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Blinn Bryan Course Reviews

Blinn College, Bryan

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BUSG 2309Small Business ManagementBlended00000
FREN 1412Beging. Fren. IITraditional00000
PHYS 2325University Physics ITraditional00000
BIOL 1407Biology for Science Majors IITraditional00000
TECA 1318Wellness Of The Young ChildTraditional00000
MATH 2320Differential Equations00000
CRIJ 2314Criminal Investigation00000
ITDF 1300Intro to Digital ForensicsBlend w Live Online00000
SGNL 1402American Sign Language IITraditional00000
KINE 1118Aerobic RunningTraditional00000
ARTS 2316Painting I Traditional00000
ACNT 1331Federal Income Tax: Individual00000
MATH 0314Intermediate Alg for Math 1414TraditionalTake w CRN 2386400000
BITC 1191Spec Topic in Biological Technology/Technician.Traditional00000
GEOG 2470Intro to Geographic Info Systm00000
CHEM 1409Gen Chem Engineering Majors00000
PHED 1164Intro. Phys. Fitness/Wellness00000
ENGL 1301Composition ITraditional00000
DRAM 1121Theater Practicum IITraditional00000
HRPO 2301Human Resource ManagementBlended00000
ITSE 2302Interm. Web ProgrammingTraditional00000
SPAN 2312Intermediate Spanish II00000
EDUC 1300Learning FrameworkTraditional00000
WLDG 1457Intermed Shielded Metal Arc00000
KINE 1321Coaching/Sports/Athletics IBlended00000
ARTS 1301Art Appreciation Traditional00000
AGRI 1329Principles of Food ScienceBlended00000
MATH 0232Dev Mathematics for Math 1332 MUST be taken with CRN 2582600000
ARTS 2357Photography IITraditional00000
FIRT 1329Building Codes & ConstructionTraditional00000
BIOL 2316Genetics00000
MATH 1324Math for Busi & Social Sciences I (Finite Mathematics)Tradit...00000
BITC 2386Internship-Biology Technician/00000
CRIJ 1313Juvenile Justice System00000
CDEC 1321The Infant and Toddler00000
MUSI 1310History of Rock and Popular MusicBlended00000
COSC 1315Intro to Computer Programming00000
HAMG 1321Introduction to Hospitality IndustryBlended00000
DRAM 2121Theater Practicum IVTraditional00000
PHIL 2303Introduction to LogicTraditional00000
ENGR 2301Engineering Mechanics Statics00000
ARCH 1308Architectural Graphics II Traditional00000
GOVT 2305American GovernmentTraditional00000
PSYC 2316Psychology of Personality00000
ITNW 1325Fundamentals of Networking TechnologiesBlend w Live Online00000
DRAM 2120Theater Practicum IIITraditional00000
SOCI 2336CriminologyBlended00000
ITSY 2330Intrusion DetectionTraditional00000
SPCH 2335Argumentation & DebateTraditional00000
ARTC 1313Digital Publishing IBlended00000
WLDG 1425Intro Oxy-Fuel Welding/Cutting00000
KINE 1142Strength Training for Athletic Performance Traditional00000
WLDG 2453Advanced Pipe Welding00000
ENGL 2311Technical WritingTraditional00000
AGRI 1319Animal ScienceTraditional00000
LGLA 1305Legal WritingBlended00000
ARCH 1315Architectural Computer GraphicsTraditional00000
ANTH 2346Introduction to AnthropologyTraditional00000
MATH 0112Intermediate Algebra NCBO00000
ARTS 1311Design I Traditional00000
ENGR 2304Programming for Engineers00000
ARTS 2347Ceramics IITraditional00000
MATH 0310Introductory Algebra00000
BIOL 1308Biology for Non-Science Maj ITraditional00000
COSC 1436Programg Fundamentals I00000
BIOL 1413General ZoologyTraditional00000
MATH 1314College AlgebraTraditional00000
BIOL 2404Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology00000
FREN 1411Beging. Fren. ITraditional00000
BITC 1403Principles of BiochemistryBlend w Live Online00000
MATH 1350Mathematics for Teachers ITraditional00000
BITC 2475Up/Downstream Mfg Biologics00000
ARCH 1301Architectural History IBlended00000
BUSI 2371Business Legal EnvironmentBlend w Live Online00000
MATH 2415Calculus IIITraditional00000
CDEC 2341The School Age Child00000
GEOL 1445OceanographyTraditional00000
CJSA 2334Contemporary Issues In Crim J00000
PHED 1123Beg. Wt. Trng00000
CRIJ 1301Intro To Criminal JusticeTraditional00000
DIRW 0325Fund. of Academic Literacy00000
DRAM 1120Theater Practicum ITraditional00000
PHED 1336Introduction to Recreation00000
ECON 2302Principles of Economics (Micro)Traditional00000
HIST 2312Western Civilization IIBlended00000
ENGL 2327Survey of American Literature ITraditional00000
PHYS 1402College Physics IITraditional00000
ESOL 0326Developmental Integrated Reading and Writing for Speakers of...00000
AGRI 1325Mrktg of Ag ProductsBlended00000
GEOL 1347MeteorologyBlend w Live Online00000
PSYC 2301General PsychologyTraditional00000
HIST 1301United States History ITraditional00000
ITNW 2350Enterprise NetworkTraditional00000
QCTC 1446Testing and Inspection Systems00000
ACCT 2302Principles Of Accounting ManagerialTraditional00000
ANTH 2301Physical AnthropologyTraditional00000
CHEM 1411General Chemistry ITraditional00000
ENGL 2333Survey of World Literature IITraditional00000
LGLA 2303Torts & Personal Injury LawBlended00000
ARCH 1303Architectural Design I Traditional00000