Cerritos Course Reviews

Cerritos College

EDEL 105Introduction to Teaching22431
ART 116Beginning Printmaking00000
ATH 233LCWater Polo, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
BA 113Legal Environment of Business00000
ATH 213LCSoccer, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
ARCH 112History of Architecture00000
AUTO 161Automotive Electricity00000
AED 90.39Social Media for Small Business Owners00000
AFRS 105Introduction to Africana Studies00000
ART 152Ceramics-Beginning Handbuilding00000
ART 193Motion Picture Editing00000
ATH 207LBCross Country, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
ANTH 200Native Peoples of North America00000
ATH 223LCTennis, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AED 80.05Electrical Calculations And Installation00000
AUTO 100Automotive Maintenance and Operation00000
ART 101Art History I: Prehistory to Gothic00000
AUTO 212Advanced High Performance Engines00000
ACCT 280Advanced Accounting00000
BA 153Introduction to Entrepreneurship00000
AED 90.07Math Support: College Algebra00000
ART 186Computer Graphics with Adobe Illustrator00000
AED 11.08Stress Management/Older Adult00000
AJ 102Concepts of Criminal Law00000
ART 200Special Topics In Visual And Cultural Studies00000
ART 219Advanced Etching00000
ATH 203LABasketball, Men Off Season Intercollegiate00000
ANTH 100Cultural Anthropology00000
ATH 209LBCross Country, Women, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AED 39.03Introduction to Paints, Coatings, Sealants, Repairs and Fill...00000
ATH 218LSwimming, Men00000
AP 150Introduction to Human Anatomy00000
ATH 228LTrack and Field, Women00000
ACCT 131Computerized Accounting - IBM00000
ATH 240Cheerleading00000
ARCH 212Architectural Design Theory I00000
AUTO 130Manual Drivetrain and Axles00000
AED 90.01Introduction to Energy Surveying00000
AUTO 193Automotive Service Information Management00000
ART 109Gender and Sexuality In Art00000
BA 104Managing Cultural Diversity00000
AB 281Structural Damage Analysis for Estimators00000
BA 121Sales00000
ART 125Introduction to Visual and Cultural Studies00000
BA 204Project Management00000
ACLR 90Orientation for the Student with Disabilities00000
ART 156LCeramics Lab00000
AED 90.02Basic Electricity and Wiring Fundamentals00000
ART 191B3D Computer Animation Project00000
AB 285Collision Repair Management00000
ART 1953D Modeling for Animation00000
AJ 101Introduction to Administration of Justice00000
ART 214Special Studies In Life Drawing00000
AED 22.09Topics Of Interest Seniors00000
AJ 105Community Relations and Cultural Awareness00000
ART 299Directed Studies00000
ASL 210American Sign Language III00000
ATH 203LBBasketball, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AJ 220Criminal Investigation00000
ATH 205LDBasketball, Women, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AED 39.12Wallcovering Application00000
ATH 208LCross Country, Women00000
ANTH 115LIntroduction to Physical Anthropology Lab00000
ATH 211LCFootball, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
ACCT 101Fundamentals of Accounting I00000
ATH 215LCSoccer, Women, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
ANTH 205The Anthropology of Sexuality and Gender00000
ATH 221LCSwimming, Women, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AED 39.02Professionalism in Painting Trades/Job Planning and Surfaces00000
ATH 225LCTennis, Women, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AP 201Human Physiology00000
ATH 231LBVolleyball, Women, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AB 181Non-Structural Damage Estimating00000
ATH 236LWrestling00000
ARCH 121Architectural Drafting and Design II00000
AUTO 55Advanced Technology Electric Vehicle00000
AED 80.07Ect Ind Light Load & Theory00000
AUTO 110Automotive Engines00000
ARCH 222Architectural Design Theory II00000
AUTO 151Automotive Alignment Brake and Suspension00000
ACCT 201Intermediate Accounting I00000
AUTO 181Electronic Engine Management Systems-Corporate00000
ART 104African Art History00000
AUTO 200General Motors Fundamentals00000
AED 90.03Intro to Lighting Retrofits00000
AUTO 281Emission Control Systems -1997 Standards00000
ART 113Art, Science, and Technology00000
BA 108Labor Management Relations00000
AB 80Autobody Customer Service00000
BA 117Introduction To Supervision00000
ART 120Two-Dimensional Design00000
BA 126E-learning00000
AED 90.06Math Support: Statistics00000
ASL 216Beginning Interpreting and Ethics 200000
ART 136Painting For Art Majors00000
AB 66Lettering, Striping and Design00000
AB 83AComputerized Damage Estimating - Audatex00000
ACCT 60Quickbooks Accounting00000
AED 39.05Job Plan For Paint/Coat00000
AJ 173Administration of Justice Occupational Work Experience00000