Bowdoin Course Reviews

Bowdoin College

ASNS 2881Japanese American Incarceration: Removal, Redress, Remembran...00000
BIOL 3381Ecological Genetics00000
ARCH 3304Pottery in Archaeology: Ceramic Arts in the Ancient Mediterr...00000
ASNS 2740Goddesses, Gurus, and Rulers: Gender and Power in Indian Rel...00000
ARTH 2220The Medici's Italy: Art, Politics, and Religion, 1300-160000000
ARBC 1102Elementary Arabic II00000
BIOL 1102Biological Principles II00000
AFRS 3020Black Heat, Black Cool: Theorizing Blackness00000
ARTH 2090Greek Archaeology00000
ANTH 1025Ties that Bind: The Anthropology of Relatedness00000
ASNS 2200Art and Revolution in Modern China00000
ARTH 2470The Bauhaus and its Legacy: Designing the Modern World00000
ANTH 2450Evolution as Science and Story: Monkey Trials, Selfish Genes...00000
ASNS 2831Religion on the Move: Religion, Migration, and Globalization00000
AFRS 2721Between the Alamo and the Wall: Latinx Activism in the Unite...00000
ASNS 3801Imagined Asias00000
ARCH 1102Roman Archaeology00000
BIOL 2319Biology of Marine Organisms00000
AFRS 2354Conquest, Colonialism, and Independence: African History, 18...00000
CHEM 1105Perspectives in Environmental Science00000
AFRS 3260African American Literature and Law00000
ARTH 2145Gold, Paint, and Stone: The Arts of the High Middle Ages00000
AFRS 2407Francophone Cultures00000
ARTH 2370Traveling Textiles: Cultural Encounters from Trade Routes to...00000
ANTH 2105Who Owns the Past? Contemporary Controversies and Contested...00000
ASNS 2061U.S. - China Relations00000
ARTH 3240Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo: Science and Art through...00000
ANTH 2258Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica00000
ASNS 2310The Japanese Empire and World War II00000
AFRS 2650African American Fiction: (Re) Writing Black Masculinities00000
ASNS 2805Asian America's Margins00000
ANTH 3217Toxicities00000
ASNS 2872The Two Koreas and Geopolitics of Northeast Asia00000
AFRS 2292Geographies of the Sexiness: Dance and Politics of (Dis)Resp...00000
ASNS 3060Capitalism and State Power in China00000
ARBC 2306Advanced Arabic II00000
BIOL 1060Prove It!: The Power of Data to Address Questions You Care A...00000
AFRS 2826The New Scramble for Africa: Capital Accumulation in the Glo...00000
BIOL 2135Neurobiology00000
ARCH 2207Who Owns the Past? Contemporary Controversies and Contested...00000
BIOL 3311Motor Systems Neurobiology00000
AFRS 1213Introduction to Caribbean Dances and Cultures00000
CHEM 1091Introductory Chemistry and Quantitative Reasoning I00000
ARTH 1100Introduction to Art History00000
CHEM 2250Organic Chemistry I00000
AFRS 2384Deities in Motion: Afro-Diasporic Religions00000
ARTH 2125Art of the Islamic World: 7th to 15th Century00000
AFRS 3570Advanced Seminar in African Politics00000
ARTH 2215Painting in India00000
AFRS 2025African American Poetry00000
ARTH 2320Art in the Age of Velazquez, Rembrandt, and Caravaggio00000
ANTH 1101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ARTH 2430Modern Architecture: 1750 to 200000000
AFRS 2506American Literature II: 1865 - 192000000
ARTH 2640American Art from the Civil War to 194500000
ANTH 2107Investigating the Recent Past: Archaeology, Oral Narratives,...00000
ASNS 2014Death in Ancient China00000
ARTH 3370Medieval Art and the Modern Viewer: Building an Exhibition w...00000
ANTH 2250The Anthropology of Media00000
ASNS 2076Fashion and Gender in China00000
AFRS 2605The Harlem Renaissance00000
ASNS 2270Gods, Goblins, and Godzilla: The Fantastic and Demonic in Ja...00000
ANTH 2345Race, Gender, and Intimacy in Brazil00000
ASNS 2587Cities of the Global South00000
AFRS 2233Peoples and Cultures of Africa00000
ASNS 2755Arts of the Islamic Book00000
ANTH 2737Family, Gender,and Sexuality in Latin America00000
ASNS 2808Asian Dystopias00000
AFRS 2660Introduction to Art History: African Americans and Art00000
ASNS 2855The New Scramble for Africa: Capital Accumulation in the Glo...00000
ANTH 3320Youth and Agency in Insecure Times00000
ASNS 2880Asian American History, 1850 to the Present00000
AFRS 1185Introduction to Africa-China Relations00000
ASNS 2892Maps, Territory, and Power in Asia00000
ARBC 2204Intermediate Arabic II00000
ASNS 3300Advanced Seminar in Japanese Politics00000
AFRS 2821After Mandela: History, Memory, and Identity in Contemporary...00000
BIOC 2423Biochemistry of Cellular Processes00000
ARBC 3354On the Road: Travel Writing and the Cosmopolitan World of Me...00000
BIOL 1095Perspectives in Ecology: Seeking Solutions to Challenging Pr...00000
AFRS 2326Critical Race Theory in the United States00000
BIOL 1158Perspectives in Environmental Science00000
ARCH 2202Augustan Rome00000
BIOL 2214Comparative Animal and Human Physiology00000
AFRS 3010Reconstruction and Realism00000
BIOL 3304The RNA World00000
ARCH 3301The Endangered Past: Archaeology and the Current Threat to C...00000
BIOL 3325Topics in Neuroscience00000
AFRS 1101Introduction to Africana Studies00000
CHEM 1057Chemistry for the Common Good00000
ARTH 1021Faked, Forged, Stolen, and Repatriated: Crimes Against Art00000
CHEM 1101Introductory Chemistry I00000
AFRS 3211Bringing the Female Maroon to Memory: Female Marronage and D...00000
ARTH 1500Introduction to Art History: African Americans and Art00000
AFRS 1012Affirmative Action and United States History00000
AFRS 1108Introduction to Black Women's Literature00000
AFRS 2141The History of African Americans from 1865 to the Present00000
AFRS 2596Buried Treasure, Hidden Curse? The Politics of Natural Resou...00000
ANTH 2235Science,Technology, and Medicine in Africa00000
ARTH 3600Race and Visual Representation in American Art00000