BHC Course Reviews

Black Hawk College

BA 249Business Management Seminar00000
BUSN 110Introduction to Business00000
AG 214Agriculture Technology and Information Management00000
AUTO 291Work Experience Internship00000
AG 275Field Machinery Operations I00000
AG 121Introduction to Agriculture Economics00000
BE 264Microsoft Access00000
VA 109VA Animal Science00000
AG 244Swine Science00000
VT 203Vet Ethics & Critical Thinking00000
ART 235Website Design for Artists00000
AG 289Microcomputer Skills for Agriculture00000
ACCT 209Intermediate Accounting I00000
BA 215Personal Investing00000
SOC 250Minority Relations00000
BE 106Records Management00000
AG 171Materials Handling Equipment00000
BIOL 201Environmental Bio-Diversity00000
PE 157Fundamentals of Basketball00000
BUSN 220Business Math II00000
VT 111Vet Tech Anatomy & Phys II00000
AG 247Animal Health00000
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy00000
AG 282Introduction to Soil Science00000
VT 266Vet Tech Clinical Internship00000
ART 213Digital Photography00000
ANTH 290Special Topics In Anthropology00000
ACCT 123Accounting with QuickBooks II00000
ART 281History of Western Art I00000
PTA 290Clinical Seminar00000
BA 121Small Business Management00000
ACCT 290Payroll Accounting00000
BA 240Principles Of Management00000
PE 125Physical Fitness00000
BA 270Introduction To International Business00000
AG 137Integrated Pest Management 300000
BE 145Microsoft Word00000
SPEC 101Principles of Speech Communic00000
BIOL 106General Biology II00000
AG 200Topics in Agriculture00000
BIOL 261Microbiology00000
NURS 216Nursing Concepts 300000
BUSN 160Business Math I00000
AG 232Forage Crops00000
BUSN 240Principles of Management00000
PE 251Psychology of Sport00000
AG 245Beef Science00000
VT 140Microbiology & Parasitology00000
AG 249Livestock Evaluation 400000
NURS 270Health Assessment & Comm00000
AG 280Introduction to Agricultural Education00000
VT 216Advanced Large Animal Tech00000
AG 285Animal Science00000
PN 105Pharmacology in Practical Nursing I00000
ANTH 102Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
WLD 103Arc Welding in the Flat & Horizontal Positions00000
ART 201Life Drawing00000
ART 1113-Dimensional Design00000
ACCT 103Financial Accounting Lab00000
ART 230Type and Digital Layout00000
PTA 204Practicum I00000
ART 248Production and Prepress00000
ACCT 180Accounting Basics-Career II00000
AUTO 115Wheel Alignment & Suspension00000
PE 115Softball-Freshman00000
BA 112Business Relations II00000
ACCT 250Federal Income Tax00000
BA 171Fundamentals Of Accounting Lab I00000
SOC 101Principles of Sociology00000
BA 230Principles Of Marketing00000
AG 102Agriculture Work Experience Seminar00000
BA 245APurchasing The Small Business00000
NURS 142Nurse Success Strategies00000
BA 260Business Financial Management I00000
AG 132Field Crop Science 100000
BE 100Work Environment Orientation00000
SOC 290Field Studies00000
BE 141Computerized Keyboarding I00000
AG 142Animal Nutrition00000
BE 180Business Communications00000
PE 133Basketball I00000
BIOL 101General Human Biology00000
AG 173Ag Chemical Equip Tech 100000
BIOL 146Anatomy-Physiology II00000
SPEC 200Comm Experiences In Publ Spkg00000
BIOL 250Genetics00000
AG 207Advanced Agri-Business Work Experience00000
BL 201Business Law I00000
NETW 285Cisco IV/CCNA Prep00000
BUSN 118Small Business Simulations00000
AG 224Ag Law00000
BUSN 200Special Studies00000
VA 247Vet Asst Clinical II00000
AG 241Artificial Insemination of Cattle00000
MUSC 158Intro to Non-Western Music00000
NSCI 102Environmental Science II00000
PCA 200Phlebotomy Skills00000
PTA 100Introduction to PTA00000
WLD 117Arc Weld In Vertical Position00000
ART 122Drawing II00000