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BloomU Course Reviews

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOLOGY 481Sr Biology Seminar00000
CHEM 491Ind Study Chemistry00000
AUDSLP 496Honors Independent Study In Speech Pathology/Audiology II00000
BIOLOGY 351Ecology00000
AUDSLP 604H A Theo & Tech Con00000
ASLTERP 330Deaf Culture00000
BUSED 404Prof Semester Bcit00000
ARTHSTRY 355History Of Modern Art00000
AUDSLP 570Cog Language Disord00000
ARTSTDIO 223Fabric Design: Fiber Art00000
BIOLOGY 231Biology Of Aging00000
AUDSLP 636Prof Eth & Cult Div00000
ARTSTDIO 475Independent Study In Art Studio00000
BIOLOGY 442Virology00000
ARMY 430Army Rotc Independent Study00000
BIOLOGY 556Ecology Of Streams And Rivers00000
AUDSLP 240Norm Lang Acquisitn00000
CHEM 114Quantitative Foundations in Chemistry00000
AEROSTUD 404Leadership Lab00000
CLE 301Community Government Association (Cga) President00000
ARTHSTRY 451Exhibition: Study And Practice00000
AUDSLP 586Field Slp 200000
ANTHRO 240Native North America00000
AUDSLP 623Intern: Clin Audio00000
ARTSTDIO 245Sculpture: Mixed-Media00000
BIOLOGY 173Anatomy Physiology 100000
AUDSLP 649Eval & Mgt Bal Dis 200000
ARTSTDIO 363Advanced Printmaking00000
BIOLOGY 298Internship In Medical Imaging00000
ANTHRO 460Applied Anthro00000
BIOLOGY 412Integrative Vertebrate Biology00000
ASLTERP 235Introduction To Interpreting00000
BIOLOGY 470Medical Parasitology00000
AEROSTUD 204Leadership Lab00000
BIOLOGY 521Ecosystem Management00000
ASLTERP 420Simultaneous Interpreting00000
BIOLOGY 587Genetic And Genomic Engineering - Redesigning Life00000
ARTHSTRY 250Arts Management00000
BUSED 534Classroom Strategies Development00000
AUDSLP 415Ell: Basic Language & Communication00000
CHEM 321Analytical Chemistry 100000
ACCT 436Fraud Investigation00000
CHINESE 212China Today00000
AUDSLP 550Aphasia00000
COMMSTUD 104Interpersonal Communication00000
ANTHRO 210Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology00000
AUDSLP 582Research In Communication Sciences And Disorders00000
ARTSTDIO 153Art Studio Foundations00000
AUDSLP 600Diag Audio 100000
ACCT 511Financial And Managerial Accounting00000
AUDSLP 608Eval & Trt Tinnitus00000
ARTSTDIO 242Intermediate Sculpture00000
AUDSLP 626Intern: Clin Audio00000
ANTHRO 310Aztecs & Mayas00000
AUDSLP 642Clin Ext/Res 200000
ARTSTDIO 265Printmaking: Etching (Intaglio)00000
BIOLOGY 103Biodiversity and Conservation Biology00000
AUDSLP 654Clinical Neurophysiology II00000
ARTSTDIO 313Advanced Drawing00000
BIOLOGY 211Invert Zoology00000
ANTHRO 390Socializat Of Child00000
BIOLOGY 253Freshwater Biology00000
ARTSTDIO 394Graphic Design For Print00000
BIOLOGY 333Molecular Biology00000
AEROSTUD 104Leadership Lab00000
BIOLOGY 390Research Biology 100000
ASLTERP 225Linguistics of Asl00000
BIOLOGY 431Developmental Biology00000
ANTHRO 480Religion & Magic00000
BIOLOGY 459Ornithology00000
ASLTERP 265Pre-Interpreting Skills00000
BIOLOGY 476Neurophysiology00000
ACCT 424Adv Fed Tax Account00000
BIOLOGY 494Honors Ind Study 200000
ASLTERP 359American Sign Language Vi00000
BIOLOGY 536Medical Genomics00000
ARTHSTRY 235Ancient & Medieval Art00000
BIOLOGY 570Medical Parasitology00000
ASLTERP 480Practicum00000
BUSED 350Valuing Diversity In Business00000
AEROSTUD 304Leadership Lab00000
BUSED 503Bcit Field Experience00000
AUDSLP 340Cognitive Beh Prin00000
CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry00000
ARTHSTRY 345Islamic Art00000
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry 100000
AUDSLP 432Ell: Communication/Educational Strategies For Ell Individual...00000
CHEM 362Physical Chemistry 200000
ACCT 321Inter Accounting 100000
CHINESE 101Chinese I00000
AUDSLP 515Ell:Basic Lang&Comm00000
CLE 211First Responder00000
ARTHSTRY 370History of Graphic Design00000
AUDSLP 560Voice Disorders00000
ACCT 221Prin Accounting 100000
ACCT 326Intro Fraud Exam00000
ACCT 553Special Topics00000
ANTHRO 333Ethnic Identity Us00000
ARTSTDIO 293Graphic Print/Book Design00000
AUDSLP 694Sp Topics: Audiology00000