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Cerro Coso Course Reviews

Cerro Coso Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
WELD C200Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)00000
BIOL C251Human Anatomy00000
HCRS C206Maternal/Child Nursing00000
PHED C132Wellness Walking II00000
IT C251Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies00000
GEOL C111Physical Geology00000
ART C107Survey of Asian Art00000
COLL C101Foundations for Success in College and Life00000
HIST C104HWestern Civilization Renaissance to the Modern Era: Honors00000
DMA C213Web Development with PHP and MySQL00000
PHED C129Cardiovascular Fitness I00000
MATH C121Elementary Probability and Statistics00000
ENGL C222HWorld Literature: 17th Century to Present: Honors00000
PSYC C241Abnormal Psychology00000
CHDV C207School Age Curriculum00000
ADMJ C101Introduction to the Administration of Justice00000
HCRS C230Pharmacology for Health Professionals00000
ART C121Drawing I00000
BSAD C155Human Resource Management00000
CHDV C149Play and Meaning00000
CSCI C070Computer Literacy00000
HMSV C116Case Management00000
BSOT C075Computer Literacy00000
KINS C105Strength Training00000
ECON C101Introduction to Economics00000
PARA C230Probate Law00000
MATH C142Precalculus: Trigonometry00000
ENGL C222World Literature: 17th Century to Present00000
PHED C152Conditioning for Competitive Athletes II00000
BSOT C123Beginning Excel00000
PHYS C111Mechanics00000
ENGR C230Engineering Circuit Analysis00000
SOCI C131Sociology of Gender00000
BIOL C105Concepts of Biology00000
ACAD C098BAdvanced Officer Training II00000
HCRS C136Clinical Medical Assisting I00000
ANTH C121HBiological Anthropology: Honors00000
CHDV C203Practicum Field Experience00000
ART C111Art and Design Foundations:2-D00000
HCRS C137Clinical Medical Assisting II00000
BIOL C105HConcepts of Biology: Honors00000
ADMJ C149Corrections Core Course00000
BSOT C131Basic Computer Keyboarding00000
HCRS C207Advanced Pharmacology00000
CHDV C241Curriculum and Strategies for Children with Special Needs00000
BSAD C220Principles of Project Management00000
HMSV C101Introduction to Human Services00000
CSCI C270Introduction to Database Design/Management00000
IT C270Introduction to Database Design/Management00000
ANTH C111Cultural Anthropology00000
KINS C113Tennis I00000
DMA C211Web Scripting with JavaScript00000
KINS C152Extended Conditioning for Competitive Athletes00000
BSOT C161Advanced Word00000
MATH C130Finite Mathematics00000
EMTC C205Emergency Medical Technician Refresher00000
PARA C220Bankruptcy Law00000
MUSC C101Music Appreciation00000
ENGL C102Critical Thinking through Literature00000
PDEV C101Becoming a Master Student00000
BSOT C151Intermediate Word00000
PHED C130Cardiovascular Fitness II00000
ENGL C245Women's Literature00000
PHED C123Softball I00000
ART C151Sculpture I00000
PHIL C141Ethics00000
ENGL C245HWomen's Literature: Honors00000
POLS C103Introduction to Political Theory00000
CHDV C125Diversity in Education00000
PSYC C112Psychology of Substance Abuse00000
FREN C110Elementary French II00000
SPAN C101Elementary Spanish I00000
ADMJ C145Basic Peace Officer Training Academy00000
WELD C210Welding Fabrication00000
HCRS C142Medical Assistant Administrative Externship00000
ADMJ C151Introduction to Corrections00000
CHDV C200Observation and Assessment00000
ADMJ C105Concepts of Criminal Law00000
HCRS C250Cultural Diversity in Health Care00000
ART C106Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary00000
BSAD C145Business Communication00000
ART C841Intermediate Ceramics00000
HCRS C205Medical Surgical Nursing III00000
ART C115Three-Dimensional Design00000
CHEM C223Organic Chemistry II00000
ART C106HSurvey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary: Hono...00000
HCRS C107Basic Pharmacology Vocational Nursing00000
BIOL C145Environmental Studies00000
ADMJ C115Legal Aspects of Evidence00000
BSOT C121Beginning Word00000
HCRS C204Medical Surgical Nursing II00000
CHDV C252Administration II: Personnel and Leadership in Early Childho...00000
COUN C101Tools for College Success00000
HIST C209History of Mexico00000
ACAD C098AAdvanced Officer Training00000
ADMJ C143Basic Police Officer Academy Modular Format Level II00000
ART C131Painting I00000
BSOT C163Advanced Excel00000
ENGL C221World Literature: Antiquity to 17th Century00000
PARA C130Civil Litigation and Procedure00000