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CCP Course Reviews

Community College of Philadelphia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BHHS 212Resolution-Focused Help Skills00000
CHIN 102Elementary Chinese00000
RESP 100Intr Resp Care Tech00000
ART 290Portfolio Preparation00000
ACCT 111Business Accountin00000
PHYS 241Elec Magnetism & Light00000
BUSL 215Organizational Leadership00000
AT 261Engine Performance & Diagnosis00000
SOC 231Social Problems00000
MUS 297SVStudio Voice Ensemble IV00000
ART 104Hist of Art: Renaiss to Modern00000
ADC 192Color and Lighting00000
PHOT 105Intro Digital Photography00000
AT 241Auto Transmissions/Transaxles00000
ASET 110Safety, Health & the Environ00000
BIOL 241Principles of Microbiology00000
POLS 111American Government00000
CAHM 278Hospitality Marketing00000
AH 116Therapeutic Communication00000
CIS 228JavaScript II00000
MUS 296PPop & Rock Ensemble III00000
THM 140Gaming & Casino Mgmt00000
AH 224Cur Iss and Trnds In Hlth Care00000
ADC 112Constr Mats & Dets Properties00000
OPH 102Ocular and Ophthalmic Concepts00000
AH 118Prof Skills/Employment Seminar00000
ADC 253Environmental Systems I00000
PHIL 111Critical Thinking00000
ART 150Intro Computer Graphics00000
ART 112Three-Dimensional Design II00000
ASL 230Structure of ASL00000
PHOT 250Fashion Entertainment Photo00000
BHHS 111Introduction to Helping Skills00000
AET 101Introduction to Robotics00000
BIOL 107General Biology II00000
PLS 231Family Law00000
BMET 101Biomedical Equipment Tech I00000
ASL 232Advanced ASL II00000
CAHM 185Dining Room Management00000
PSYC 205Psychopathology/Abnormal Psych00000
CHEM 118Introduction to Biochemistry00000
ADC 176Phila History Arch & Plan00000
CIS 155Principles of Operating System00000
RS 152Philosophy of Religion00000
CIS 256Network Routing and Switching00000
AH 204Medical Law and Ethics00000
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish00000
MUS 297CChamber Music Ensemble IV00000
THM 278Hospitality Marketing00000
ADC 221History of Arch and Int I00000
ACCT 208Tax Accounting00000
NURS 232Nursing IV00000
ADC 146Const Supervision & Bus Pract00000
ANTH 124Fundamentals of Archaeology00000
ADC 226Intro to Building Structures00000
OPH 107Ocular Anatomy/Contact Lenses00000
AH 112Med Admin Procedures00000
ADC 263Digital Animation & Rendering00000
PH 101Introduction to Public Health00000
ARAB 102Elementary Arabic00000
ART 105Drawing I00000
ART 111Three-Dimensional Design I00000
PHIL 297HPhil Ancient/Medieval Honors00000
ART 151Graphic Design I00000
ADC 261Constr. Mngt and Scheduling00000
ASET 201Intro to Nanotechnology00000
PHOT 201Commercial Photography Studio00000
AT 111Auto Suspen & Steer00000
ART 209Ceramics II00000
BHHS 103Hum Dev & Beh in Soc00000
PHYS 111General Physics I00000
BHHS 161Intro to Disability Studies00000
ADC 159Design Studio II00000
BHHS 293Family/Relationship Counseling00000
PJMT 140Emerging Trends in Proj Mgmt00000
BIOL 123Principles of Biology I00000
ASL 102Amer Sign Lang II00000
BLAS 102Black Theory & Social Change00000
PLS 265Intellectual Property00000
BMET 202Medical Devices Networked00000
AH 103Medical Terminology00000
CAHM 151Elementary Baking and Pastry00000
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology00000
CAHM 266Hospitality Law00000
AT 131Manual Transmissions00000
CHEM 103Fundamental Chem I (Non-Lab)00000
PSYC 221Social Psychology00000
CHEM 214Chemical Analysis00000
ACCT 203Cost Acct00000
CIS 114JavaScript I00000
RESP 211Cardio Path II00000
CIS 205Database Management Systems00000
MUS 197EElectronic Ensemble II00000
SOC 105Health and Society00000
ACCT 101Financial Accounting00000
ADC 103CAD Basics00000
ADC 246Contracts and Specifications00000
ART 101HVisual Communication (Honors)00000
OPH 130Ophthalmic Specialty Testing00000
AET 102Science Tech & Public Policy00000