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BYUH Course Reviews

Brigham Young University - Hawaii

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 100The World Of Chemistry00000
CHIN 441Classical Chinese Literature00000
BIOL 340Biostatistics00000
BUSM 371Supply Chain Management00000
BIOL 460Advanced Human Anatomy00000
BIOL 100Introduction To Biology00000
CHEM 351LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
ART 270Typography00000
BIOL 376LGenetics Laboratory00000
ART 336Art Methods For Teachers00000
BUSM 327Human Resource Management00000
BIOL 496LRStudent Research00000
ART 480RThesis And Artist Exhibit Production00000
BUSM 422Marketing Research00000
ART 220Experience In Visual Arts00000
CHEM 201Chemical & Laboratory Safety00000
BIOL 206LGeneral Zoology Lab00000
CHEM 495RIndependent Study00000
ANTH 445Anthropology Of Religion00000
CIS 205Discrete Mathematics I00000
ART 296Global Art History II00000
BIOL 441Molecular Biology00000
ART 112Drawing Concepts00000
BIOL 492Scientific Writing00000
ART 390RSpecial Studies00000
BUSM 320Business Communication00000
BUSM 230Business Spreadsheets And Modeling00000
ART 445Packaging Design00000
BUSM 347Managing Diversity00000
ART 210Digital Tools00000
BUSM 391Project Management00000
ASL 101Elementary American Sign Language Conversation I00000
BUSM 457Talent Management And Training00000
ANTH 105Intro Cultural Anth00000
CHEM 105General Chemistry I00000
BIOL 112LBiology I-Cell & Molecular Biology Lab00000
CHEM 326LAnalytical Biochemistry Lab00000
ART 225Painting Concepts00000
CHEM 381LBiochemistry & Physical Science00000
BIOL 261Elementary Human Physiology00000
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese Conversation & Grammar00000
ACCT 356Accounting Information Systems00000
CIS 200Fundamentals Of Informations Systems & Technology00000
BIOL 350LGeneral Ecology Lab00000
CIS 305Systems Engineering I00000
ANTH 450Political And Economic Anthropology00000
BIOL 390RSpecial Topics In Biology00000
ART 306Contemporary Art History00000
BIOL 441LMolecular Biology Laboratory00000
ACCT 386Advanced Financial Computing00000
BIOL 491Introduction To Scientific Research00000
ART 380Publication Design00000
BIOL 495RIndependent Study00000
ART 122Design Principles00000
BUSM 180Introduction To Commerce And Enterprise00000
ART 425Advanced Painting00000
BUSM 310Leadership And Management00000
BUSM 301Business Finance00000
ART 442Read Aesthetics00000
BUSM 325Career Management00000
ART 196Global Art History I00000
BUSM 342Business Law And Ethics00000
ART 470Artist Portfolio Production00000
BUSM 361Operations Management00000
ACCT 440International Accounting & Accounting Research00000
BUSM 390RSpecial Studies00000
ART 495RIndependent Study00000
BUSM 401RLeadership Practicum00000
ART 212Digital Photography00000
BUSM 431International Marketing Strategy00000
ASL 202Intermediate American Sign Language Conversation II00000
BUSM 499Strategic Management00000
ACCT 312Managerial Accounting00000
CHEM 101Intro General Chemistry00000
BIOL 112Biology I-Cell & Molecular Biology00000
CHEM 105LGen Chem I Lab & Recitation00000
ART 221RFigure Drawing00000
CHEM 326Analytical Biochemistry00000
BIOL 113Biology II-Evolution, Ecology, And Organismal Biology00000
CHEM 351Organic Chemistry I00000
ANTH 210Contemporary Pacific Studies00000
CHEM 381Biochemistry I00000
BIOL 206General Zoology00000
CHEM 491Undergraduate Research00000
ART 265Beginning Sculpture00000
CHEM 496RStudent Research00000
BIOL 261LElementary Human Physiol Lab00000
CHIN 202Intermediate Chinese II00000
ACCT 203Intro To Managerial Acct.00000
CIS 101Beginning Programming00000
BIOL 350General Ecology00000
CIS 202Object-Oriented Programming00000
ART 280Branding00000
BIOL 376Genetics00000
ACCT 201Intro To Financial Acct.00000
ACCT 301Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT 400Intermediate Accounting III00000
ART 156Three Dimensional Concepts00000
ART 433Web For Designers00000
BUSM 304Principles Of Marketing Management00000