Calhoun Course Reviews

Calhoun Community College

ENG 251HAmerican Literature I00000
MLT 121MLT Hematology & Body Fluids00000
CIS 197AMicrosoft Access00000
EMS 118Emergency Medical Technician00000
CRJ 150Introduction to Corrections00000
CHD 202Children's Creative Experiences00000
HIS 121World History I00000
ART 291Supervised Study Studio Art I00000
CIS 263Computer Maintenance00000
ASE 224Manual Transmission/Transaxle00000
ELT 109Ac Fundamentals00000
DAT 104Basic Sciences for Dental Assisting00000
BUS 248Managerial Accounting00000
EMS 253Paramedic Trans. to Workforce00000
ART 134Ceramics II00000
ENR 098Writing & Reading for College00000
CHM 111College Chemistry I00000
ILT 163Digital Fundamentals00000
ADM 208Intermediate 3D Modeling00000
MLT 297Medical Laboratory Practicum Chemistry and Immunology00000
ASE 124Automotive Engines00000
CIS 276Server Administration00000
ARS 151Welding Principles, Theory and Symbols00000
CRJ 227Homicide Investigation00000
BIO 103Principles of Biology I00000
DDT 260Portfolio00000
DDT 111Fundamentals of Drafting and Design Technology00000
BUS 215Business Communications00000
ELT 231Introduction to Programmable Controllers00000
ART 100Art Appreciation00000
EMS 242Paramedic Patient Assessment00000
BUS 275Principles of Management00000
ENG 101HEnglish Comp 1 Honors00000
ADM 112Orientation to Additive Mfg.00000
ENG 262English Literature II00000
CHD 209Infant and Toddler Education Programs00000
HEC 140Prinicples of Nutrition00000
ART 233Painting I00000
HIS 202United States History II00000
CIS 146Microcomputer Applications00000
MIC 251Advanced Audio Engineering00000
ACR 200Review for Contractors Exam00000
MLT 181MLT Immunology00000
CIS 214Security Analysis (CompTIA PenTest+)00000
MTH 100Intermediate College Algebra00000
ADM 261Reverse Engineering00000
CIS 271Cisco CCNA II00000
ASE 162Electrical & Electronic Syst.00000
CRJ 100Introduction to Criminal Justice00000
ACT 249Payroll Accounting00000
CRJ 171Security Risk Management00000
ASE 244Engine Performance/Diagnostics00000
DAT 101Pre-Clinical Procedures00000
ARS 178Aerospace Mechanical Assembly00000
DAT 113Dental Health Education00000
BIO 201Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
DDT 235Specialized Cad00000
DDT 132Architectural Drafting00000
BIO 256Biotechnology Internship00000
ECO 232Principles of Microeconomics00000
ARS 280Surface Preparation & Coating00000
ELT 117Ac/DC Machines00000
BUS 245Accounting with Quickbooks00000
EMS 103First Aid00000
ADM 107CAD Concepts00000
EMS 156Adv Emergency Med Tech Clin00000
BUS 271Business Statistics I00000
EMS 246Paramedic Trauma Management00000
ART 121Two-Dimensional Composition I00000
EMS 273Ekg Interpretation00000
CAT 2833D Graphics and Animation00000
ENG 130Technical Writing00000
ACR 151Duct Design and Fabrication00000
ENG 261HEnglish Literature I00000
CHD 205Program Planning For Educating Young Children00000
ENG 272World Literature II00000
ART 221Computer Graphics I00000
GEO 101Prin Physical Geography I00000
CHD 215Supervised Practical Experiences in Child Development00000
HED 226Wellness00000
ADM 161Specialized Software Techniques00000
HIS 122World History II00000
CHM 222Organic Chemistry II00000
ILT 104Industrial Instrumentation00000
ART 254Graphic Design II00000
MIC 153Audio Engineering Fundamentals00000
CIS 171Linux I00000
MIC 255MIDI Production and Synthesis00000
ACR 122HVACR Electrical Circuits00000
MLT 141MLT Microbiology I00000
CIS 201Introduction to Computer Programming Concepts00000
MLT 294Medical Laboratory Practicum Hematology and Urinalysis00000
ASE 112Electrical Fundamentals00000
CIS 251C++ Programming00000
ACR 119Fundamentals of Gas Heating Sy00000
ACR 141Environmental Systems00000
ADM 104Introduction to Thermal/Electrical Principles00000
ARS 276Instrumentation Attachments and Adhesive Bonding Procedures00000
BIO 220General Microbiology00000
DDT 222Advanced Architectural Drafting00000