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BMCC Course Reviews

Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MAT 150.5Introduction to Statistics with Algebra22121
MAT 150Introduction to Statistics55551
ACC 222Accounting Principles II00000
MAR 330Marketing Research and Analytics00000
COM 250HConflict Resolution (Honors)00000
SOC 230Ethnic Groups in American Life00000
FRN 311French Film And Conversation00000
BIO 425HAnatomy and Physiology I (Honors)00000
CRJ 201HPolicing (Honors)00000
MEA 211Introduction to Digital Fabrication and Physical Computing00000
ECE 311Early Childhood Practicum I: Observing and Recording00000
MUS 167College Chorus III00000
PSY 230Psychology of Personality00000
ENG 353Women in Literature00000
SPN 485New York Literature in Spanish00000
CHI 170Literature, Culture, and Civilization of China00000
ANI 401Introduction to 3D Animations00000
HED 250HStress: Awareness, Understanding and Management (Honors)00000
CHE 125Fundamentals of Biochemistry00000
ART 366Drawing Studio III00000
CSC 331Data Structures00000
CSC 211HAdvanced Programming Technique (Honors)00000
MUS 104The World of Jazz00000
BIO 210Biology I00000
MUS 307Orchestral Performance III00000
ECO 230HFeminist Economics (Honors)00000
MUS 652Applied Studies: Strings II-Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Ba...00000
PHY 400The Physics of Music00000
ENG 321Film00000
RTT 320Pulmonary Function Testing00000
CED 361Business Management Internship I00000
SPN 211HIntermediate Spanish II for Speakers of Spanish (Honors)00000
ESL 54English as a Second Language00000
THE 328Acting: Solo Performance00000
ART 269Life Drawing Studio I00000
ACR 200Literacy Practices: Birth through Adolescence00000
GIS 201Introduction to Geographic Methods00000
ART 102Survey of Art History I00000
CIS 485Web Programming Il00000
BUS 200Business Organization and Management00000
HIS 102Western Civilization: The Emergence of the Modern World00000
CIS 165Introduction to Operating Systems00000
ANT 210The Roles of Women in a Changing World00000
CRT 100HCritical Thinking (Same as PHI 115) (Honors)00000
MAT 200Introduction to Discrete Mathematics00000
ECE 110Psychological Foundations of Early Development and Education00000
ASN 114HAsian American History (Same as HIS 114) (Honors)00000
MMA 225Digital Imaging for Graphic Design00000
CSC 350HSoftware Development (Honors)00000
MUS 125Strings00000
ART 104Survey of Art History II00000
MUS 235Digital Music and Recording00000
ECO 215HEnvironmental Economics (Honors)00000
MUS 420Chorus II00000
BIO 426HAnatomy and Physiology II (Honors)00000
MUS 663Applied Studies: Woodwinds III00000
EDU 202Urban Schools in a Diverse American Society00000
MUS 677Applied Studies: Guitar II00000
PHI 111Cultural and Ethical Issues in Science and Technology00000
ENG 300Fundamentals of Journalism00000
POL 230Power in American Politics00000
BUS 210Business Methods00000
PSY 280HCultural Psychology (Honors)00000
ENG 337Science Fiction00000
SCI 150Nutrition00000
ART 183Sculpture Studio I00000
SPE 210Oral Interpretation00000
ENG 392World Literature from the Early Modern Era to the Present00000
SPN 445Spanish VIII: Survey of Spanish-American Literature00000
CHE 118Fundamentals of Chemistry00000
THE 128Special Topics Practicum00000
FNB 250HMoney and Banking (Same as ECO 250) (Honors)00000
TRS 245Capstone Project - Translation/Interpretation00000
AFN 129The Black Man in Contemporary Society (Same as SOC 129)00000
ACC 350Cost Accounting I00000
FRN 470Modern French Civilization00000
AFN 124African-American History, 1865 to Present (Same as HIS 124)00000
CIS 200Introduction Systems and Technologies00000
ARB 106Elementary Arabic II00000
HED 201Health Education and Exercise00000
AST 110General Astronomy00000
ART 292Renaissance & Baroque Art: The Age of Discovery00000
BLA 11Ed Tech00000
HED 285Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health00000
CED 201Career Planning (Classroom Course)00000
COM 260Small Group Communication00000
CHI 107Elementary Chinese for Heritage Speakers00000
LIN 220Language Teaching Practices00000
CIS 440Unix00000
ACC 370Forensic Accounting & Fraud Analysis00000
CRJ 102HCriminology (Honors)00000
MAT 100Fundamentals of Mathematics I00000
CSC 210Computer Programming II00000
CRT 120Critical Thinking and Social Justice00000
MUS 703String Ensemble III00000
MAT 300Introduction to Geometry00000
ACC 330Intermediate Accounting I00000
AFL 161Health Problems in Urban Communities (Same as SOC 161)00000
ART 1433D Design: Materials and Methods00000
BLA 10Success Seminar Independent Study00000