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Cal U Course Reviews

California University of Pennsylvania

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DMT 220Digital Photography00000
EDE 752Mathematics as Problem Solving00000
CHD 450Assessment and Data Literacy for Teaching00000
CSC 216Logic and Switching Theory of the Computer00000
CIS 332Web Programming II00000
CDC 490Theorizing Human Communication00000
EAS 438Computer Applications in Earth Sciences00000
ATE 770Athletic Training Practicum00000
CHE 484Polymer Chemistry00000
BIO 326General Microbiology00000
COM 381Communication Research00000
CMD 321Common Organic Disorders00000
CDC 150Imagine, Design, Create00000
DES 328Branding Design I00000
AST 740Terrorism, Threats & Vulnerability00000
EAS 210Introduction to Soils00000
CED 788Cnt Tps Telehealth/Technology00000
ECO 302Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
ARB 630Arabic Literature & Cultural Aspects00000
EET 210Linear Electronics I00000
BIO 226Basic Microbiology00000
CIS 207Data Preparation and Cleaning00000
ART 120Design 3-D00000
CMD 108Nature of Language00000
BIO 425Neurobiology00000
COM 241Audio Production II00000
CMD 707Phonology and Articulation00000
BUS 492Business Internship00000
CRS 750Dialogue, Negotiation, and Persuasion in Conflict Resolution...00000
ART 383Painting Studio00000
CSC 455Structures of Programming Languages00000
CDC 311Intercultural Communication00000
DHS 851Learning Concepts for the Adult Learner00000
ANT 498Seminar in Archaeology00000
DMT 431Advanced Web Publishing00000
CED 721Diagnosis and Counseling Children and Adolescents00000
EAS 343Geomorphology00000
ATE 315General Medical Assessment00000
EAS 512DataStreme Ocean Studies00000
CET 495Computer Engineering Technology Internship00000
ECO 716Applied Economic Analysis00000
ANT 100Introduction to Anthropology00000
EDU 022Pre Teacher Ed-Not Admitted00000
CHE 372Intermediate Chemistry Laboratory II00000
EET 400Senior Project Proposal00000
ART 109Landmarks of World Art00000
CHE 497Special Topics00000
BIO 266Cell and Tissue Culture00000
CIS 302Visual Programming00000
ANT 290Introduction to Archaeology00000
CIS 354Systems Project Management00000
BIO 337Ornithology00000
CMD 220Communication Across the Lifespan00000
ART 214Art History II00000
CMD 402Clinical Practicum: Learning & Language Center00000
BIO 446Freshwater Invertebrate Zoology00000
COM 101Oral Communication00000
CMD 714Applied Audiologic Diagnostic and Rehavilitative Procedures00000
BUS 342Business, Government, and Society00000
COM 332Radio and Television Writing: News00000
ART 351Printmaking: Intaglio00000
CRM 880Criminology Thesis00000
BUS 745Business Ethics00000
CRS 810Conflict Resolution Graduate Internship00000
ANT 400Fundamentals of Archaeological Theory00000
CSC 323Assembly Language Programming00000
CDC 230Strategic Professional Communication00000
DAN 133Jazz Technique I00000
ART 427Graphic Design Studio 300000
DHS 825Research Methods in Exercise Science I00000
CDC 356Media Writing II00000
DHS 915Evidence-Based Doctoral Portfolio I00000
ADP 641School Community Relations00000
DMT 320Digital Video00000
CED 708Substance Abuse and Addiction00000
EAL 707Capstone 2: Methods/Data Collection00000
ATE 206Athletic Training Clinical Education II00000
EAS 301Professional Development for Geologists00000
CED 762Assessment And Evaluation Of Substance Use Disorders And Adv...00000
EAS 423Sedimentology and Stratigraphy00000
ARB 341Contemporary Arabic Culture00000
EAS 449Mesoscale Meteorology00000
CET 350Technical Computing Using Java00000
ECE 707Leadership and Management in Early Childhood Settings00000
ATE 401Upper Extremity Orthopedic Evaluation in Sports Medicine00000
ECO 402Games and Behavior00000
CHD 350Family and Community Collaboration Partnerships00000
EDE 713Language Acquisition And Development (Online)00000
ACC 450Introduction to Accounting Fraud Investigation00000
EDE 770Nature of STEM Inquiry Learning in Elementary/Middle Schools00000
CHE 320Analytical/Instrumental Chemistry00000
EDU 350Supporting English Language Learners00000
BIO 117Introduction to Human Biology00000
CHE 461Physical Chemistry I00000
ACC 321Managerial Accounting00000
ACC 720Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ANT 345Cultural Politics Of Food And Eating00000
ART 315Digital Painting I00000
BIO 486Comparative Animal Physiology00000
CMD 718Advanced Audiology for the SLP00000