPlumber Appr Comm Install00000
BLD 292Intl Resident Code: Structural00000
AUM 151Basic Automotive Engines00000
BT 116Office Procedures00000
APR 156BHVAC/R Appr Fundamentals 200000
BT 271Admin Capstone Projects00000
AUM 168Auto Electrical Systems 100000
BT 280LCooperative Work Experience00000
APR 266ISheetmetal Appr Rad Line Dvpt00000
BT 280JCooperative Work Experience00000
AUM 188Auto Machine Shop-Upper Engine00000
CA 118AMicrosoft Windows Basics00000
ANES 104Anesthesia Technology Lab 200000
CA 119Office Desktop Publishing 100000
AUM 266Engine Performance 100000
CA 122CKeyboard Skillbuilding C00000
ART 101Understanding Art00000
AUM 280HCooperative Work Experience00000
AH 115Healthcare Career Strategies00000
ANES 204Anesthesia Technology Lab 500000
APR 153FElect Appr Residntl Install00000
APR 253JElect Appr Math/Test Equipment00000
ART 207Graphic Design Literacy00000
BA 237Financial Records Management00000