BYUH Course Reviews

Brigham Young University - Hawaii

EXS 150Touch Rugby00000
HIST 120American History To 186500000
EDU 200Human Growth And Learning In Schools00000
ENGL 490Senior Seminar00000
EIL 315Focus On Academic English00000
CIS 470Ethics In Computer Science00000
EXS 341Biomechanics00000
BUSM 320Business Communication00000
EIL 213Intermediate Listening/Speaking I00000
BUSM 401RLeadership Practicum00000
ENGL 315HExposition & Report Writing00000
EIL 373Academic Writing Patterns00000
CHEM 496RStudent Research00000
ENTR 499Cash And Valuation00000
BIOL 441Molecular Biology00000
EXS 185Folk Dance Of The Pacific00000
CRMJ 301Basic Criminal Justice00000
EXS 406Sports Officiating00000
ART 380Publication Design00000
HLTH 115Essentials Of Nutrition00000
BUSM 361Operations Management00000
EIL 223Intermediate Listening/Speaking II00000
ART 470Artist Portfolio Production00000
EIL 342Advanced Integrated Skills00000
BUSM 499Strategic Management00000
ENGL 101College Writing, Reading, And Research00000
ELED 347Math Methods For The Elementary Teacher, Part 100000
CHEM 381Biochemistry I00000
ENGL 361American Lit To Mid-19 Century00000
BIOL 340Biostatistics00000
ENTR 375REntrepreneurship Lecture Series00000
CIS 200Fundamentals Of Informations Systems & Technology00000
EXS 134Intermediate Tennis00000
ART 270Typography00000
EXS 164Life Saving00000
COMM 360Communication Theory And Method00000
EXS 270Sports Nutrition00000
BUSM 180Introduction To Commerce And Enterprise00000
EXS 365Exercise Testing & Prescription00000
CS 496RStudent Research In Computer Science00000
HAWN 101Ke Kumu O Ka'Olelo - Kau Mua00000
ART 112Drawing Concepts00000
HIST 252History Of Western Oceania00000
EDU 385Edu Assessment In Classroom00000
HON 101Honors Colloquium00000
ART 433Web For Designers00000
EIL 217Intermediate I Writing00000
BUSM 390RSpecial Studies00000
EIL 227Intermediate II Writing00000
ART 196Global Art History I00000
EIL 320Academic English II00000
BUSM 431International Marketing Strategy00000
EIL 351Academic Listening00000
ASL 101Elementary American Sign Language Conversation I00000
ELED 320Language Arts Methods00000
CHEM 101Intro General Chemistry00000
ELED 491Observation & Practicum00000
ELED 378Music Methods For Elementary Teachers00000
CHEM 326LAnalytical Biochemistry Lab00000
ENGL 218RIntro To Creative Writing00000
BIOL 206General Zoology00000
ENGL 330Writing For The Professions00000
CHEM 491Undergraduate Research00000
ENGL 375Engl Lit 1832-1890: Victorian00000
ART 225Painting Concepts00000
ENTR 275Entrepreneurship Leadership Training00000
CHIN 441Classical Chinese Literature00000
ENTR 385Applied Entrepreneurship Skills00000
BIOL 376Genetics00000
EXS 131Beginning Table Tennis00000
CIS 205Discrete Mathematics I00000
EXS 141Intermediate Basketball00000
ANTH 210Contemporary Pacific Studies00000
EXS 160Beginning Swimming00000
COMM 201Introduction To Strategic Communication00000
EXS 178RWeight Training Development00000
BIOL 491Introduction To Scientific Research00000
EXS 260LElementary Human Anatomy Lab00000
COMM 490Senior Seminar00000
EXS 289RAdvanced Dance00000
ART 306Contemporary Art History00000
EXS 344Physiology Of Exercise00000
CS 415Operating Systems Design00000
EXS 370Event Management In Sport And Fitness00000
BUSM 301Business Finance00000
EXS 414International Sport Management00000
ECON 201Principles Of Macroeconomics00000
HAWN 402Ho'Opa'A Kauhuhu - Kau Hope00000
ACCT 312Managerial Accounting00000
HIST 192Hawaiian Public And Local History00000
EDU 312Effective Pedagogy00000
HIST 344Modern China00000
BUSM 327Human Resource Management00000
EDU 492Student Teaching00000
ACCT 201Intro To Financial Acct.00000
ACCT 400Intermediate Accounting III00000
ART 212Digital Photography00000
BIOL 112LBiology I-Cell & Molecular Biology Lab00000
CHEM 201Chemical & Laboratory Safety00000
ELED 421Reading Methods00000