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Bucknell Course Reviews

Bucknell University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 678Evolutionary Medicine00000
CEEG 491Civil Engineering Design00000
ARTH 217Performance Art, Then and Now00000
BIOL 621Behavioral Ecology00000
BIOL 205RRec Intro to Molecules/Cells00000
ARBC 217Advanced Arabic I00000
BMEG 671Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering00000
ANBE 670Primate Behavior and Ecology00000
ARTH 402Culminating Experience00000
ANOP 350Simulation and Forecasting for Business Analytics00000
BIOL 375Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology00000
BIOL 312Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy00000
ANTH 330Advanced Seminar in Anthropology00000
BIOL 647Virology00000
ANBE 355Social Insects00000
BMEG 402Biomedical Engineering Capstone II00000
ARST 250Sculpture II00000
CEEG 422River Mechanics00000
AFST 222Caribbean Literature00000
CEEG 650LGeotechnical Engineering II00000
ANOP 202Operations Management00000
BIOL 122Biology for Non-majors00000
AFST 263Conservation in Africa00000
BIOL 222LLab Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ANTH 220Anthropology of Social Media00000
BIOL 354Tropical Ecology00000
BIOL 325Evolutionary Genomics00000
ANTH 293Ancestors and Androids: African Religions in a Global Era00000
BIOL 609Wildlife and Emerging Diseases00000
ANBE 3NTAnimal Behavior Non-traditional Study00000
BIOL 628Endocrinology00000
ARBC 103Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIOL 658Invertebrate Zoology00000
ACFM 391The Mass Investing Society00000
BMEG 250LLab Fundaments of Biomechanics00000
ARST 131Drawing I00000
BMEG 465Biomedical Modeling00000
ANBE 620Advanced Topics in ANBE00000
CEEG 340LLab-Environmental Engineering00000
ARTH 101World Art I: Caves to Cathedrals00000
CEEG 445Environmental Engineering Chemistry00000
ACFM 340Business Analytics and Financial Modeling00000
CEEG 621Hydrology00000
ARTH 273High Drama: Art of Vermeer and Rembrandt00000
CEEG 672LLab-Construction Engineering00000
AFST 240Inventions of Black Culture00000
ASTR 337Independent Study in Astronomy/Astrophysics00000
ANOP 302Financial Decision Modeling00000
BIOL 202Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience00000
ACFM 357Auditing and Assurance00000
BIOL 208LLab-Principles: Ecol/Evolution00000
ANTH 109Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 304Biology of Cancer00000
AFST 271Politics of Anti-Blackness00000
BIOL 319RSeminar Recitation00000
ANTH 241Anthropology of Disaster00000
BIOL 351Field Botany00000
BIOL 328PProblem Session-Endocrinology00000
ANTH 267Anthropology of Tourism00000
BIOL 365Introduction to Microscopy00000
AFST 302Contemporary Africa & Colonial Pasts: Investments and Re-Eme...00000
BIOL 602Microbiology00000
ANTH 320Honors Course in Anthropology00000
BIOL 618Principles of Physiology00000
ACFM 369Real Estate Finance & Development00000
BIOL 627Molecular Biology00000
ARBC 101AIntensive Beginning Arabic00000
BIOL 639Developmental Biology00000
ANBE 320Advanced Topics in Animal Behavior00000
BIOL 652LLab for Cell Biology00000
ARBC 104RRecitation-Intermed Arabic II00000
BIOL 670Primate Behavior and Ecology00000
ACFM 323Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BMEG 220LLab-Intro Engr Computing00000
ARBC 380Independent Study in Arabic00000
BMEG 350LLab-Fundamental of Signals/Sys00000
ANBE 380SciComm: Communicating Science to Non-Scientists00000
BMEG 441Neural Engineering00000
ARST 234Photographic Storytelling00000
BMEG 472RRecitation for Advanced Topics00000
AFST 213Race in Historical and Comparative Perspectives00000
CEEG 300Introduction to Structural Engineering00000
ARST 347Photography III00000
CEEG 401Structural Analysis00000
ANBE 654Tropical Ecology00000
CEEG 441Environmental Engineering Biotechnology00000
ARTH 205Warhol to Selfies: Portraits00000
CEEG 472Construction Engineering00000
ACFM 204Foundations of Accounting II00000
CEEG 495Advanced Topics in Engineering Mathematics00000
ARTH 242Archaeology of Greece00000
CEEG 643Sustainable Design00000
ANBE 686Graduate Research00000
ARTH 323Contemporary Art00000
ACFM 104Foundations of Accounting I00000
ACFM 311Teaching Assistant in Accounting & Financial Management00000
ACFM 363Negotiations00000
AFST 289Caribbean Society Music and Ritual00000
ANTH 248Latin America: Challenges for the 21st Century00000
BIOL 341Evolution00000