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CCSU Course Reviews

Central Connecticut State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 493Secure Software Systems35341
CS 460Database Concepts44331
CET 236Circuit Analysis00000
BIO 390Biology Research Experience II00000
CINE 465Global Cinema00000
BUS 581Graduate Special Project00000
AST 209Stellar and Galactic Astronomy00000
CHEM 210Organic I Foundations00000
ART 112History of Art I00000
BIO 449Plant Physiology00000
ART 264Dsgn-Hndcrft Mtrl/Tech I00000
BIO 528Advanced Pharmacology00000
BMS 501Fndmntls of Biomlclr Science00000
ART 509Adv Stdy: American Art00000
CE 475Hydrology & Storm Drainage00000
ANTH 424Peoples and Cultures of Africa00000
CET 459Network Security Technologies00000
BIO 111Introductory Biology00000
CHEM 458Advanced Biochemistry00000
AFAS 236Air Force Studies III, Part II00000
CJ 581Sexual Assault Investigation00000
ART 230Drawing II00000
BIO 503Advcd Human Reproductive Biol00000
ANTH 160Intro to Biological Anthro00000
BIO 599Thesis00000
ART 348Video Art I00000
BIO 746Doctoral Scholarly Project II00000
BMS 450Epigenetics of Clin &Model Sys00000
ART 450Adv Watercolor/Rltd Media00000
BMS 592Mentorship in Biomolecular Sci00000
ANTH 352Ethnicity and Ethnic Identity00000
CE 397Structural Analysis I00000
ART 572Advanced Sculpture III00000
CEN 200Intro Commu & Civic Engagement00000
AFAM 200Dim of Divrsity & Inequality00000
CET 363Digital Circuits00000
ATR 517Prevention and Care00000
CET 513Cmptr App for Professional00000
ANTH 490Senior Thesis00000
CHEM 321Phys Chem of Thrmodynmcs00000
BIO 315Microbial Ecology00000
CHIN 226Intermediate Chinese IV00000
ACP 731Anesthesia Clinical Practcm II00000
CJ 530Offender Profiles00000
BIO 425Bio of Marine & Frshwter Algae00000
CM 135Constr Grphics/Quanty Take-Off00000
ANES 515Prof Aspects Nurse Anesth Prac00000
BIO 487Wildlife Techniques00000
ART 252Painting I00000
BIO 516Adv Bio Marine & Frshwtr Algae00000
ACTL 335Financial Mathematics I00000
BIO 582Advanced Mammalogy00000
ART 303Practicum/Art Educ I00000
BIO 736Evidence-based Prac Biostat00000
ANTH 215Before History00000
BMS 190Introduction to Research I00000
ART 362Sculpture III00000
BMS 307Genomics00000
BMS 411Moleclr & Cellulr Immunlg00000
ART 430Color Drawing00000
BMS 492Mentorship in Biomolecular Sci00000
ANTH 329Experimental Archaeology00000
BMS 562Advanced Developmental Biology00000
ART 490Curatorship00000
BUS 540Business Intel and Analytics00000
ACTL 565Graduate Long Term ACTL Models00000
CE 222Applictns in Civil Engineering00000
ART 560Advanced Ceramics II00000
CE 458Intro to GPS for Engineering00000
ANTH 401City Life & Culture00000
CE 495Topics in Civil Engineering00000
ASL 125Intermediate ASL I00000
CET 179Basic Network Administration00000
AC 421Acctng for Lean Enterprises00000
CET 323Analog Electronics II00000
AST 470Exoplanets and Astrobiology00000
CET 443Electronic Communications00000
ANTH 451FieldSchl Cltrl Anth CostaRica00000
CET 489Web Applctn Admnstrn & Secrty00000
ATR 529Clinical Exam II00000
CHEM 100Srch:Food and Flavor Chemistry00000
AFAS 113Air Force Studies I, Part I00000
CHEM 238Introduction to Research00000
BIO 200Integrative Biology00000
CHEM 354Foundations in Biochemistry00000
ARAB 125Intermediate Arabic I00000
CHIN 111Elementary Chinese I00000
BIO 319Anatomy and Physiology II00000
CINE 382American Cinema00000
AC 302Intro to Income Taxation00000
CIT 595Capstone In Computer Info Tech00000
BIO 411Embryo Biotechnology00000
CJ 550Drugs and Society00000
ART 200Introduction to Global Art00000
BMS 319Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BIO 436Environ Resources and Mgt00000
AC 210Accounting for Decision-Making00000
AC 340Accounting Information Systems00000
ACTL 466Short Term ACTL Models00000
ANTH 250Introduction to the Primates00000