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Binghamton Course Reviews

Binghamton University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 110Pgming Concepts&Applic (LEC)
EECE 260Electric Circuits54551
PHYS 131Gen Physics I Calc Based (LEC)53551
PHYS 132GenPhysicsIICalcBased(LEC)WTSN42551
MGMT 111Intro Decision Making in MGMT14121
ISRL 315Israeli-Palestinian Conflict53551
EECE 301Signals And Systems (LEC)51551
ENVI 230Intro to Environmental Policy44431
HDEV 342Intro to Human Rts Thry & Prac52551
ARTS 171Drawing I55321
HDEV 425Oppression Dignity & Soc Chnge52551
MATH 386Combinatorics42531
MATH 324ODE's for Scients/EngineerWTSN54551
CINE 121Exper.Hist.&Analysis Of Cinema54431
ANTH 256Native Amer Culture&Hist (LEC)44421
CLAS 481KKnowing & Being in Anc. Phil.00000
LAT 502Elementary Latin II00000
EECE 414Software-Defined Radio00000
ENG 517BDante's Divine Comedy00000
FREN 580IFrench Before France00000
PH 547Comm Resp to Disastr Preprdnes00000
EVOS 483BEvolution and Sustainability00000
GERM 504Intermediate German II00000
PHRM 588Professional Development II00000
HDEV 282ALGBTQ History00000
HIST 284CPandemic! II00000
CINE 285EExperimental Narrative00000
LACS 261Ancient Civilizations of Peru00000
CS 580AHardware and Security Systems00000
ENVI 538AgriBiotech:Sci,Pol&Conflict00000
ENG 180ODisinformation and Naivete II00000
MDVL 501BManuscripts,Media,Materiality00000
ENT 480BInnovation Scholars IV00000
DATA 580CData-Driven Marketing00000
GEOG 180CArchaeology of Rome & Pompeii00000
PHIL 457CConscience00000
GMAP 518ACrit Policy Development in TJ00000
GERM 381DThe Uncanny00000
HEBR 502Hebrew II00000
PPL 480DCrit Policy Development in TJ00000
ARTH 481DOpulence&Luxury Medieval Art00000
HIST 576KGandhi, M.L.K., Fanon00000
EECE 514Elect Energy Storage Sys& Appl00000
GRK 501Elementary Ancient Greek I00000
RUSS 506Advanced Reading & Composition00000
HMRT 389JPrisoner Writings & Activism00000
JUST 315Israeli-Palestinian Conflict00000
SLP 418Clinical Phonetics00000
LACS 480UPolitical Ecology00000
LAT 380AMedieval Latin00000
EECE 700Continuous Registration00000
HDEV 402Youth And Social Policy00000
SPAN 581VContemporary Spain00000
SW 380DUnderstanding substance use...00000
HEBR 506Texts and Conversations II00000
THEA 231Intro to Asian Theatre00000
THEA 331Dances of South Asia00000
CHIN 504Intermediate Chinese II00000
JUST 385CJews in US Pop Music00000
CLAS 281GThe Greek World (LEC)00000
ENVI 346Envi Chem Community Water Syst00000
COLI 383GAlien at Home in Lit & Film00000
LACS 483KUrban&Popular Music in Spanish00000
ECON 550Behavioral & Experimental Econ00000
CLAS 180CArchaeology of Rome & Pompeii00000
EECE 559Software-Defined Radio00000
LXC 140GeographyThruWorldLang&Culture00000
ENG 390FLiterature & Slavery00000
FIN 580DESG Equity Investing00000
ENG 593NMusic & Text in 17thC England00000
MUSP 569CDramatic Coaching for Singers00000
ENVI 438AgriBiotech:Sci,Pol&Conflict00000
ARAB 506Advanced Standard Arabic II00000
FIN 580FSpecial Topics00000
PH 581EMed-legal Death Investigation00000
GERM 241KVolkswagen and Beyond00000
GERM 180AFrom Hero to Knight00000
GMAP 482FBusiness, Human Rights & AP00000
PHIL 580ROther Minds00000
GMAP 528BMethods In Forensic Anthro00000
ECON 650Behavioral & Experimental Econ00000
HDEV 380EGentrification and Race00000
PPL 380LLegal Anthropology00000
HIST 180AIntroduction to US Immigration00000
GMAP 482EGendered Approach to AP00000
HIST 387DPrisoner Writings & Activism00000
RUSS 280BDisinformation and Naivete II00000
ANTH 381GEvolution and Human Health00000
CHIN 502Elementary Chinese II00000
ENG 280XPandemic in Literature00000
HIST 281UWars of Religion (LEC)00000
TURK 380RTurkish Language Reform00000
JPN 504Intermediate Japanese II00000
SCHL 281WGaming the Past00000
KOR 506Advanced Korean II00000
HDEV 380KPrisoner Writings & Activism00000
WGSS 205Women's Lives S.Asia&Disaspora00000
HIST 480QHealth,Medicine&Dying Civ War00000
YIDD 502Yiddish II00000
AAAS 382RThe Marginalized in East Asia00000