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BSU Course Reviews

Ball State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MMP 100Survey of the Music Industry23121
CS 121Computer Science 2: Data Structures and Objects43451
FIN 101Personal Finance for Fiscal Wellness32341
CS 120Computer Science 1: Programming Fundamentals21221
HIST 150The West in the World53541
CS 200Computers and Society35331
ARCH 273Environmental Systems 100000
AHS 303Northern Renaissance Art00000
ARCH 510Field Study In Social And Environmental Justice00000
ARCH 641Citizenship, World Views, and the Public Sphere00000
AFA 293Printmaking for Non-Majors00000
AHSC 461Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Geriatrics00000
ART 315Animation: Character Design00000
AQUA 355Internship in Aquatics00000
AHS 225African American Art00000
ARCH 428History of Architecture in the Built Environment00000
ADS 471Design: Practicum00000
ARCH 594dFab00000
AHSC 311Cardiorespiratory Physiology00000
ART 231Photography: Black and White Darkroom00000
ACR 334Glass: Cold Working00000
ART 416Animation: Apprentice00000
AFA 316Painting: Special Topics00000
ANTH 312Ecological Dimensions of Culture00000
ANTH 369Paid Internship in Anthropology00000
ACR 428Metals: Senior Project00000
AFA 351Printmaking: Lithography 100000
ANTH 429Laboratory Methods in Material Culture00000
AQUA 214Beginning Swimming00000
AFAM 100Introduction to African-American Studies00000
AR 202Intermediate Arabic 200000
ADS 299XType and Motion00000
ARCH 402Architectural Design00000
AHS 264Film Analysis00000
ARCH 473Current Issues in Preservation00000
ACR 312Ceramics: Throwing 100000
ARCH 545Historic Preservation Design And Graphic Documentation00000
AHS 554Art History Seminar00000
ARCH 624Applied Architectural Building Technology00000
AFA 202Drawing: The Figure00000
ARCH 674Historic Preservation Proposal00000
AHSC 385Respiratory Care Practicum 100000
ART 301Digital Fabrication00000
ACC 697Independent Study in Accounting00000
ART 333Photography: Fine Art Digital Imaging 200000
ANTH 105Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ART 434Photography: Advanced Directions00000
ACR 418Ceramics: Senior Project00000
ANTH 334Midwestern Archaeology00000
AFA 323Sculpture: Introduction to Casting00000
ANTH 409Digital Anthropology00000
ACE 618Skills and Tactics for Coaches00000
ANTH 462Special Topics in Biological Anthropology00000
AFA 371Printmaking: Serigraphy 100000
ANTH 490Ind Study Anth/Parent Strat00000
ANTH 507Applied Anthropology00000
ACR 498Seminar in Crafts00000
AFA 415Independent Study in Fine Arts00000
ANTH 517Forensic Anthropology00000
APHY 316Medical Physics 200000
AFA 511Advanced Painting00000
AQUA 301Instructor of CPR and First Aid00000
ADS 1023D Foundations Studio00000
AQUA 479Aquatics Internship00000
AHS 101Introduction to Art History: Global Traditions00000
ARCH 218Structural Systems 100000
ACR 231Glass: Introduction00000
ARCH 320Introduction to Professional Practice00000
AHS 261Modern Art00000
ARCH 410Critical Practice00000
ADS 342Design: Advanced Practices 200000
ARCH 442Preservation Research Methods00000
AHS 291Arts of China00000
ARCH 502Environmental Design and Site Context Studio00000
ACC 640Introduction to Accounting Research00000
ARCH 528History of Architecture in the Built Environment00000
AHS 450Art Museum Theory and Practice00000
ARCH 570Passive Environmental Systems00000
AED 304Art Education: Curriculum and Instruction00000
ARCH 604Independent Final Project Studio00000
AHSC 229Radiographic Principles 200000
ARCH 634Advanced Fabrication Seminar00000
ACR 322Metals: Metalsmithing and Die Forming00000
ARCH 647Applied Theory and Representation00000
AHSC 350Cardiorespiratory Diseases00000
ART 200Introduction to Computer Art00000
AFA 217Painting: Watercolor00000
ART 235Intermedia: Space and Time00000
AHSC 444Cardiorespiratory Pharmacology 200000
ART 312Animation: 3D Animation, Rigging, and Simulation00000
ACC 369Internship in Accounting00000
ART 323Intermedia: Production00000
ANAT 625Human Embryology and Histology00000
ART 413Special Topics in Animation00000
AFA 304Drawing: Experimental Figure00000
ANTH 541Anthropology of Gender00000
AFA 444Printmaking: Intaglio 400000
ANTH 555Primatology00000
ANTH 562Special Topics in Biological Anthropology00000
ANTH 301History Of Method And Theory In Anthropology00000