CCP Course Reviews

Community College of Philadelphia

CSCI 112Computer Science II00000
DMI 198Clinical Education III00000
BIOL 110Anat & Phys II00000
CIS 200Apple App Development I00000
CAHM 110Intro Hosp Industry00000
BHHS 101Intro to Beh Hlth & Human Serv00000
DH 135Dental Radiology00000
ARAB 102Elementary Arabic00000
BLAS 250CSp Topics: Cont Black Cinema00000
ART 115Painting I00000
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese00000
CAHM 266Hospitality Law00000
ASL 232Advanced ASL II00000
CIS 252Managing Network Servers00000
AH 190Human Disease and Treatment00000
CULA 210American Cuisine00000
BHHS 194Case Managment Practice00000
DIET 106Nutrition for Healthy Life00000
ADC 246Contracts and Specifications00000
DVP 150Producing and Directing00000
ART 104HHist of Art: Ren to Mod (Hon)00000
BMET 202Medical Devices Networked00000
ADC 263Digital Animation & Rendering00000
CAHM 171Quantity Food Preparation00000
ART 205Seminar: Mod and Comtemp Art00000
CHEM 122College Chemistry II00000
CAHM 280Introduction to Supervision in the Hospitality Industry00000
ASL 102Amer Sign Lang II00000
CIS 106Intro to Computer Programming00000
AH 103Medical Terminology00000
CIS 211Android App Development I00000
AT 150Automotive Braking Systems00000
CIS 270Systems Analysis and Design00000
ADC 221History of Arch and Int I00000
CSR 110Intro to Corporate Social Resp00000
BHHS 121Addiction Studies00000
DF 101Intro to Digital Forensics00000
AH 260Supv Mngt in Health Care00000
DH 245Dental Pharm and Pain Mngt00000
BIOL 100Introduction to Life Sciences00000
DMI 131Patient Care and Procedures I00000
ADC 112Constr Mats & Dets Properties00000
DMI 261Radiation Safety III00000
BIOL 255BIO I:Bas Lab Techs in Biotech00000
DVP 240Advanced Editing00000
ADC 259Design Studio IV00000
BMET 102Biomedical Equipment Tech II00000
ART 109Ceramics I00000
BUSL 101Navigating Leadership/Business00000
ADC 136Const Safety & Bldg Codes00000
CAHM 151Elementary Baking and Pastry00000
ART 126Design II00000
CAHM 198Hospitality Mgt Work Exp00000
ADVM B7062CNC Precision Machining 354 hr00000
CAHM 276Food and Beverage Management00000
ART 209Ceramics II00000
CHEM 120Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 104Fundamental Chem II (Non-Lab)00000
ASET 1403D Printing00000
CHEM 221Organic Chemistry I00000
AET 201Intro to Nanotechnology00000
CIS 103Computer Apps & Concepts00000
ASL 230Structure of ASL00000
CIS 130Web Page Design I00000
ADC 192Color and Lighting00000
CIS 204Fundamentals of Linux & Unix00000
AT 105Digital Multimeter00000
CIS 230Web Page Design II00000
AH 116Therapeutic Communication00000
CIS 257Adv Cisco Routing Switch Tech00000
AT 250Adv Braking Systems & Controls00000
COL 101College Success Seminar00000
ADC 101Intro to Design and Constr00000
CSCI 213Computer Organization00000
BHHS 106Group Participation00000
CULA 161Food Serv Safey & Sanitation00000
AH 222Health Care Policy and Adm.00000
CULA 271Food Bev Mgt & Labor Cost Ctrl00000
BHHS 161Intro to Disability Studies00000
DF 250Dig. Forensics Case & Lab Mngt00000
ADC 227Structures II Design00000
DH 192Dental Hygiene Clinic II00000
BHHS 222Assmt & Planning in Recovery00000
DH 294Dental Hygiene Clinic IV00000
ANTH 124Fundamentals of Archaeology00000
DMI 106Image Prod/Evaluation II00000
BIOL 107General Biology II00000
DMI 196Clinical Education I00000
ACCT 201Intermediate Accounting I00000
DMI 222Angiographic/Intervention Proc00000
BIOL 211Genetics00000
DVP 120Camera and Lighting Techniques00000
ART 103Hist of Art Ancient to Renaiss00000
BLAS 102Black Theory & Social Change00000
ACCT 102Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 206Auditing00000
ADC 161Intro to Building Science00000
AET 102Science Tech & Public Policy00000
ASET 101Science, Tech & Public Policy00000
CHEM 110Introductory Chemistry00000