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CAU Course Reviews

Clark Atlanta University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CCIS 301Advanced Programming00000
CCIS 474Intro. to Database Systems00000
CCHE 211Analytical Chemistry I00000
CCIS 106LProgramming Principles II Lab00000
CCHE 552Advanced Biochemistry II00000
CBUS 451Mgmt of Financial Institutions00000
CCIS 413Introduction to Robotics00000
CBIO 492Biochemistry00000
CCHE 431LAdvanced Organic Chemistry Lab00000
CBIO 633Advances in Molecular Biology00000
CCIS 103Scientific Comp. for Simu,Ana00000
CCHE 740Research in Physical Chemistry00000
CBUS 366Project Management00000
CCIS 227Discrete Structures00000
CBIO 331LPlant Morphology Lab00000
CCIS 372Computer Architecture00000
CBUS 485Business Policy00000
CCIS 434Machine Learning 100000
CART 490Independent Study00000
CCIS 490Practical Training00000
CBIO 504Molecular Genetics00000
CCHE 508Seminar in Chemistry00000
CAWS 591The Black Aesthetic00000
CCHE 720Research in Inorganic Chem00000
CBIO 884Research In Biochemistry00000
CCIS 101Intro Comp(Inter. Media/Anima)00000
CCHE 770Research in Polymer Chemistry00000
CBUS 331Legal,Social,Ethical Aspect II00000
CCIS 105LProg Prin I Lab Cybersecurity00000
CBIO 233LMicrobiology Lab00000
CCIS 223LData Structures Lab00000
CBUS 421Intro. to Prof. Sales00000
CCIS 253Intro. to Comp. Sim/Analysis00000
CART 375Photography II00000
CCIS 329Rich Internet Applications00000
CBUS 465Advanced Accounting00000
CCIS 375Intro to Artificial Intel00000
CBIO 476LHuman Physiology Lab00000
CCIS 431Cybersecurity I00000
CCHE 111HLHonors General Chemistry Lab00000
CCIS 472Intro to Computer Architecture00000
CART 102Art Foundation II00000
CCIS 476Programming Langs. & Compilers00000
CCHE 342Physical Chemistry II00000
CCIS 491Information Systems Research00000
CAWS 491SpTop: Blk Women Mental Health00000
CCHE 480LSpecial Topics in Chem Lab00000
CBIO 512Biochemistry II00000
CCHE 533Physical Organic Chemistry00000
CART 217Printmaking I00000
CCHE 571Intro to Polymer Chemistry00000
CBIO 671Research in Molecular Biology00000
CCHE 730Research in Organic Chemistry00000
CAWS 617Feminist Criticism00000
CCHE 750Research in Biochemistry00000
CBUS 207Principles of Accounting I00000
CCIS 100Info. Technology & Comp. App.00000
CCHE 901Dissertation Consultation00000
CBUS 313Statistics I00000
CCIS 103LScientific Comp. for Simu Lab00000
CBIO 230Anatomy and Physiology & lab00000
CCIS 105Prog Prin I Cybersecurity Majo00000
CBUS 341Business Finance00000
CCIS 106Programming Principles II00000
CART 303Advanced Drawing00000
CCIS 121Introduction to Computer Sys00000
CBUS 395Leadership & Prof Dev II00000
CCIS 223Data Structures00000
CBIO 261LEnvironmental Biology Lab00000
CCIS 229Web Site Design & Development00000
CBUS 434Enterprise Integration Applica00000
CCIS 253LIntro. to Comp. Sim/Analy(Lab)00000
CAAS 804Dissertation Research00000
CCIS 321Software Engineering00000
CBUS 458Retirement Plan And Employ Ben00000
CCIS 371Computer Algorithms00000
CBIO 390Introductory Biochemistry00000
CCIS 374Database Systems00000
CBUS 472Quality,Diversity,Productivity00000
CCIS 400Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems00000
CART 444Seminar in 20th Century Art00000
CCIS 422Intro to Computer Forensics00000
CBUS 495Leadership & Prof Dev III00000
CCIS 432Cybersecurity II00000
CBIO 482Seminar in Biology00000
CCIS 471Intro. to Computer Algorithms00000
CCHE 112Gen Chem II & Recitation00000
CCIS 473Intro to Operating Systems00000
CAAS 601Directed Study00000
CCIS 475Intro to Artificial Intell.00000
CCHE 232WEOrganic Chemistry00000
CCIS 482Intro to Computer Info Systems00000
CBIO 499Special Topics: Evol & Pop&Lab00000
CCHE 400Undergraduate Research00000
CAAS 535African/African Amer Folklore00000
CAAS 652Capstone I00000
CART 277Computer Imaging Basics00000
CBIO 101Biological Science00000
CBUS 295Leadership & Prof Dev I00000
CCIS 100WEInfo. Tech. & Computer Applica00000