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Binghamton Course Reviews

Binghamton University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 110Pgming Concepts&Applic (LEC)
PHYS 132GenPhysicsIICalcBased(LEC)WTSN42551
ENVI 230Intro to Environmental Policy44431
ISRL 315Israeli-Palestinian Conflict53551
ANTH 256Native Amer Culture&Hist (LEC)44421
CINE 121Exper.Hist.&Analysis Of Cinema54431
MATH 386Combinatorics42531
BIOL 319Pre-Health Microbiology (LEC)12311
MATH 324ODE's for Scients/EngineerWTSN54551
ARTS 171Drawing I55321
PHYS 131Gen Physics I Calc Based (LEC)53551
HDEV 425Oppression Dignity & Soc Chnge52551
MGMT 111Intro Decision Making in MGMT14121
SOC 100Social Change:Intro Sociology55431
EECE 260Electric Circuits54551
HDEV 342Intro to Human Rts Thry & Prac52551
EECE 301Signals And Systems (LEC)51551
ANTH 205MolecularAnthropology Method I00000
AAAS 580PHistory of Chinese Literature00000
ANTH 254Peoples&Cultre.Of; The Midleast00000
ANTH 280RBiology of Everyday Life00000
AAAS 414Economic Development E Asia00000
ACCT 460Auditing00000
ANTH 334Comp Aspects Human Growth00000
ANTH 364Political Anthropology00000
ACCT 583AAsset Management Tax00000
ANTH 380IAnthropology of Money00000
ANTH 170Intro to Linguistic Anthro00000
AAAS 580LKorea: The Other Within00000
ANTH 235Ancient Civilizations00000
AAAS 382OMixed Race Families00000
ANTH 280BYouth & Pop. Cult in N Africa00000
AAAS 597Independent Study00000
ANTH 281IBorder Politics00000
AAAS 284DGender & Sexuality in S. Asia00000
ANTH 349Visualizing Differences00000
ACCT 573Individual Tax00000
ANTH 372MFieldMethodArch(Mediterranean)00000
AAAS 455Japanese Asia Pacific War Exp.00000
ANTH 380OTrojan War: Epic Archaeology00000
AFST 180LChina In Africa00000
ANTH 470Paleoethnobotany00000
ANTH 480GArchaeology of Domestication00000
AAAS 273Chinese Civilization00000
AAAS 344Buddhist Ethics00000
AAAS 480DRace and Popular Culture00000
AFST 229Beginning African Dance00000
ANTH 480XMaterial & Visual Worlds00000
ANTH 480RSocial and Bev Determ Health00000
AFST 280AHistory & Fiction In Africa00000
ANTH 490AGlobal Studies Capstone Sem00000
ANTH 495Internship Project00000
AAAS 354The Tale of Genji00000
AAAS 480ISocial Justice00000
AFST 288AAfro-Braz&Carib Religions00000
AFST 360Refugee and Immigrant Health00000
AAAS 480UTeach. Chinese as Foreign Lang00000
AFST 372Arabic Civilization & Culture00000
ANTH 150What is Human Nature00000
AAAS 580RRace and Popular Culture00000
ANTH 180KKeywords in Critical Theory00000
AAAS 380NClass, Globalizatn & Human Dev00000
ANTH 219Language And The Sit-Com00000
AAAS 580SCommunity Engagement00000
ANTH 246Sex And Evolution00000
AAAS 280DWomen's Lives So.Asia&Diaspora00000
ANTH 273Northern Ireland:Politics&Iden00000
AAAS 582CGender,Sexuality&Japanese; Hist00000
ANTH 280FEvolution For Everyone (LEC)00000
AAAS 386CBeijing Opera Combat00000
ANTH 280TAfro-Braz & Carib Religions00000
ACCT 211Financial Accounting (ECON)00000
ANTH 314Morphology And Syntax00000
AAAS 253Cultures of Pre-Modern Japan00000
ANTH 338Survey of the Primates00000
ACCT 497Readings And Research00000
ANTH 354Gender And Power00000
AAAS 443History of Chinese Literature00000
ANTH 370Native America Today00000
ACCT 581BForensic Accounting00000
ANTH 376Archaeology Of Frontiers00000
AAAS 311Lang.,Culture,Society In Korea00000
ANTH 380SReligion And Cosmology00000
AFST 101Intro To Africana Studies00000
ANTH 454Kinship, Gender & Sexuality00000
AAAS 471Classical Chinese Reading00000
ANTH 476Museums&The Art Of Exhibitions00000
AFST 203Afro-Braz & Carib Religions00000
ANTH 480PReadings in Paleoethnobotany00000
AAAS 197Independent Study00000
ANTH 480HGraphic Anthropology00000
AFST 280DYouth & Pop. Cult in N Africa00000
ANTH 480VAnthropology of Popular Cultur00000
AAAS 480FMulticultural Psychology00000
AFST 380AMusic Traditions of Africa00000
AAAS 280EHistory of Asian America00000
AAAS 363Gender,Culture & KoreanSociety00000
AAAS 481RSeminar in Translatn: Japanese00000
AFST 381BCaribbean Culture & Identities00000
AFST 384EWomen & U.S. Criminal Jus Sys00000