Cerro Coso Course Reviews

Cerro Coso Community College

HCRS C206Maternal/Child Nursing00000
IT C290Linux System Administration I00000
COLL C101Foundations for Success in College and Life00000
HCRS C250Cultural Diversity in Health Care00000
EDUC C005Preparation for the General Educational Development Exam (GE...00000
CHDV C252Administration II: Personnel and Leadership in Early Childho...00000
HIST C103Western Civilization Antiquity to the Renaissance00000
BIOL C251Human Anatomy00000
CSCI C190Introduction to Cybersecurity: Ethical Hacking00000
BSAD C098Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Accounting00000
HCRS C130Communication in Healthcare00000
ENGL C102Critical Thinking through Literature00000
BSOT C121Beginning Word00000
HCRS C216Clinical Nursing III00000
ASL C102American Sign Language II00000
HCRS C145Advanced Medical Coding00000
CHDV C102Introduction to Materials and Curriculum00000
HMSV C103Preparation for Field Work in Human Services00000
ANTH C141Native Peoples of North America00000
IT C255Introduction to Cybersecurity: Ethical Hacking00000
BSAD C101Financial Accounting00000
DMA C280Web Production Management00000
ART C299XSpecial Studies in 2D Art00000
ENGL C101SAcademic Support for Freshman Composition00000
BSAD C100Introduction to Business00000
ENGR C230Engineering Circuit Analysis00000
ENGL C102HCritical Thinking Through Literature: Honors00000
BSOT C100Introduction to Business Office Technology00000
HCRS C100Fundamentals of Nursing00000
ART C105Survey of Western Art from Prehistory through the Middle Age...00000
HCRS C230Pharmacology for Health Professionals00000
BSOT C123Beginning Excel00000
HCRS C150Medical Terminology for Health00000
ADMJ C050Powers to Arrest & Weapons of Mass Destruction00000
HCRS C139Laboratory Procedures00000
CHDV C149Play and Meaning00000
HIST C209History of Mexico00000
BIOL C145Environmental Studies00000
HIST C104Western Civilization Renaissance to the Modern Era00000
CHEM C111General Inorganic Chemistry I00000
IT C143Computer Network Fundamentals00000
ADMJ C062Special Topics in Administration of Justice00000
HMSV C102Cultural Competence in Human Services00000
CSCI C142Information & Communication Technology Essentials00000
KINS C102Physical Activity and Lifelong Well-Being00000
ART C106Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary00000
CSCI C270Introduction to Database Design/Management00000
BSAD C102Managerial Accounting00000
ECON C103Microeconomics00000
ADMJ C131Juvenile Procedures00000
EMTC C205Emergency Medical Technician Refresher00000
BSAD C222Data Analytics for Business00000
ENGL C249Multi-Ethnic American Literature00000
ART C141Ceramics I00000
ENGL C235HIntroduction to Shakespeare: Honors00000
BSAD C251Principles of Management and Organizations00000
ENGL C245HWomen's Literature: Honors00000
ENGL C242Survey of American Literature II: 1865-Present00000
BSOT C155Intermediate Access00000
FREN C110Elementary French II00000
ART C298XArt to Keep You Engaged: Ceram00000
HCRS C142Medical Assistant Administrative Externship00000
BSOT C163Advanced Excel00000
HCRS C146Medical Coding Externship00000
ADMJ C105Concepts of Criminal Law00000
HCRS C135Basic ICD and CPT Coding00000
BSOT C190Business Information Professional00000
HCRS C103Medical Surgical Nursing00000
ART C231Painting II00000
HCRS C132Electronic Health Record00000
CHDV C104Child, Family, and Community00000
HCRS C107Basic Pharmacology Vocational Nursing00000
ADMJ C121Community Relations00000
HCRS C121Nutrition00000
CHDV C145Language and Literature00000
HCRS C075Principles of Intravenous Therapy and Blood Withdrawal00000
BIOL C125Survey of Anatomy and Physiology00000
HCRS C110Principles of Adult Learners00000
CHDV C200Observation and Assessment00000
HIST C118California History00000
ANTH C121HBiological Anthropology: Honors00000
HIST C104HWestern Civilization Renaissance to the Modern Era: Honors00000
CHDV C251Administration I: Programs in Early Childhood Education00000
HIST C103HWestern Civilization Antiquity to the Renaissance: Honors00000
BIOL C101Principles of Biology00000
HSCI C101Principles of Health Education00000
CHEM C223HOrganic Chemistry II: Honors00000
IT C270Introduction to Database Design/Management00000
ACAD C099BCORE Academy II00000
IT C101Introduction to Computer Information Systems00000
COLL C131Making Transfer Easy00000
IT C259Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design00000
BIOL C121Survey of Anatomy and Physiology Lecture00000
CSCI C251Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies00000
ACAD C099APOST Academy II00000
ADMJ C142Basic Peace Officer Academy Module III00000
ADMJ C145Basic Peace Officer Training Academy00000
ART C101Introduction to Art00000
BSOT C125Beginning Access00000
ENGL C101Freshman Composition00000