CAU Course Reviews

Clark Atlanta University

CCIS 301Advanced Programming00000
CCOL 104The American Black Women00000
CBUS 454Financial Analysis Decision Mk00000
CCHE 710Research in Analytical Chem00000
CCHE 112LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
CBUS 341Business Finance00000
CCIS 533Graph Theory and Network Ana00000
CBIO 261LEnvironmental Biology Lab00000
CBUS 481Entrepreneurial Practicum00000
CBIO 511Biochemistry I00000
CCHE 532Organic Synthesis00000
CCHE 341LPhysical Chemistry Lab00000
CBUS 304Intermediate Accounting II00000
CCIS 105Prog Prin I Cybersecurity Majo00000
CBIO 111General Biology I & Lab00000
CCIS 472Intro to Computer Architecture00000
CBUS 421Intro. to Prof. Sales00000
CCIS 674Database Design00000
CART 317Printmaking II00000
CCPS 510Professional Ethical & Legal..00000
CBIO 360Conservation Biology & Sustain00000
CCHE 111LGeneral Chemistry Lab00000
CART 444Seminar in 20th Century Art00000
CCHE 231ROrganic Chemistry Recitation00000
CBIO 635Advances in Cellular Biology00000
CCHE 481Senior Chemistry Seminar00000
CCHE 400Undergraduate Research00000
CBUS 207Principles of Accounting I00000
CCHE 551Advanced Biochemistry I00000
CAWS 600Sem on AWS: Blk Wom Autobiog.00000
CCHE 901Dissertation Consultation00000
CBUS 330Legal,Social,Ethical Aspect I00000
CCIS 223Data Structures00000
CART 275Photography I00000
CCIS 375Intro to Artificial Intel00000
CBUS 372Personnel Management (Online)00000
CCIS 490Practical Training00000
CBIO 231LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
CCIS 574Intro. to Database Systems00000
CBUS 436Data Mining/Visualization00000
CCIS 709Digital Signal Processing00000
CAAS 801Thesis Consultation00000
CCPS 503Human Growth and Development00000
CBUS 462Adv Topics in Supply Chain Mgm00000
CCPS 524School Counseling Practicum00000
CART 379Advanced Computer Imaging00000
CBUS 494Spe. Topic:Entrepre.&Esports00000
CBIO 390Introductory Biochemistry00000
CCHE 111Gen Chem 1 & Recitation00000
CART 101Art Foundation I00000
CCHE 211LAnalytical Chemistry Lab00000
CBIO 556Bioinformatics00000
CCHE 232WEOrganic Chemistry00000
CART 488Internship00000
CCHE 342LPhysical Chemistry Lab00000
CBIO 681Research in Cellular Biology00000
CCHE 445LIntro to Computational Chem La00000
CCHE 421Adv Inorganic Chemistry00000
CBUS 099School of BA Messenger00000
CCHE 512Instrumental Methods00000
CAWS 503Feminist Methodology00000
CCHE 541Thermodynamics00000
CBUS 250Personal Finance (Majors only)00000
CCHE 572Techniques in Polymer Chem00000
CART 217Printmaking I00000
CCHE 740Research in Physical Chemistry00000
CBUS 313Statistics I00000
CCIS 101Intro Comp(Inter. Media/Anima)00000
CAWS 653Capstone II00000
CCIS 106LProgramming Principles II Lab00000
CBUS 336Consumer Behavior00000
CCIS 253Intro. to Comp. Sim/Analysis00000
CAAS 652Capstone I00000
CCIS 371Computer Algorithms00000
CBUS 364Procurement and Supply Mgmt00000
CCIS 431Cybersecurity I00000
CBIO 112General Biology II & Lab00000
CCIS 476Programming Langs. & Compilers00000
CBUS 405Auditing00000
CCIS 513Local Area Networks00000
CART 302Art Direction/Design II00000
CCIS 571Intro. to Algorithms00000
CBUS 431Principles of Advertising00000
CCIS 672Computer Organization00000
CBIO 255Invertebrate Zoology00000
CCIS 687Intelligent Machines/Robotics00000
CBUS 451Mgmt of Financial Institutions00000
CCIS 801Topics in Computer Info Sci00000
CAAS 564African Art00000
CCPS 301Educational Psychology00000
CBUS 460Production/Operations Mgmt00000
CCPS 506Career Counseling00000
CBIO 331Plant Biology & Lab00000
CBUS 474Logistics Management00000
CAAS 501Africa & the African Diaspora00000
CAAS 604Capstone I00000
CART 150Art Appreciation00000
CART 499Spec Top in Vis Art: Img & Txt00000
CBIO 881RSCH in Cellular Biology00000
CCHE 432Meth of Structural Det00000