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Boise State Course Reviews

Boise State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology44441
MUS 352Music History and Literature II43341
MSE 101Introduction to Materials Engineering54541
ANTH 103Introduction to Archaeology34321
ENVSTD 200Environmental Approaches and Methods55551
MUS 365Choral Conducting and Practicum33341
HUM 207Introduction to Humanities13231
EDCIFS 508Student Learning and Classroom Interactions00000
ECE 640Advanced Microfabrication00000
EDCIFS 543Applications of Rational Numbers and Proportion Reasoning 4-...00000
EDCIFS 593Thesis00000
EDCIFS 481Professional Year - Elementary Teaching Experience III Dual...00000
ECE 593Thesis00000
EDCIFS 531Advanced Practices and Principles in Teaching Elementary Sch...00000
ANTH 350Human Behavioral Ecology00000
EDCIFS 564Professional Year - Grade 9-12 Teaching Experience II K-12 O...00000
ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics00000
ADST 465Assessment and Case Management of Alcohol and Drug Problems00000
EDESP 221Foundations of Professional Practices: ECE/ECSE00000
ANTH 502Human Evolutionary History and Development00000
ECON 350United States Economic History00000
EDESP 328Intervention Methods: ECE/ECSE00000
EDESP 362Fieldwork in Early Childhood: Place-Based Education00000
BAS 310Communication in the Applied Sciences00000
ECON 494Workshop00000
ECON 521Mathematical Statistics and Introduction to Advanced Econome...00000
EDCIFS 458Supervised Clinical Field Experience00000
ECE 561Control Systems00000
EDCIFS 497Special Topics00000
ANTH 303History and Theory in Anthropology00000
EDCIFS 512Content-Specific and Integrated Methods for Teaching and Lea...00000
ECE 614Advanced Analog IC Design00000
EDCIFS 539Curriculum Adaptations for Gifted and Talented Students00000
ACCT 580Selected Accounting Topics00000
EDCIFS 555Multilevel Modeling of Educational Data00000
ECE 689Dissertation Proposal00000
EDCIFS 576Leadership Foundation00000
ANTH 444Forensic Anthropology00000
EDCIFS 680The Superintendency and Executive Level Leadership: Capstone...00000
ECON 315Global Economic Development00000
EDESP 321SOFamily And Community Relations: Ece/Ecse00000
ACCT 500Foundations of Financial Reporting I00000
EDESP 345Positive Behavior Intervention and Support00000
ECON 440Health Economics00000
EDESP 458Autism Spectrum Disorder00000
AE 105Preparing for Creative Careers00000
ECON 510Public Finance00000
BIOL 441Molecular Biology of Cancer00000
ACCT 507Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination00000
ECON 532Urban Economics00000
AE 402Finance and Fundraising for the Arts00000
BIOL 446Bioinformatics00000
ECON 565Managerial Economics and Strategy00000
ECON 594Workshop00000
BIOL 465Advanced Topics in Molecular Biology Techniques00000
EDCIFS 100Camp University Success00000
EDCIFS 201Education, Schooling, and Society00000
EDCIFS 407McNair Junior Seminar B00000
ECE 432Computer Architecture00000
EDCIFS 461Professional Year II - Teaching Experience in Elementary Edu...00000
ANTH 216Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion00000
EDCIFS 484Professional Year - Junior High Teaching Experience III00000
ECE 573Power System Analysis I00000
EDCIFS 505Philosophy Of Education00000
ACCT 546Accounting for Income Taxes00000
EDCIFS 510Introductory Statistics in Educational Research00000
ECE 601Advanced Electromagnetic Theory00000
EDCIFS 521Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills00000
ANTH 314Environmental Anthropology00000
EDCIFS 534Teaching Secondary Social Studies00000
ECE 625Organic Electronic Devices00000
EDCIFS 541Early Numeracy and Operations K-300000
ACCT 450Advanced AIS and IT Audit00000
EDCIFS 549Action Research in a Mathematics Classroom00000
ECE 657Advanced Digital Image Processing00000
EDCIFS 561Professional Year - Teaching Experience I00000
ANTH 402Geoarchaeology00000
EDCIFS 567MIT in Elementary Education Student Teaching Experience00000
ECE 693Dissertation00000
EDCIFS 581Selected Topics00000
ADST 255Introduction to the Field of Addictions00000
EDCIFS 676Foundations of Leading Complex Educational Organizations00000
ECON 303Intermediate Microeconomics00000
EDESP 121Employment Practicum00000
ANTH 493UWork U00000
EDESP 250Exceptionality in the Schools00000
ECON 333Natural Resource Economics00000
EDESP 322Inclusive Methods: ECE/ECSE00000
ACCT 205Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
EDESP 329Behavior Support in Early Childhood00000
ECON 410Public Finance00000
EDESP 358Students with Significant Disabilities00000
ART 277Graphic Design Studio I00000
ANTH 101LBiological Anthropology Lab00000
BIOL 481Research in the Biological Sciences00000
EDCIFS 302Learning and Instruction00000
EDCIFS 322Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted and Talented Learners00000
BIOL 493UWork U00000
EDCIFS 331Elementary Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction00000
EDCIFS 333Elementary Science Curriculum and Instruction00000