BU Course Reviews

Boston University

CFATH 167Drawing & Painting Lab 133331
CDSDS 110Introduction to Data Science with Python21241
CASPY 211General Physics I32351
CASAN 597N/A00000
CASAN 521Sociolinguistics00000
CASAK 224Internatnl Crse00000
CASAH 379American Art and Culture in the Nineteenth Century00000
CASAR 305N/A00000
CASAM 200Introduction to American Studies00000
CASAR 505Digital Archaeology00000
CASAM 546Places of Memory: Historic Preservation Theory and Practice00000
CASAN 401Senior Independent Work00000
CASAH 563Global Baroque: Art and Power in the Seventeenth Century00000
CASAN 552Primate Evolution and Anatomy00000
CASAH 317From Morocco to Timbuktu: Art and Architecture at the Sahara...00000
CASAR 230N/A00000
CASAK 358N/A00000
CASAR 401Sr Indep Work00000
CASAA 519Inequality and American Politics00000
CASAS 105Alien Worlds00000
CASAH 387Boston Architecture and Urbanism00000
CASAH 111Pyramids to Cathedrals: An Introduction to Ancient and Medie...00000
CASAN 220Urban Anthropology00000
CASAH 392Twentieth Century Art from 1940 to 198000000
CASAN 263The Behavioral Biology of Women00000
CASAN 308Food in Place(s): Identity, Location, and the Cultures of Ta...00000
CASAN 372Psychological Anthropology00000
CASAH 534N/A00000
CASAN 491Directed Study in Anthropology00000
CASAH 242Latin American Art Since Contact00000
CASAN 533Exploring Ethnographic Genres: The Poetics and Politics of W...00000
CASAH 596N/A00000
CASAN 568Symbol Myth Rit00000
CASAA 490Blacks and Asians: Encounters Through Time and Space00000
CASAR 201Americas Before Columbus00000
CASAK 237Internatnl Crse00000
CASAR 273N/A00000
CASAH 365Baroque Arts in Northern Europe00000
CASAR 347Egypt and Northeast Africa: Early States in Egypt, Nubia, an...00000
CASAK 370N/A00000
CASAR 450Methods and Theory of Archaeology00000
CASAA 383N/A00000
CASAR 593Memory in 3-D: Memorials, Then and Now00000
CASAM 336Bob Dylan: Music and Words00000
CASAS 109Cosmology00000
CASAA 580The History of Racial Thought00000
CASAN 102Human Biology, Behavior, and Evolution00000
CASAH 389N/A00000
CASAN 243Shamans and Shamanism00000
CASAA 390Special Topics in Cinema and Media Studies00000
CASAN 302Ant New Medtech00000
CASAH 402Sr Indep Work00000
CASAH 205World Architect00000
CASAN 312Peoples and Cultures of Africa (area)00000
CASAH 492Directed Study00000
CASAN 320Women in the Muslim World00000
CASAN 326Oral Traditions as Verbal Art00000
CASAN 365N/A00000
CASAH 527Topics in Art and Society00000
CASAN 384Anthropology of Religion00000
CASAH 233N/A00000
CASAN 461Ethnography and Anthropological Theory 100000
CASAH 548N/A00000
CASAN 505Women and Social Change in Asia (area)00000
CASAA 459Reparations00000
CASAN 530Global Intimacies: Sex, Gender, and Contemporary Sexualities00000
CASAH 582Historic Houses00000
CASAN 549Savagery00000
CASAH 284Arts in America00000
CASAN 556The Evolution of the Human Diet00000
CASAK 221Internatnl Crse00000
CASAN 588Project Design and Statistics in Biological Anthropology00000
CASAA 350Resistance, Revolution, and Slavery in African American Lite...00000
CASAR 101Introduction to Archaeology00000
CASAK 232Internatnl Crse00000
CASAR 206Ancient Technology00000
CASAH 353Ren Architectur00000
CASAR 250N/A00000
CASAK 353N/A00000
CASAR 283North American Archaeology00000
CASAA 502N/A00000
CASAR 330Grk Archaeology00000
CASAK 363N/A00000
CASAR 390Archae Se Asia00000
CASAH 369N/A00000
CASAR 410Archaeological Research Design and Materials Analysis00000
CASAK 503Internatnl Crse00000
CASAR 492Directed Study in Archaeology00000
CASAA 225N/A00000
CASAR 577Pots and Pans: The Material Culture of Cookery & Dining00000
CASAM 250American Arts and Society00000
CASAS 101The Solar System00000
CASAH 383Paris Architecture and Urbanism00000
CASAH 502Practicum in Museum Studies00000
CASAN 337Creation and Evolution00000
CASAN 347Afghanistan (area)00000
CASAM 385N/A00000
CASAA 132Write Back Soon: Blackness and the Prison00000
CASAA 305Toni Morrison's American Times00000
CASAA 404Seminar: The Family00000