BSU Course Reviews

Ball State University

HIST 150The West in the World53541
CS 120Computer Science 1: Programming Fundamentals21221
CS 200Computers and Society35331
CS 121Computer Science 2: Data Structures and Objects43451
MMP 100Survey of the Music Industry23121
FIN 101Personal Finance for Fiscal Wellness32341
AHSC 326Respiratory Care Techniques 100000
AED 604Teaching Studio Art00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ANTH 369Paid Internship in Anthropology00000
ACR 426Metals: New Technologies00000
AFA 316Painting: Special Topics00000
ANTH 462Special Topics in Biological Anthropology00000
AHS 698Art History Seminar00000
ADS 441Design: Research and Professional Practices00000
AHSC 440Advanced Cardiac Life Support00000
ACR 332Glass: Blowing00000
ANTH 311Ethnicity and Race00000
AFA 294Sculpture for Non-Majors00000
ANTH 429Laboratory Methods in Material Culture00000
ACE 632Philosophy and Ethics00000
ANTH 516Human Osteology00000
ACR 436Glass: Advanced Problems00000
AFA 361Printmaking: Relief 100000
AFA 406Drawing: Independent Directions00000
ACR 221Metals: Introduction00000
ACR 511Advanced Ceramics00000
AFA 444Printmaking: Intaglio 400000
AHS 450Art Museum Theory and Practice00000
ADS 300Experimental Design00000
AHSC 232Clinic 2 Radiography00000
ACR 322Metals: Metalsmithing and Die Forming00000
AHSC 385Respiratory Care Practicum 100000
AED 201Art Education: Introduction00000
AHSC 480Patient Education Techniques for Respiratory Therapists00000
ACC 697Independent Study in Accounting00000
ANTH 231Cannibals, Warriors, and Princesses: Native Americans in Pop...00000
AFA 221Sculpture: Introduction00000
ANTH 334Midwestern Archaeology00000
ACR 416Ceramics: Throwing 300000
ANTH 409Digital Anthropology00000
AFA 304Drawing: Experimental Figure00000
ANTH 451Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion00000
ACC 440Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ANTH 501History of Method and Theory in Anthropology00000
AFA 325Sculpture: Casting and Mold Making00000
ANTH 529Laboratory Methods in Material Culture00000
ACE 688Current Issues in Coaching Research00000
AFA 371Printmaking: Serigraphy 100000
ACR 438Glass: Senior Project00000
AFA 417Painting: Independent Directions00000
ACC 497Independent Study in Accounting00000
AFA 487Drawing: Senior Project00000
ACR 521Advanced Metals00000
AFA 493Printmaking: Senior Project00000
AHS 220Art in the United States00000
ACR 233Glass: Introduction to Kiln Sculpting00000
ACR 611Ceramics Studio00000
AHS 251Italian Renaissance Art00000
AHS 310History of Visual Communication00000
ADS 241Design: Introduction to Typography and Tools00000
AHS 480Art History Senior Thesis00000
ACR 314Ceramics: Throwing 200000
AHSC 227Computed Tomography00000
ADS 341Design: Advanced Practices 100000
AHSC 311Cardiorespiratory Physiology00000
ACC 675Seminar in Financial Accounting00000
AHSC 355Life Support00000
ADS 471Design: Practicum00000
AHSC 430Management and Leadership for Respiratory Care00000
ACR 325Metals: Fabrication Techniques00000
AHSC 451Cardiorespiratory Monitoring and Special Techniques00000
AED 305Art Education: Elementary Teaching Practicum00000
ANAT 425Human Embryology and Histology00000
ACC 410Advanced Topics in Taxation00000
ANTH 105Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
AFA 202Drawing: The Figure00000
ANTH 307Applied Anthropology00000
ACR 334Glass: Cold Working00000
ANTH 315Human Paleontology00000
AFA 291Drawing for Non-Majors00000
ANTH 361Arch of Belief and Meaning00000
ACE 612Growth and Development for Coaches00000
ANTH 405Human Biological Variation00000
AFA 302Drawing: Narrative and Metaphor00000
ANTH 417Forensic Anthropology00000
ACR 418Ceramics: Senior Project00000
ANTH 434Midwestern Archaeology00000
AFA 313Painting: Concepts and Contexts00000
ANTH 457Applied Archaeology00000
ACC 301Intermediate Accounting 100000
ANTH 479Unpaid Internship00000
AFA 322Sculpture: Additive and Subtractive Processes00000
ANTH 507Applied Anthropology00000
ACR 428Metals: Senior Project00000
AHS 264Film Analysis00000
ACR 631Glass Studio00000
AHS 285Arts of Africa00000
AHS 292Arts of Japan00000
AFA 342Printmaking: Intaglio 200000