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CCC Course Reviews

Corning Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MUSC 1010Fundamentals of Music00000
PHIL 1300Current Moral Issues00000
GREK 1010Elementary Classical Greek I00000
MCOM 2010Writing for Media00000
HUMA 1020Basic Humanities II CPEP00000
ENGL 0999Applied Reading and Writing Strategies00000
NURS 2502Pharmacology for Nurses IV00000
CHTK 2960Chemical Technology Work Internship00000
HLTH 1011Basic Life Supt. Rescue ReCert00000
CRJ 2105Juvenile Justice System00000
MATH 1230Elements of Applied Math I00000
ITAL 1010Elemen Italian Convers&Stru I00000
ECED 1140Methods & Materials in Early Childhood Education00000
MECH 1550Engineering Graphics II00000
BUSN 1030Business Communications00000
MUSC 2821Individual Study: Voice00000
ERTH 1010Earth Science00000
PFIT 1511Softball (Women)00000
AUTO 1540Chassis and Alignment Lab00000
PSYC 2215Abnormal Psychology00000
CRJ 1070Police Community Relations00000
HLTH 2007Advanced First Aid00000
BIOL 1050Introduction to Human Biology00000
HUSR 1221Therapeutic Crisis Intervention00000
CSCS 1320C/C++ Programming00000
MATH 1005Math for Nursing I00000
LEN 0650Police Basic Academy:Phys Trng00000
CSNT 2400Scaling Networks00000
MATH 1620Calculus II00000
BUSN 0007Non-Profit Management00000
MCOM 2972Journalism/Technical Writing, Public Relations Internship00000
EDUC 2050Schools and Society00000
MEDT 1020Principles Medical Terminology00000
ARTS 2999Portfolio Prep Independent Study00000
MUSC 1930Strings00000
ENGL 2480Creative Writing-Fiction&Drama00000
NURS 1300Intro Medical-Surgical Nursing00000
CADD 2710Computer Aided Drafting II00000
PFIT 1051Self Defense00000
GEOL 1530Environmental Geology00000
PFIT 1521Basketball (Women)00000
ARTS 1030Drawing I00000
PHYS 1820Physics I00000
HIST 2040History of Modern Europe00000
RUSS 1010Elementary Russian I00000
AUTO 2230Automotive Power Accessories00000
HLTH 1400Global Health00000
CRJ 1590Police Certified First Responder00000
HLTH 2900Peer Recovery Adv & Coaching00000
ARTS 1410Two-Dimensional Design00000
HUSR 1010Human Services I00000
CRST 1010Computer Hardware Technologies00000
HUSR 2010Substance Use Disorder Counseling II00000
BIOL 1520General Biology II00000
ITRN 2040Internship00000
CSCS 2650Computer Organization00000
MATH 0860Basic Math Review00000
MACH 1540Precision Machining II00000
CSNS 1610Fundamentals of Information Security00000
MATH 1130Math for Elementary Teachers I00000
BUOT 1062Word Processing for Non-Major00000
MATH 1413Pre-Calculus Mathematics00000
CSWT 2610Web Programming &Interactivity;00000
MATH 2610Calculus III00000
ARTS 2210Ceramics II00000
MCOM 2962Radio/TV Internship00000
ECON 2002Principles of Economics Micro00000
MDNC 0150Cert Phlebotomy Tech ED2GO00000
BUSN 0018Adobe for the People00000
MECH 2210Materials00000
ELEC 2010Linear Electronics00000
MGMT 2047Human Resource Mangmnt00000
ANTH 2000Biological Anthropology00000
MUSC 1325Class Guitar I00000
ENGL 2030Children's Literature00000
MUSC 2140Aural Skills I00000
BUSN 2020Personal Finance00000
MUSC 2970Individual Study: Keyboard00000
ENGR 1050C for Engineers00000
NURS 1675Pharmacology II00000
AUTO 1010Introduction to Automotive Technology00000
PEPD 1200Intro to Physical Education00000
FYEX 1000FYEX: Quest For Success00000
PFIT 1502Soccer I (Women)00000
CHEM 2020Organic Chemistry II00000
PFIT 1516Basketball III (Men)00000
GLSS 2010Intro. to Glass I00000
PFIT 1622Intercollegiate Bowling III00000
ABOD 2070Automotive Refinishing II00000
PHIL 2500Business Ethics00000
HIST 1030Global History I: To 150000000
PSYC 2201Social Psychology00000
CRJ 0007Security Guard-PreAssign Train00000
HIST 2410Latin American History00000
ABOD 2010Hazardous Communications00000
ACCT 1060Fund. Accounting Procedures00000
ARTS 1670American Art I00000
BIOL 2040Ecology00000
CSIT 1390Computer Literacy and Microcomputer Applications00000
MANU 0008HotWorkAcrFlashLockOut CAFUSA00000