Biola Course Reviews

Biola University

CSAP 550Historical Theology00000
ENGL 082Advanced Communication, Conventions, and Grammar in Context...00000
BUSN 473Capstone for Management Concentration00000
CODS 470CODS Sem: Behaviour Management00000
CHEM 360Inorganic Chemistry00000
BUSN 319Organizational Ethics00000
CSCI 480RS: Applications in Machine Learning & Controls II00000
BBST 414STS: Martin Luther's Theology00000
CEED 330Biblical Interpretation and Teaching00000
BIOS 100Biological Principles00000
CODS 325Speech and Hearing Science00000
CNMA 302Production Management00000
BIOS 470Sem in Adv Bio: Topic TBA00000
COMM 387Organizational Communication00000
BBST 301Biblical Studies Research Seminar00000
CSAP 625Philosophy of Religion00000
BUSN 392Principles of Advertising00000
CSSR 611Beginning Greek I00000
ARTS 210Sculpture I00000
ENGL 253British Literature III00000
BBST 452Theology of Marriage and Family00000
CEED 482Advanced Studies in Children's Ministries00000
ARTS 328Printed Matter00000
CNMA 110Film Appreciation00000
BIOS 113Fundamentals of Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
CNMA 401Advanced Game Design00000
CNMA 323Writing the One-Hour Drama Pilot00000
BIOS 315Nutrition and Metabolism00000
CODS 439Speech Sound Disorders00000
ASLG 100Elementary American Sign Language00000
COMM 275Communication in the Workplace00000
BUSN 240Principles of Management00000
COMM 472Intercultural Communication00000
APSY 365Post Trad Program: Cognitive Psychology00000
CSAP 604Defending the Faith: Continuing Study00000
BUSN 354Insurance and Tax Planning00000
CSCI 220Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming00000
BBST 354Theology II00000
CSSR 530Darwin, Evolution, and Design00000
BUSN 423Advanced Business Analytics00000
ENGL 021Intermediate Academic Reading, Writing, and Grammar00000
ANTH 342Social Justice and Human Rights00000
ENGL 112Studies in Critical Thinking and Writing00000
CEED 254Leadership Development00000
ENGL 313Writing in the Disciplines00000
ARTS 304Ceramics II00000
CEED 445Ministry Field Work00000
BBST 465IS: Organizational Ethics00000
CHEM 302Organic Chemistry II00000
ANTH 415Human Conflict00000
CHEM 411General Biochemistry I00000
BIOS 110Observational Biology Laboratory00000
CNMA 203Screenwriting I00000
ARTS 413Painting III00000
CNMA 315Editing for Film & Television (Intermediate)00000
BIOS 121Nutrition00000
CNMA 360The TV Writer's Room Writing the Half Hour Spec00000
CNMA 331Motion Picture Script Analysis00000
BIOS 305Global Development and Ecological Sustainability00000
CNMA 480Directed Research00000
ARTS 434Interdisciplinary Investigations: Vision, Voice, and Practic...00000
CODS 418Multi-Cultural Issues in Communication Disorders00000
BIOS 355Environmental Health: An Ecological Perspective00000
CODS 444Voice Disorders00000
APSY 344Post Trad Program: Abnormal Psychology00000
COMM 170Small Group Communication00000
BLHE 101Elementary Hebrew Grammar I00000
COMM 368Methods of Communication Research00000
BBST 209Old Testament History and Literature00000
COMM 445Teaching Assistant00000
BUSN 312Intermediate Accounting II00000
CSAP 522New Testament Survey00000
ANTH 315Field Methods in Archaeology I00000
CSAP 601Defending the Faith I00000
BUSN 336Professional Selling00000
CSAP 612Beginning Greek II00000
BBST 321Historical Theology00000
CSAP 629Scientific Apologetics00000
BUSN 370Business Finance00000
CSCI 400Theory of Algorithms00000
APSY 417Post Trad Program: Counseling Techniques00000
CSSR 519Old Testament/Hebrew Literature00000
BUSN 418Consumer Behavior00000
CSSR 542Christian Thought II00000
BBST 394Daniel00000
CSSR 631Modern Physics, Cosmology, and Design00000
BUSN 438Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations00000
ENGL 072Intermediate Communication, Conventions, and Grammar in Cont...00000
ANTH 222Physical Anthropology00000
ENGL 090Graduate Writing Studio00000
BUSN 479Capstone for Financial Management Concentration00000
ENGL 230TDL: Short Stories00000
BBST 450AS: ChristianPerspMarriage&Rel00000
CEED 312Christian Ministry Skills00000
ANTH 200Cultural Anthropology00000
ANTH 300Magic, Witchcraft and Sorcery00000
APSY 265Post Trad Program: Psychology and Christian Thought00000
ARTS 426History and Criticism of Photography00000
BIOS 236Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
CNMA 352Character Development and Dialogue00000