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BSC Course Reviews

Bismarck State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 195Service Learning00000
EDUC 250Introduction to Education00000
CARP 125Framing I00000
CIS 274Cybersecurity Operations00000
CHEM 122LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
BOTE 152Keyboarding II00000
CT 151Spreadsheets for Engineering Technology and Surveying00000
AUTO 108Mechanical and Shop Orientation00000
CARP 297Cooperative Education/Internship00000
BADM 195Service Learning00000
CIS 235DB Design for Web Applications00000
CIS 128Microcomputer Hardware I00000
BIOL 197Cooperative Education/Internship00000
CIT 497Cooperative Education/Internship00000
ART 294Independent Study00000
COMM 283Video Lab: MystiCast00000
BUSN 195Service Learning00000
CT 252Construction Project Management00000
AGRI 291Second Year Seminar00000
ELEC 115Digital Electronics II00000
AUTO 164Instruments and Accessory Systems00000
CHEM 114Chemistry in Art00000
ANSC 220Livestock Production00000
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II00000
BADM 274Project Management00000
CIS 223Linux System Administration00000
CIS 165Networking Fundamentals II00000
BIOL 150LGeneral Biology I Lab00000
CIS 256Web Portfolio00000
ART 225Water Media I00000
CIT 368Cybersecurity Prevention & Countermeasures00000
BIOL 297Cooperative Education/Internship00000
CJ 235Field Experience and Internship00000
AGRI 241Farm Management Education00000
COMM 224Social Media, Writing & Design00000
BOTE 222Medical Transcription I00000
CSCI 161Computer Science II00000
ASC 95College Writing Prep II00000
CT 250Applied Statics and Mechanics of Materials00000
CAD 212Introduction to Building Modeling00000
DMS 106Clinical Ultrasound Lab I00000
ACCT 297Cooperative Education/Internship00000
ELEC 100Direct Current Analysis00000
CARP 155House Design and Code Requirements00000
ELEC 118Solid State Devices I00000
ANSC 114LIntroduction to Animal Sciences Lab00000
CHEM 110LSurvey of Chemistry Lab00000
AUTO 272A/C & Heating Diagnosis00000
CHEM 116LIntroduction to Organic and Biochemistry Lab00000
AGEC 244Introduction to Agricultural Marketing00000
CHEM 195Service Learning00000
BADM 210Advertising I00000
CIS 104Microcomputer Database00000
ART 110Introduction to the Visual Arts00000
CIS 152Cascading Style Sheets00000
BIOL 108Beginning Birding00000
CIS 213Implementing Microsoft Windows Server Applications00000
CIS 197Cooperative Education/Internship00000
BIOL 125Introduction to Ecology00000
CIS 230Electronic Publishing00000
ART 210Art History I00000
CIS 251Site Design00000
BIOL 170General Zoology00000
CIS 258Advanced PHP00000
AGRI 115Agriculture Math00000
CIT 320Disaster Recovery & Incident Response00000
BIOL 220Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CIT 430Cloud Computing & Security00000
ART 250Ceramics I00000
CJ 220Criminal Law00000
BOTE 108Business Mathematics00000
CJ 271Community Based Corrections00000
ACCT 215Business in the Legal Environment00000
COMM 206Digital Communication Fundamentals00000
BOTE 197Cooperative Education/Internship00000
COMM 244Reporting and Feature Writing00000
ASC 92Algebra Prep II00000
CSCI 101Introduction to Computers00000
BOTE 297Cooperative Education/Internship00000
CSCI 250Assembly Language00000
AGRI 276Data Collection and Management00000
CT 228Boundary and Cadastral Surveying00000
BUSN 224Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)00000
CT 251LMaterials Testing Lab00000
ASM 175Agriculture Industry Skills00000
DMS 102Ultrasound Cross-Sectional Anatomy I00000
CARP 110Blueprint Reading00000
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics00000
ABOD 112Introduction to Painting00000
EE 206Circuit Analysis00000
CARP 140Principles of Interior Finish00000
ELEC 114LDigital Electronics I Lab00000
AUTO 151Brake Fundamentals00000
CARP 195Service Learning00000
ABOD 107Introduction to Sanding, Priming and Painting00000
ACCT 197Cooperative Education/Internship00000
AGEC 250AgriSales00000
ART 130Drawing I00000
BIOL 115Concepts of Anatomy & Physiology00000
CIS 208Database Programming00000