Canisius Course Reviews

Canisius College

BIO 314LComparative Anatomy lab00000
BIO 420LPhylogenetics Lab00000
ANZ 504Animals, Pub Policy & the Law00000
BIO 116Disease: Myth and Reality00000
ANZ 602Ind Research: Quantitative00000
ALH 622Sports and Fitness Nutrition00000
BIO 375Community Ecology00000
ACC 210Accounting Procedures00000
ANZ 531Cross-cultural Anthrozoology00000
ACC 426Information Systems Auditing00000
BCH 403LMolecular Biology Laboratory00000
ASL 104American Sign Language II00000
ALH 507Clinical Hlth Behavior Change00000
BIO 300Research Methods (non-credit)00000
ABR 496UStudy Abroad Argentina00000
BIO 340LPhysiology Laboratory00000
ANT 122Sociocultural Anthropology00000
BIO 404LGenetics Lab00000
ABEC 347Avian Conserv and Mgmt00000
BIO 441Neurobiology of NS Disorders00000
ACC 307ACC Systems and Analytics00000
ANZ 541CAnthrozoology Field Course00000
ABEC 491AInternship I Anthrozoology00000
ARBC 323Intermediate Arabic I00000
ACC 496Internship00000
ATH 372Health Issues for Athl Trainer00000
ATH 261Diagnosis of Injury/Illness I00000
ACC 727Advanced Audit00000
BIO 112Introductory Biology II00000
ABR 495ZKStudy Abroad Tokyo00000
BIO 199Transfer Student Seminar00000
ALH 540Program Planning in Healthcare00000
BIO 305Medical & Ecol Microbiology00000
ABEC 341Urban Ecology00000
BIO 322Conservation Biology00000
ALH 689Masters Project00000
BIO 357Evolution00000
ABR 496EStudy Abroad Ateneo de Manila00000
BIO 378LWetlands Laboratory00000
ANT 350Business Anthropology00000
BIO 414Enzymes & Proteins00000
ABEC 319Anthrozoology00000
BIO 430LAdv Cell Biochem and Met L00000
ANZ 517Animal Protection as Soc.Movmn00000
BIO 498Bio with Distinction Thesis00000
ABEC 403Tropical Ecology00000
ANZ 534Animal Geographies00000
ACC 416Advanced Taxation00000
ANZ 601Anthrozoology Internship00000
ABEC 333Conservation Behavior00000
ARBC 104Introductory Arabic II00000
ACC 441Fraud Examination00000
ARTS 302NFP Arts Organizations00000
ABEC 492ZInternship II Zoo Biology00000
ATH 231Practicum in Athletic Training00000
ACC 702Managerial & Cost Accounting00000
ATH 343LTherapeutic Exercise Lab00000
ATH 300General Medical For AT00000
ACC 721Advanced Financial Reporting00000
ATH 498Internship Athletic Training00000
ABR 495JStudy Abroad Dortmund00000
BIF 400Bioinformatics Senior Seminar00000
ALH 501Health Promo & Disease Prevent00000
BIO 114LHum Bio:Intr Hum Anat/Phys Lab00000
ABEC 339Animal Enrichment00000
BIO 150Animal Nutrition00000
ALH 522Fitness Psychology00000
BIO 212Biochemistry & Cell Biology II00000
ABR 495KStudy Abroad Galway00000
BIO 302AScience Scholars Seminar I00000
ALH 602Cardiopulmon Pathophysiology00000
BIO 307Microbiology00000
ABEC 301Research Participation (cr)00000
BIO 317Sex, Evolution, & Behavior00000
ALH 632Data Analysis and Statistics00000
BIO 325Reproductive Biopsychology00000
ABR 496OStudy Abroad IQS Barcelona00000
BIO 345Functional Neuroanatomy00000
ALH 700Continuing Master's Prj/Thesis00000
BIO 366LOrnithology Lab00000
ABEC 345Herpetology00000
BIO 377LFreshwater Biology Lab00000
ANT 290Anthropology & Evolution00000
BIO 401Independent Research00000
ABR 4960Study Abroad Iqs Barcelona00000
BIO 406LPopul & Conserv Genetics Lab00000
ANZ 502Animal Ethics00000
BIO 419Cell Biology00000
ABEC 217Connecting ABEC to the World00000
BIO 425Cellular Neurobiology00000
ANZ 509Animal Assisted Interventions00000
BIO 432Developmental Biology00000
ACC 301Intermediate Accounting I00000
ANZ 524Shelters, Rescues, & Pounds00000
ABEC 101Intro Animal Behavior I00000
ABEC 220LAnimal Learning Lab00000
ABEC 336Children and Animals00000
ABR 495CStudy Abroad Lille, France00000
ACC 712Intermed Financial Report II00000
ATH 332Practicum in Atletic Training00000