Centenary Course Reviews

Centenary College of Louisiana

ECON 343WPublic Sector Economics00000
EDUC 595Education: Critical Analysis00000
CHEM 105Chemistry and Society00000
CSC 207Introduction to Computer Scien00000
CHEM 353WPhysical Chemistry Lab I00000
BUSN 352Sports Sponsorship & Promotion00000
EDUC 511Elem Lang Arts/Soc Stud Method00000
BIOL 212Bioethics00000
CHEM 301Analytical Chemistry00000
BIOL 321Biochemistry I00000
COMM 326Fiction Film00000
COMM 172Visual Culture00000
BUSN 223Commercial Law00000
ECON 204Statistics for Business & Econ00000
ART 432Advanced Studio III00000
EDUC 235Elementary Language Arts00000
CA 251Ind Career Exploration & Inter00000
EDUC 578Student Teaching: Secondary Ed00000
ART 251Design Communication00000
ENGL 201Environmental Literature00000
BIOL 306Nutritional Physiology00000
CHEM 331Foundations of Inorganic Chem00000
ART 312Materials and Techniques of Sculpture00000
CHEM 493Independent Study REU00000
BIOL 329WBrain and Language00000
COMM 313WAdvanced Rhetoric00000
COMM 218Introduction to Photography00000
BIOL 491Role of CED-9 in Deprenyl...00000
COMM 383Digital Rhetoric and Culture00000
ART 352Print Design00000
DANC 101Beginning Techniques of Dance00000
BUSN 328Leadership & Org. Behavior00000
ECON 324WLabor Economics00000
ART 201Issues in Public Art & Archite00000
ECON 491Independent Study00000
BUSN 491Independent Study00000
EDUC 335Research & Methods in Reading00000
ART 472Senior Exhibit I00000
EDUC 525Theories of Learning00000
CDS 300Study Abroad00000
EDUC 583Secondary Residency I00000
ACCT 409Auditing00000
ENGL 101Seminar in Rhetoric & Culture00000
CHEM 124General Chemistry II Lab00000
ENGL 216Intro/Strategic Communication00000
ART 305WAmerican Icons & Visual Cultur00000
CHEM 322WBiochemistry II00000
BIOL 317Sensation and Perception00000
CHEM 351Physical Chemistry I00000
ART 101Ancient Medieval Art & Culture00000
CHEM 392Instrumental Analysis00000
BIOL 324Biochemistry II Laboratory00000
CO 151Service-Learning: MUSM 40000000
ART 330Materials and Techniques of Printmaking00000
COMM 200Media Journalism Practicum00000
BIOL 395Exercise Physiology and Lab00000
COMM 310Sports Info: Comm & Culture00000
COMM 221Digital Film Production I00000
BIOL 410SAdvanced Neuroscience00000
COMM 316Social Media/Content Strategy00000
ART 342Place: Interdisc. Studio00000
COMM 368Film History00000
BIOL 493Ind Study: Cellular00000
COMM 451Media Campaign00000
ART 172Visual Culture00000
CSC 440Artificial Intelligence00000
BUSN 321WPrinciples of Management00000
DANC 130Dance Ensemble00000
ART 400Art Internship00000
ECON 305Energy Economics00000
BUSN 341International Management00000
ECON 335Sports Economics00000
ACCT 340International Accounting00000
ECON 400Internship in Economics: 4 hrs00000
BUSN 400Internship in Business00000
EDUC 215Fdn of Learn: Hist, Phil & Ped00000
ART 442Time: Interdisc. Studio00000
EDUC 307Meth Teach Child Special Needs00000
BUSN 494Environmental Business00000
EDUC 372Reading and Language Disorders00000
ART 218Introduction to Photography00000
EDUC 519Human Growth and Development00000
CDS 190CIP Beliefs & Values00000
EDUC 531Curriculum Innovations00000
BIOL 210Biological Psychology00000
EDUC 581Internship:Elementary Ed00000
CDS 494WIndependent Stdy: Maltreatment00000
EDUC 586K-12 Residency00000
ACCT 306Intermediate Accounting II00000
EDUC 597K-12 Residency II: Internship00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry II00000
ENGL 178Film Art00000
BIOL 301Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
ACCT 204Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 312Income Tax Accounting II00000
ART 104Beginning Sculpture and 3-D Design00000
ART 332Advanced Studio I00000
BIOL 404Immunology00000
COMM 262Shakespeare and Film00000