Butler Course Reviews

Butler University

AM 680Advanced Composition00000
ART 307Drawing 300000
AM 316Trumpet Secondary00000
AM 601Bassoon Major00000
AM 368Viola Principal00000
AM 220Violoncello Major00000
AN 368Coming of Age in the Middle East00000
AM 121Voice Secondary00000
AM 354Flute Principal00000
AM 154Flute Principal00000
AM 493Applied Jazz Studies00000
AM 404Flute Major00000
AM 207Piccolo Major00000
AM 614String Bass Major00000
AM 104Flute Secondary00000
AN 320Gender and Sexuality in Globalization00000
AM 308Horn Secondary00000
ART 105Art History Survey 100000
AC 325Accounting Information Systems00000
ART 322Painting 100000
AM 126Guitar Class 200000
AM 362Piano Principal00000
AI 201Team and Leadership Fundamentals00000
AM 393Secondary Applied Jazz Studies00000
AM 162Piano Principal00000
AM 426Piano Studio Class00000
AM 409Oboe Major00000
AM 201Bassoon Major00000
AM 505Guitar Secondary00000
AM 24Keyboard Skills 400000
AM 607Piccolo Major00000
AM 214String Bass Major00000
AM 620Violoncello Major00000
AC 203Introduction to Accounting00000
AM 799Final Comprehensive Exam00000
AM 301Bassoon Secondary00000
AN 340Non-Western Art00000
AM 113Saxophone Secondary00000
AN 485Internship00000
AM 312Piano Secondary00000
ART 208Graphic Design II00000
AA 401Arts Administration Seminar00000
ART 315Postmodernism in the Arts00000
AM 320Violoncello Secondary00000
ART 332Painting 200000
AC 495Special Topics in Accounting00000
AM 357Piccolo Principal00000
AM 130World Drumming Class00000
AM 365Trombone Principal00000
AA 415Fundraising for the Arts00000
AM 371Voice Principal00000
AM 157Piccolo Principal00000
AM 401Bassoon Major00000
AI 401National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty00000
AM 406Harp Major00000
AM 165Trombone Principal00000
AM 419Violin Major00000
AM 413Saxophone Major00000
AM 171Voice Principal00000
AM 480Composition00000
AM 21Keyboard Skills 100000
AM 498Instrumental Studio Class00000
AM 204Flute Major00000
AM 508Horn Secondary00000
AA 483Independent Study00000
AM 604Flute Major00000
AM 209Oboe Major00000
AM 611Percussion Major00000
AM 101Bassoon Secondary00000
AM 617Tuba Major00000
AM 217Tuba Major00000
AM 625Piano Pedagogy Major00000
AA 383Special Seminar in Arts Administration00000
AM 693Applied Jazz Studies00000
AM 298Instrumental Studio Class00000
AN 304Medical Anthropology00000
AM 106Harp Secondary00000
AN 328Popular Culture00000
AM 304Flute Secondary00000
AN 347Museum Studies00000
AC 302Intermediate Accounting II00000
AN 482Independent Study00000
AM 310Organ Secondary00000
AR 211-MACodes and Secret Messages00000
AM 118Viola Secondary00000
ART 122Painting I00000
AM 314String Bass Secondary00000
ART 303Photography 100000
AA 371SExperiential Learning00000
ART 312Design: History and Theory00000
AM 318Viola Secondary00000
ART 318Graphic Design 200000
AM 124Harpsichord Secondary00000
AM 324Harpsichord Secondary00000
AA 315Arts in Society00000
AA 373Experiential Learning00000
AA 450Arts Administration Senior Seminar00000
AM 12Keyboard Skills 200000
AM 168Viola Principal00000
AM 416Trumpet Major00000