BMCC Course Reviews

Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY)

MAT 150.5Introduction to Statistics with Algebra22121
BUS 121Personal Finance00000
CSC 211Adv. Programming Techniques00000
ECO 229Economics of Antitrust and Regulation00000
COM 361Communication Studies Internship00000
BIO 220Biology II00000
ECE 211Curriculum for Young Children I00000
ART 251HAsian Art History (Honors)00000
ART 290HMedieval Art: Age of Faith and Migration (Honors)00000
CED 301Accounting Internship I00000
CHE 125Fundamentals of Biochemistry00000
COM 100Introduction to Communication Studies00000
AST 108Astronomy: General Theory00000
CRT 100.6Critical Thinking for ESL 9500000
ART 166Drawing Studio I00000
CSC 350Software Development00000
BLA 5Graduate Advantage Success Seminar00000
ECO 201HMacroeconomics (Honors)00000
ANI 4023D Animation Projects00000
EDS 201Adolescent Learning and Development00000
ART 270Portrait Drawing00000
CHE 109Concepts in Chemistry Laboratory00000
ARB 106Elementary Arabic II00000
ART 300Documentary and Narrative Photography00000
CHE 240Organic Chemistry II00000
CHI 210Chinese IV00000
CIS 395Database Systems I00000
ASL 106Introductory American Sign Language II00000
COM 255Intercultural Communication00000
ART 113History of Graphic Design00000
CRJ 201Policing00000
BIO 110General Biology00000
CRT 245Critical Thinking and Media Literacy00000
AFN 322Contemporary Black Writers00000
CSC 310Assembler Language and Architecture I00000
BIO 425HAnatomy and Physiology I (Honors)00000
CSC 430HData Structures II (Honors)00000
ART 203Digital Creative Studio00000
ECE 409Infants and Toddlers Practicum II: Pedagogy for Infants and...00000
BLA 11Ed Tech00000
ECO 221International Economics00000
AFN 121History of African Civilizations (Same as HIS 121)00000
ECO 240Behavioral Economics00000
BUS 220HManagerial Decision Making (Honors)00000
EDU 202Urban Schools in a Diverse American Society00000
ANT 200HPeoples & Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean00000
CED 361Business Management Internship I00000
ART 276Comic Art 200000
CHE 121Fundamentals General, Organic, Biological Chemistry I00000
AFN 124African-American History, 1865 to Present (Same as HIS 124)00000
CHE 202College Chemistry II00000
ART 293HAncient Greece and Rome: Classical Art (Honors)00000
CHI 107Elementary Chinese for Heritage Speakers00000
ARB 210Arabic IV00000
ART 337Photographic Studio & Light I00000
CIS 100Introduction to Computer Applications00000
CIS 155Computer Hardware00000
CIS 362Cloud Computing00000
ART 420Final Lab Project00000
CIS 455Network Security00000
ART 106Modern and Contemporary Art00000
COM 245The Mass Media00000
ASN 114HAsian American History (Same as HIS 114) (Honors)00000
COM 265Gender and Communication00000
AFN 128Black Women in the Americas and the Caribbean (Same as ANT 1...00000
CRJ 102HCriminology (Honors)00000
AST 110General Astronomy00000
CRJ 204HCriminal Justice and the Urban Community (Honors)00000
ART 133HPhotography I (Honors)00000
CRT 120Critical Thinking and Social Justice00000
BIO 111Human Biology00000
CSC 110Computer Programming I00000
AFL 161Health Problems in Urban Communities (Same as SOC 161)00000
CSC 230Discrete Structures00000
BIO 260Cell Biology00000
CSC 331Data Structures00000
ART 174Painting Studio I00000
CSC 410Assembler Language and Architecture II00000
BIO 426Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ECE 209Infant Care and Curriculum00000
ANI 301Introduction to Video Graphics00000
ECE 309Toddler Care and Curriculum00000
BLA 8Preparing for Transfer00000
ECE 410Educational Foundations and Pedagogy for The Exceptional Chi...00000
ART 236Introduction to Photography00000
ECO 202Microeconomics00000
BUS 104Introduction to Business00000
ECO 225Public Economics00000
ACR 150Literacy in American Society: Contexts & Practices00000
ECO 230HFeminist Economics (Honors)00000
BUS 200HBusiness Organization and Management (Honors)00000
EDB 202Schools in a Linguistically diverse American Society: Biling...00000
ART 268Life Drawing Studio II00000
CIS 207Healthcare Information Technologies and Management Systems00000
BUS 311Human Resources Management00000
ACC 430Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACR 250Issues in Literacy & Language Development00000
AFN 127Haitian History And Culture00000
ART 102HSurvey of Art Hist I (Honors)00000
ART 369Life Drawing Studio II00000