Brandeis Course Reviews

Brandeis University

FA 80AModern Architecture55541
ANTH 340AAnthropology Graduate Proseminar00000
BUS 224GLaunching Your Global Career00000
CHEM 15BHonors General Chemistry II00000
BIOL 214CProfessional Development00000
ANTH 156APower and Violence: The Anthropology of Political Systems00000
BUS 265ABusiness and Economic Strategies in Emerging Markets00000
ANTH 70ABusiness, Culture and Society00000
ANTH 111AAging in Cross-Cultural Perspective00000
BCBP 222AAdvanced Topics in Enzyme Mechanism00000
BIOL 42APhysiology00000
BIOL 160BHuman Reproductive and Developmental Biology00000
ANTH 136AArchaeology of Power: Authority, Prestige, and Inequality in...00000
BIOT 203BFundamentals of Management for Biotechnology00000
AMST 136APlanet Hollywood: American Cinema in Global Perspective00000
BUS 250GDoing Business in the U.S. Economic Landscape00000
ANTH 201AHistory of Anthropological Thought00000
BUS 293AReal Estate Field Project00000
AAPI 171AThe United States in the Pacific World00000
CHEM 130AAdvanced Organic Chemistry: Structure00000
ANTH 109AChildren, Parenting, and Education in Cross-Cultural Perspec...00000
BCBP 300AIntroduction to Research in Biochemistry and Biophysics I00000
AMST 38AAmerican Music: From Psalms to Hip Hop00000
ANTH 113BRace and Ethnicity: Anthropological Perspectives00000
BIOL 51ABiostatistics00000
BIOL 78BThe Pipeline of Drug Development00000
BIOL 132AGeneral Microbiology00000
ANTH 127AMedicine, Body, and Culture00000
BIOL 204BClinical Genetics I00000
AMST 124BSex, Love, and Marriage in America00000
BIOL 305BTopics in Molecular Genetics and Development00000
ANTH 147BMesoamerican Civilizations and Their Legacies00000
BUS 153AMarketing Research00000
AAPI 30ACritical Adoption Studies00000
BUS 235FReal Estate Fundamentals00000
ANTH 163BEconomies and Culture00000
BUS 257FSocial Media and Advertising00000
AMST 177BTrue Crime and American Culture00000
BUS 278FCorporate Governance: From Colossal Failures to Best Practic...00000
ANTH 213AAdvanced Topics in Medical Anthropology00000
CAST 125AConfronting Gender-Based Violence00000
AAAS 145BThe Transformative Life and Politics of Malcolm X00000
CHEM 29AOrganic Chemistry Laboratory I00000
ARBC 40BIntermediate Arabic II00000
CHEM 160AMaterials Chemistry: Molecular Foundation for Nanobiotechnol...00000
AMST 30BAmerican Environmental History00000
BCBP 266AAdvanced Topics in Protein Folding00000
ANTH 110BControl Freaks: Discipline, Rules and Power00000
BIOL 17BConservation Biology00000
AAAS 152BBeyoncé and Beyond: The Politics of Black Popular Music00000
BIOL 44AThe Biology of Human Sports and Exercise00000
ANTH 112BBison, Berries and Banquets: The Social Archaeology of Food...00000
BIOL 55BDiet and Health00000
AMST 47AFrontier Visions: The West in American Literature and Cultur...00000
ANTH 114AAnthropology of Military and Policing00000
BIOL 91GIntroduction to Research Practice00000
BIOL 101AMolecular Biotechnology00000
BIOL 127BIntroduction to Systems Biology00000
ANTH 121BArchaeology and Environment00000
BIOL 152BVirus Hunter Lab00000
AMST 103BAdvertising and the Media00000
BIOL 202DIntroduction to Genetic Counseling00000
ANTH 130BVisuality and Culture00000
BIOL 207AApplication of Counseling Theory in Genetic Counseling Pract...00000
AAAS 158ATheories of Development and Underdevelopment00000
BIOL 221AClinical Skills in Genetic Counseling00000
ANTH 139AIdentity and Technology00000
BIOL 350AGraduate Student Research Seminar00000
AMST 131BNews on Screen00000
BUS 109AHuman Psychology and Financial Decision Making00000
ANTH 153AWriting Systems and Scribal Traditions00000
BUS 216FPython and Applications to Business Analytics II00000
AAAS 135ARace, Sex, and Colonialism00000
BUS 228BMBA Career Strategy and Management Communication00000
ANTH 161AAnthropology of Infrastructure00000
BUS 241AMachine Learning and Data Analysis for Business and Finance00000
AMST 166BAmerican Political Satire00000
BUS 254ABranding Strategy00000
ANTH 184BCross-Cultural Art and Aesthetics00000
BUS 260ACompetition and Strategy00000
AAPI 140BIntroduction to Asian American Studies00000
BUS 274FSupply Chain Analytics00000
ANTH 207BTrauma: Theory and Experience00000
BUS 286AApplications of System Dynamics00000
ANTH 26ACommunication and Media00000
BUS 297GInternship00000
ANTH 239A"Burning Questions:" The Work of Michel-Rolph Trouillot00000
CAST 189ACapstone Project Design Practicum00000
AAAS 125AIntellectual History of Black Women00000
CHEM 19AHonors General Chemistry Laboratory I00000
ARBC 20BBeginning Arabic II00000
CHEM 49AAdvanced Laboratory: Organic Chemistry00000
ANTH 95AAnthropology Research Lab00000
BIOL 103BMechanisms of Cell Functions00000
ARBC 103ALower Advanced Arabic00000
AAAS 120AAfrican History in Real Time00000
AAAS 131AAfrican Americans and Health00000
AAAS 156A#BlackLivesMatter00000
AMST 100BTwentieth-Century American Culture00000
ANTH 115BBorderlands: Space, Place, and Landscape00000