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CBU Course Reviews

Christian Brothers University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CMBA 602Managerial Economics53431
ART 405SPTP:After Effects00000
BMGT 350Highly Effective Teams00000
CE 110Intro to Civil Engineering00000
BIOL 415LImmunology Laboratory00000
ART 306Art Therapy Wrkshp & Field St00000
CBU 200Career Planning00000
ARMY 2200Leadership & Decision Making00000
ARMY 3201LWarfighting Funct/Train lab00000
BIOL 109Human Biology00000
BIOL 216LBotany Lab00000
BIOL 394SPTP: Pathophysiology00000
ART 2043-D Design00000
BIOL 466Independent Research II00000
ARMY 1120Intro to Tactical Leadership00000
CALG 100Math Readiness for Adults00000
ART 315Advanced Digital Imagin00000
CCJ 215Corrections00000
AERO 4411LPrep for Active Duty Lab00000
CE 225LGeomatics Lab00000
ARMY 3100LLeadership Laboratory00000
BIOL 211Vertebrate Embryology00000
ALG 118Introductory Algebra III00000
ARMY 4100LLeadership Laboratory00000
BIOL 293SPTP: Backyard Birding00000
BIOL 303LAlgae Fungi & Lichens Lab00000
BIOL 381Animal Behavior00000
ART 101Art Appreciation00000
BIOL 412LEcology Laboratory00000
ANTH 450Independent Research in Anthro00000
BIOL 451LNeuroscience Laboratory00000
ART 214Art Therapy Practices00000
BIOL 495SPTP: Gene Discvery in E. Coli00000
AERO 2212Team&Leader Fundamentals II00000
BUS 260Special Topics (MGMT Intern)00000
ART 312Painting III00000
CART 101Art Appreciation00000
ARMY 2000LArmy Readiness Training00000
CCJ 150Public Administration00000
ART 400SPTP:Fourth Bluff Mobile App00000
CCJ 365Deviant Behavior00000
ACCT 385Fraud Examination00000
CE 201Statics00000
BIOL 101Public Health00000
CE 299Hydraulics00000
ALG 105Introductory Algebra I00000
BIOL 111LPrinciples of Biology I Lab00000
ARMY 3115LLeadership Laboratory00000
BIOL 212LComparative Vert Anatomy Lab00000
ACCT 412Auditing00000
BIOL 218Human Anat & Physiology II00000
ARMY 3301LSmall Unit Leadership Lab00000
BIOL 296SPTP: Internship00000
ANTH 128LPhysical Anthropology Lab00000
ARMY 4115LLeadership Laboratory00000
BIOL 311LGenetics Lab00000
BIOL 321Microbiology00000
BIOL 362Biology Seminar00000
ARMY 4201LThe Army Officer Lab00000
BIOL 391SPTP: Genomics00000
ANTH 301Medical Anthropology00000
BIOL 398Sptp: Wetland Ecology00000
ART 200Oil Painting I00000
BIOL 414Animal Histology00000
AERO 1112Heritage&Values of the USAF II00000
BIOL 440Research I00000
ART 210Introduction to Art Therapy00000
BIOL 463Mentored Res in Biol/Biomed I00000
ARMY 1100LLeadership Lab00000
BIOL 492Sptp: Mod Neuroscience Techniq00000
ART 302Contemporary Art History00000
BLAW 301Business Law I00000
ACCT 366Intermediate Fin Acct III00000
BUS 161Sptp: Prior Lrng Assessmnt Ptf00000
ART 309Drawing II00000
CACC 260Financial Accounting00000
ARMY 1300Agile & Adaptive Leadership00000
CALG 118Introductory Algebra III00000
ART 314LBeginning Digital Imaging Lab00000
CBU 100CBU Co-Op00000
AERO 3312Leading Ppl/Effective Com II00000
CBUS 205Bus Probability/Statistics00000
ART 316LTypography Lab00000
CCJ 205Criminology00000
ARMY 2115LLeadership Laboratory00000
CCJ 225Juvenile Justice00000
ART 402SPTP: Sust in Graphic Design00000
CCJ 375Fraud Examination00000
ACCT 312Accounting Systems00000
CE 113Civil Engineering Analysis00000
ART 470Advanced Studio00000
CE 212Structural Analysis00000
ARMY 2301LDoctrine/Team Dev Lab00000
BIOL 335LInvertebrate Zoology Lab00000
BIOL 105Fund of Environmental Biology00000
ACCT 264Intermediate Fin Accounting I00000
ACCT 330Federal Income Taxation I00000
ACCT 491Intl Fin Reporting Standards00000
ANTH 279Introduction Archaeology00000
ARMY 4121Leadership in Complex World00000