Chapman Course Reviews

Chapman University

ACTG 450Individual Taxation52451
AT 651Athletic Training Clinical Experience V00000
BUS 110Accounting and Finance for Non-Majors00000
BUS 633International Marketing00000
BIOL 433Animal Behavior, Lecture and Laboratory00000
ART 325Advanced New Genres00000
BUS 606Operations and Technology Management00000
ANTH 329Experimental Course00000
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
AVE 109Fundamental Graphics I for Animation and Visual Effects00000
AVE 256ABeginning Character Animation for 2D00000
BIOL 343Computational Neuroscience00000
ART 311Life Drawing00000
BRJL 347The Art of the Interview00000
ANTH 211Visual Culture00000
BUS 601PEconomic Analysis for Business00000
ART 410ASpecial Studies in Ceramics00000
BUS 620Marketing Analytics00000
AHP 407Applied Nutrition for Exercise, Training, and Performance00000
BUS 692Special Topics in International Business00000
ANTH 397Cultural Mythology00000
AVE 206Mechanics of Motion00000
AHP 490Independent Internship00000
ART 117Ceramics of China, Korea and Japan00000
AVE 310Animation and Visual Effects Industry Insiders00000
AVE 355Production Design for Animation and Visual Effects00000
BIOL 324Ecology, Lecture and Laboratory00000
ART 211Introduction to Life Drawing00000
BIOL 369Evolution: From DNA to Dinosaurs00000
AMST 397Cultural Mythology00000
BRJL 309Advanced Broadcast Newswriting00000
ART 318Advanced Drawing00000
BRJL 432Producing the Newscast00000
AHP 329Experimental Course00000
BUS 486Business Across Cultures00000
ART 384AConcepts in Contemporary Art: Intersection of Art and Scienc...00000
BUS 604Organization and Management Organization00000
ANTH 300Queer Anthropology00000
BUS 609Business Analytics00000
ASL 201Intermediate American Sign Language I00000
BUS 628PInternational Finance00000
BUS 632Financial Reporting and Analysis00000
BUS 641Portfolio Management00000
AT 685Professional Topics in Athletic Training00000
BUS 694Special Topics in Finance00000
AHP 430Applied Human Neurophysiology00000
AVE 120Introduction to Animation and Visual Effects00000
ARAB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
AVE 247History and Aesthetics of Animation and Visual Effects00000
ACTG 460Auditing00000
AVE 256Beginning Character Animation00000
ART 115Foundation Course in Ceramics00000
AVE 329Experimental Course00000
AHP 498Capstone Seminar in Applied Human Physiology00000
ART 121Intro to Digital Media00000
AVE 356Intermediate Character Animation00000
AVE 360Art Direction for Animation and Visual Effects00000
AVE 4023D Computer Graphics III00000
ART 125Introduction to Transdisciplinary Studio00000
BIOL 337Immunology00000
AMST 372Images of Indians00000
BIOL 365Human Physiology Part A00000
ART 300Advanced Photography00000
BIOL 401Cancer Biology00000
AH 498ASenior Thesis in Art History: Research00000
BRJL 305Social Media Mobile Journalism00000
ART 313Advanced Sculpture00000
BRJL 329Experimental Course00000
ANTH 201Physical Anthropology00000
BRJL 411Sports Broadcasting00000
ART 323Digital Studio Photography00000
BRJL 499Individual Study00000
ACTG 339Accounting Information Systems00000
BUS 216Business Ethics00000
ART 384HConcepts in Contemporary Art: Art and the Environment00000
BUS 600Strategies for Competitive Advantage00000
ANTH 296Indians and Film00000
BUS 602PAccounting and Financial Analysis00000
ART 384DConcepts in Contemporary Art: Collaborative Practices00000
BUS 605Marketing Management00000
AHP 345Pathophysiology: Diet, Disease and Exercise00000
BUS 607Financial Management00000
ASL 101Elementary American Sign Language I00000
BUS 610PUnderstanding the Global Business Environment00000
ANTH 315Art and Anthropology00000
BUS 626Consumer Behavior00000
AT 603Seminar in Evidence-Based Practice V00000
ACTG 312Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis00000
AVE 379Advanced Visual Effects Production and Workflow00000
BUS 635Management of Entrepreneurial Enterprises00000
AT 680Leadership, Administration, and Ethics in Athletic Training00000
BUS 656PProject Management00000
ANTH 372Images of American Indians00000
AT 696Immersive Clinical Experience IV00000
ACTG 210Intro to Financial Accounting00000
ACTG 330Intermediate Financial Actg I00000
ACTG 496Special Topics in Accounting00000
AMST 282Folklore00000
ART 123Painting and Mark Making00000
AVE 392Advanced Pre-visualization for Motion Pictures00000