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Boston College Course Reviews

Boston College

PHIL 1070Philosophy of the Person I54551
PHIL 4921Advanced Independent Research00000
PHIL 4001Feminisms and Philosophies of Difference00000
PHIL 5901Special Topics: The Ethics of Capitalism00000
PHIL 1708Seeking Justice II: Social Change00000
PHIL 3140The Idea of America00000
PHIL 5295Modern Philosophy00000
PHIL 589020th Century Phenomenologies of Spirit00000
PHIL 7500Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit00000
PHIL 5430The Self Between Eastern and Western Thought00000
PHIL 5563Ethics, Religion and International Politics00000
PHIL 7825Concepts of God in 20th Century Jewish Thought00000
PHIL 2150Philosophical Perspectives on Science00000
PHIL 2296Society and Culture II00000
PHIL 5527Philosophy of Language00000
PHIL 4456The Holocaust:A Moral History00000
PHIL 4405Greek Philosophy00000
PHIL 5528Skepticism/Stoic/Neo-Platonism00000
PHIL 4406Modern Philosophy00000
PHIL 7224Medieval Christian Mystical Philosophy: Eriugena, Eckhart, C...00000
PHIL 6649Philosophy of Being I00000
PHIL 5529Metaphysics00000
PHIL 4448Buddhist Thought and Practice00000
PHIL 7715Science in Ancient and Medieval Thought00000
PHIL 6150Insight00000
PHIL 6635The Great Conversation00000
PHIL 7745MacIntyre and Lonergan00000
PHIL 1089Person and Social Responsibility II00000
PHIL 1071Philosophy of the Person II00000
PHIL 5419Capstone: A Life Well Lived00000
PHIL 2230Mass Incarceration: Philosophical and Theological00000
PHIL 2291Philosophy and Theology of Community I00000
PHIL 3150Inductive Logic00000
PHIL 3550Being Good and Doing Wrong00000
PHIL 4407Medieval Philosophy00000
PHIL 3521Varieties of Feeling00000
PHIL 4932Perspectives Seminar00000
PHIL 5559Eptistemology of Religious Belief00000
PHIL 5501Politics of the Soul: Nietzsche, Leo Strauss, Carl Schmitt,...00000
PHIL 4447After World War I:Spirit Recov/Fascism/Personalis00000
PHIL 5562Virtue Ethics00000
PHIL 2292Philosophy and Theology of Community II00000
PHIL 6629Value Theory00000
PHIL 5249British Empiricists00000
PHIL 5387Mahayana Buddhism in East Asia00000
PHIL 4430Classical and Contemporary Asian Philosophy00000
PHIL 5512Philosophy of Existence00000
PHIL 7230Heidegger 100000
PHIL 5546Utilitarianism00000
PHIL 2310TheCity of Dreadful Night00000
PHIL 5593Philosophy of Science00000
PHIL 7650Moral Responsibility in Mental Illness00000
PHIL 6615Rationality and Religious Commitment00000
PHIL 4545A History of Idea Personal Truth & Authenticity00000
PHIL 7763Early Modern Metaphysics00000
PHIL 7101Hermeneutics of Desire00000
PHIL 7225Intersubjectivity00000
PHIL 7709Aristotle and Science00000
PHIL 9999Doctoral Continuation00000
PHIL 7794Philosophy of the Church Fathers00000
PHIL 5290Liberalism and its Critics00000
PHIL 8850Medieval Theories of Mind and Cognition00000
PHIL 1709The Art of Creativity: Crisis and Transformation00000
PHIL 1091Perspectives on Western Culture II00000
PHIL 3314Mind and Body00000
PHIL 1989Perspectives Discussion Group00000
PHIL 2233Values in Social Services and Health Care00000
PHIL 2288Philosophy as a Way of Life00000
PHIL 5508Dante's "Divine Comedy" in Translation00000
PHIL 2350Playing God: Technology and the Human Condition00000
PHIL 2297Community and Culture I00000
PHIL 3332Political Thought/Greeks00000
PHIL 2260Philosophy in Literature: Great Plays00000
PHIL 4380True Fiction: Phil to Lit00000
PHIL 3307Teaching Assistantship00000
PHIL 4442German Romanticism and Idealism00000
PHIL 55391968 Now: Revol, Art, History & Phil00000
PHIL 4477Ethical Principles in Comparative Perspectives00000
PHIL 4311Value, Price and Dignity00000
PHIL 5218Hannah Arendt: Learning to Love the World00000
PHIL 4320Philosophy of Mental Illness00000
PHIL 5407Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology00000
PHIL 4429Freud and Philosophy00000
PHIL 5518Philosophy of Imagination00000
PHIL 5584C.S. Lewis00000
PHIL 5543Friends & Family: Why Care?00000
PHIL 4472Buddhist Ethics in Theory and Practice00000
PHIL 5586Platonic Dialogues00000
PHIL 1710Modern Science & Ancient Faith: Philosophical00000
PHIL 6605Augustine00000
PHIL 5199Global Justice and Cosmopolitanism00000
PHIL 6670Technology and Culture00000
PHIL 6604Social Construction00000
PHIL 7240Platonic Cosmology00000
PHIL 6618Philosophy of Space and Time00000
PHIL 5418Capstone: Working, Playing, Being00000
PHIL 2295Society and Culture I00000
PHIL 5505The Aristotelian Ethics00000
PHIL 7150Hermeneutics of Touch00000
PHIL 5524Ethics: An Introduction00000
PHIL 4444Moral Concepts00000
PHIL 5534Environmental Ethics00000
PHIL 7250Political Philosophy00000
PHIL 5553Capstone:Poets, Philosophers, and Mapmakers00000
PHIL 1721The Value of Work: A Philosophical Examination00000
PHIL 5582Truth and Pragmatism00000
PHIL 7540Plato00000
PHIL 5660Good and Evil00000
PHIL 4476Classical Chinese Philosophy00000
PHIL 6350Kant On the Arguments for God's Existence00000
PHIL 7704Plato's Republic00000
PHIL 6622Philosophy and Music00000
PHIL 2450Philosophies of Happiness00000
PHIL 6654Contemporary Aristotelian Ethics00000
PHIL 7733Phenomenology and Deconstruction00000
PHIL 7215Philosophy for Theological Studies00000
PHIL 4931Senior Honors Seminar00000
PHIL 7865Aristotle's Physics and Metaphysics00000
PHIL 7244Aristotle on Second&First00000
PHIL 7460Law & Interpretation00000
PHIL 7703Aristotle's Ethics: Plotinus, Ennead I00000
PHIL 8871The Summa Theologiae of st Thomas Aquinas00000
PHIL 7721Medieval Ontology00000
PHIL 5220Logical Diagrams and Iconic Logic00000
PHIL 7762Soren Kierkegaard00000
PHIL 1080Discussion Group/PHIL 108000000
PHIL 7801Phenomenlogy:Husserl/Heid00000
PHIL 3260Existentialism and Philosophy of Existence: Sartr00000
PHIL 8802Thesis Direction00000
PHIL 1160The Challenge of Justice00000
PHIL 9990Teaching Seminar00000
PHIL 5389Buddhist Ethics: Ancient and Modern00000
PHIL 1088Person and Social Responsibility I00000
PHIL 1720Animals in the Moral Imagination Beyond Human Just00000
PHIL 1195Puzzles and Paradoxes00000
PHIL 2216Boston:An Urban Analysis00000
PHIL 1711The American Divide: Philosophy of Inequality00000
PHIL 2215Telling Truths III: The Narratives that Shape Our Lives00000
PHIL 2199Racial Injustices & Racial Remedies00000
PHIL 5500Philosophy of Law00000
PHIL 2262Telling Truths II:Depth Writing as Service00000
PHIL 2264Logic00000
PHIL 2293Cultural and Social Structures I00000
PHIL 3344What is Racism00000
PHIL 2336British Empiricists00000
PHIL 2294Cultural and Social Structures II00000
PHIL 2950Religion and Reason00000
PHIL 5515How to Save the World: Ethics of Climate Change00000
PHIL 3266Mysticism00000
PHIL 2444The Vegetative Soul: The Hidden Life of Plants00000
PHIL 3500Christian Faith/GreekPhil00000
PHIL 1707Seeking Justice/Taking Power: Philosophy00000
PHIL 4211Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche: Art, Religion, and00000
PHIL 3240Towards Deep Subjectivity: Architecture, Ethics,00000
PHIL 4403Does God Exist?00000
PHIL 5531Discourse&Metaphysics of Ethics00000
PHIL 4423Spanish-American Philosophy00000
PHIL 3343Introduction to Black Philosophy00000
PHIL 4445The Greeks and Their Gods00000
PHIL 4100The Problem of Suffering00000
PHIL 4470Philosophy of World Religions00000
PHIL 4002Love&Wisdom&Love of God00000
PHIL 4901Readings and Research00000
PHIL 5549Selected Readings in Phenomenology00000
PHIL 5175Locke and Political Philosophy00000
PHIL 4387Epistemology00000
PHIL 5247Aquinas & the Classics00000
PHIL 2266Philosophy in Literature: The Lord of the Rings an00000
PHIL 5373Patristic Greek II00000
PHIL 4408Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philosophy00000
PHIL 5423The Ethics of Peace and War00000
PHIL 5576Existentialism00000
PHIL 5511What is Moral Knowledge00000
PHIL 4443What is Democracy?00000
PHIL 5520Aristotle:An Introduction00000
PHIL 4402How to Begin Thinking: Aftermaths 20th-Century00000
PHIL 5532Philosophy of Religion in Human Subjectivity00000
PHIL 4468Asian Philosophy00000
PHIL 5550Capstone:Building a Life00000
PHIL 5599Kant's Moral Philosophy00000
PHIL 5577Symbolic Logic00000
PHIL 4495Self-Knowledge and Discernment00000
PHIL 5650Law and Interpretation00000
PHIL 1081Discussion Group/PL08900000
PHIL 6578Daoism00000
PHIL 4961Senior Honors Thesis00000
PHIL 6621Anti-Moralism00000
PHIL 6210Democracy,Economy & Inequ00000
PHIL 6651Philosophy of the Stranger00000
PHIL 5230The Interior Life00000
PHIL 7200Philosophy and Mysticism00000
PHIL 4419Friendship00000
PHIL 5372Patristic Greek I00000
PHIL 7530The Self and Selfhood:Analytic & Continental Appr00000
PHIL 1090Perspectives on Western Culture I/Perspectives I00000
PHIL 2151Philosophical Perspectives on Science II00000
PHIL 3147Zen and Philosophy00000
PHIL 4962Perspectives Honors Thesis00000
PHIL 8801Master's Thesis00000
PHIL 7550Seminar in Comparative Phenomenology00000