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Central State Course Reviews

Central State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COM 2214Public Speaking00000
CPS 4460Adv Topics in Computer Science00000
BIO 3070Comparative Anat of Vertebrate00000
CHM 3502Physical Chemistry II00000
BUS 2353Principles of Marketing00000
BIO 1801LFundamentals of Biology I Lab00000
CPS 1000Ethics in Computer Science00000
ART 1120Later European Art History00000
BIO 4600Selected Topics in Biology00000
ART 2200Figure Drawing and Painting I00000
CHM 2401Organic Chemistry I00000
BUS 2903Business Statistics00000
ART 4751Senior Art Show00000
CHM 4792Undergraduate Research II00000
AGR 4350Princi. of Integrat. Pest Mgt00000
COM 3319Reporting00000
BIO 2400Molecular Genetics00000
CPS 3300Cyber Security II00000
AGED 3115Addressing Div. Popul. in Agr.00000
CRJ 3335White-Collar Crime00000
ART 2020Image Processing for Artists00000
BUS 2203Professional Development00000
AGR 1220Horticulture00000
BUS 2802Business Calculus II00000
ART 3062Graphic Design II00000
CHM 1202LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
BUS 4795Strategic Management & Policy00000
ART 4061Advanced Graphic Design I00000
CHM 3050Chemistry Seminar00000
AGR 3250Grain Crops00000
CHM 4200Instrumental Analysis00000
BIO 1500Environmental Science00000
COE 4499Co-op Edu 91+ Hrs ALT00000
AGB 4445Agricultural Economics00000
COM 3300Elect Media Prod/Direct:Radio00000
BIO 2050Biology of the Environment with Lab00000
COM 4892Professional Dev for Com00000
ART 1002Fundamentals of Design II00000
CPS 2215Internet Web Essentials00000
BIO 2750Zoology00000
CPS 3340Computer Architecture00000
ACC 4430Auditing00000
CRJ 2330Police and Society00000
BIO 4100Molecular Cell Biology w/Lab00000
CRJ 3350Crime Science Analysis00000
AGED 4110Student Leadership Org.00000
BUS 1500Computer Applications for Bus00000
ART 2130Arts of Africa00000
BUS 2261Business Communications II00000
ACC 4464Accounting Internship00000
BUS 2482Special Topics00000
ART 3010Computer Presentation Graphics00000
BUS 2902Business Statistics II00000
AGR 2150Introductory Animal Science00000
BUS 4466Internship in Business00000
ART 3070Web Design and Development I00000
CHM 1201LGeneral Chemistry Lab00000
CHM 1050Chemical Concepts00000
ART 3200Figure Drawing and Painting II00000
CHM 1610LIntro Forensic Science Lab00000
AGR 2450LSoil Science Lab00000
CHM 2402Organic Chemistry II w/Lab00000
ART 4200Figure Drawing & Painting III00000
CHM 3300Introduction to Biochemistry00000
AGB 3240Farm Management00000
CHM 3797Selected Topics in Chemistry00000
BIO 1100LOrganismal Biology Lab00000
CHM 4791Undergraduate Research I00000
AGR 3335Irrigation and Drainage00000
CHM 4895Integrated Concepts of Chem00000
BIO 1705Biological Concepts w/Lab00000
COM 2200Intro to Mass Comm00000
ACC 3360Accounting Information Systems00000
COM 2230Professional Development00000
BIO 1802LFundamentals of Biology II Lab00000
COM 3308Film Image and Social Reality00000
AGR 4500Internship in Sustainable Agri00000
COM 3400Elec Media Prod & Dir:TV/Media00000
BIO 2340Careers in Biology00000
COM 4895Sr. Capstone/Portf Assessment00000
AGED 3100The Adult Classrom00000
CPS 1191Computer Science I00000
BIO 2650Microbiology00000
CPS 2300Cyber Security I00000
ART 1102Beginning Drawing II00000
CPS 3320Database Systems00000
BIO 2850Plant Biology00000
CPS 4210Artificial Intelligence00000
ACC 3301Intermediate Accounting I00000
CRJ 2210Intro to Criminal Justice00000
BIO 3500Ecology00000
CRJ 3305Criminal Investigation00000
ART 1210Introduction to Art00000
BIO 4400Animal Physiology00000
ACC 2210Financial Accounting00000
ACC 3330Advanced Accounting00000
AFS 1200Intro to Africana Studies00000
AGR 2350The Community Agriculture00000
ART 3150Modern & Cont Art History I00000
CHM 1150Elements of Chemistry00000