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Cerritos Course Reviews

Cerritos College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDEL 105Introduction to Teaching22431
WMT 87Woodworking Machine Maintenance and Repair54551
ART 188Design for Digital Publishing00000
AED 90.43SGrowing a Small Business (Spanish)00000
ATH 206LCross Country, Men00000
ART 115LPrintmaking Lab00000
AED 48.05College English Skills00000
ASL 210American Sign Language III00000
AED 39.12Wallcovering Application00000
AJ 103Criminal Procedures00000
AED 41.04IW - Architectural III00000
ANTH 100Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 103Art History III: Neoclassical to Present00000
AED 42.18Low Advanced English as a Second Language00000
ART 136Painting For Art Majors00000
ACLR 90Orientation for the Student with Disabilities00000
ART 207Women and Media00000
AED 80.06Ect Light/Motor & Hvac Systems00000
ATH 202LBasketball, Men00000
AB 286Computerized Shop Management00000
ATH 212LSoccer, Men00000
AED 40.07FIW-Orientation00000
AJ 202Substantive Law00000
ACCT 101Fundamentals of Accounting I00000
ANTH 200Native Peoples of North America00000
AED 41.03IW - Reinforcing II00000
AP 120Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
ARCH 222Architectural Design Theory II00000
AED 42.21Spanish Literacy Skills for General Education Development (G...00000
ART 109Gender and Sexuality In Art00000
ACCT 251Advanced Income Tax Accounting00000
ART 121Three-Dimensional Design00000
AED 42.11Spanish Ged Test Prep-B00000
ART 156LCeramics Lab00000
AB 181Non-Structural Damage Estimating00000
ART 194AAdvanced Motion Picture Editing00000
AED 80.01Intro To Electrical Trades00000
ART 219Advanced Etching00000
AED 36.06Occupational Training00000
ASTR 102Introductory Astronomy: Stars and the Universe00000
AED 90.37Launching a Small Business00000
ATH 204LBasketball, Women00000
AB 65Mix and Adjusting Color00000
ATH 209LCCross Country, Women, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AED 90.02Basic Electricity and Wiring Fundamentals00000
ATH 214LSoccer, Women00000
ACCT 61Turbo Tax Accounting00000
AJ 107Introduction to Corrections, Probation and Parole00000
AED 40.26Iw-Metal Building Erect I00000
AJ 220Criminal Investigation00000
AB 68LRefinishing Lab00000
ANTH 115LIntroduction to Physical Anthropology Lab00000
AED 41.05IW - Architectural II00000
ANTH 205The Anthropology of Sexuality and Gender00000
ACCT 131Computerized Accounting - IBM00000
AP 200Human Anatomy00000
AED 42.06Basic Skills00000
ARCH 110Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design00000
ARCH 212Architectural Design Theory I00000
AED 42.07Independent Mediation Lab00000
ART 100Introduction to World Art00000
ACCT 220Accounting Ethics00000
ART 105AThe Arts of Latin America and the Caribbean: Pre-Columbian00000
AED 42.03Survival ESL00000
ART 112Life Drawing00000
AB 88Estimating and Management Update00000
ART 117Intermediate Printmaking00000
AED 42.99Pre-Algebra Skills00000
ART 130AFundamentals of Painting00000
ACLR 86Introduction to Universal Design for Learning00000
ART 152Ceramics-Beginning Handbuilding00000
AED 42.19ESL Grammar, Reading, and Writing00000
ART 184Graphic Design I00000
AB 62Overall And Multi-Coat Refinishing00000
ART 192BAdvanced Photoshop00000
AED 49.01Preparatory Math00000
ART 196Web Design with Flash and Dreamweaver00000
AED 14.08Creative Arts/Crafts/Adults00000
ART 217LAdvanced Screenprinting/Advanced Etching Lab00000
AED 80.05Electrical Calculations And Installation00000
ART 299Directed Studies00000
AB 282Steering, Suspension and Powertrain Analysis for Estimators00000
ASL 216Beginning Interpreting and Ethics 200000
AED 80.04Basic Electrical Theory00000
ASTR 106History of Astronomy00000
AED 39.05Job Plan For Paint/Coat00000
ATH 203LBBasketball, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AED 90.04Introduction to Automotive Tools and Equipment00000
ATH 205LDBasketball, Women, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AB 55Structural Panel Replacement00000
ATH 207LCCross Country, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AED 90.37SLaunching a Small Business (Spanish)00000
ATH 211LBFootball, Men, Off Season Intercollegiate00000
AED 39.03Introduction to Paints, Coatings, Sealants, Repairs and Fill...00000
ARCH 113Building Codes00000
AJ 91Report Writing Procedures00000
AB 52Structural Damage Repair00000
AB 58LCollision Repair Lab00000
AB 83UComputerized Damage Estimating-Ultramate00000
ACCT 160Accounting for QuickBooks for Certification00000