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Bethel Course Reviews

Bethel University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COM 319Health Campaigns and Technology00000
DES 482Directed Study in Graphic Design; Analytical Figure / Digita...00000
BIS 027BUILD Independent Study 2: Arts and Communication00000
CHE 393Research00000
BUS 312ZFederal Income Taxes00000
BIO 245Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Lab00000
COM 498Capstone: Rhetoric and Public Influence00000
BEL 052Yoga00000
BUS 100MBusiness Calculus00000
BIB 212Reading the Hebrew Bible00000
CHE 228Introduction to Spectroscopy00000
BUS 335Organization Development00000
BIL 040BUILD Independent Living 400000
COM 209Introduction to Health Communication00000
BEL 025Introduction to Creative Arts00000
COM 373Digital Filmmaking00000
BIO 369Structure and Development of Vertebrates Lab00000
COS 386Data Communications and Computer Networks00000
ART 330Advanced Black & White Photography00000
EDU 200Introduction to Education00000
BEL 070Walk, Jog, Run00000
BUS 220Principles of Marketing00000
ART 411Printmaking III00000
BUS 325Business Analysis00000
BIB 304JMessianic Concepts00000
CHE 200Laboratory Safety and Chemical Hygiene00000
BUS 414Auditing Principles and Procedures00000
BIB 375First Corinthians00000
CHE 344Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Statistical Mechanics00000
BEL 014Introduction to Anthropology00000
CHI 101Introductory Chinese I00000
BIO 105Medical Terminology00000
COM 248Organizational Communication00000
ART 250AIntroduction to Photography00000
COM 352Broadcast Journalism00000
BIO 342Aquatic Biology00000
COM 435Forensics00000
BEL 037Clay Forms00000
COS 235Computer Systems00000
BIO 389Biochemistry I Lab00000
DES 105Introduction to Digital Media00000
ARH 321Art History 19th and 20th Century Europe00000
ECO 301Intermediate Microeconomics00000
BMF 021BUILD Math & Finances 200000
EDU 240Educational Psychology00000
ART 403Drawing IV00000
BUS 208Business Communication00000
BIB 205Introduction to Spiritual Formation00000
BUS 306Public Administration00000
ART 100AFoundations: Color, Composition, and Ideation00000
BUS 318GGlobal Marketing00000
BIB 265The Life and Teachings of Paul00000
BUS 330Compensation Theory and Practice00000
ART 496Senior Art & Design Exhibition00000
BUS 361Business Law00000
BIB 308JBiblical Theology of Reconciliation00000
CHE 101Introduction to Chemistry00000
BUS 440Capital Markets00000
BIB 326The Prophets of Israel00000
CHE 215General Chemistry II Lab00000
BEL 010Introduction to Psychology00000
CHE 312Quantitative Analysis00000
BIL 020BUILD Independent Living 200000
CHE 364Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
ART 210Painting00000
CHE 490Chemistry Seminar: Research00000
BIN 026Internship 2: Arts & Communication00000
CHL 481Community Health Internship00000
BEL 017Introduction to Business Applications00000
COM 218Facilitating Difficult Conversations00000
BIO 120DIntroduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab00000
COM 310KCommunication, Technology and Society00000
ARH 305History of Design00000
COM 325Political Communication00000
BIO 330Ecology00000
COM 366Strategic Social Media in Organizations00000
BEL 032Beginning Golf00000
COM 386Advanced Public Speaking00000
BIO 358Neurobiology00000
COM 482Editing for a Digital Audience00000
ART 311Advanced Printmaking00000
COS 212Data Structures00000
BIO 380Environmental Plant Biology00000
COS 334Data Mining and Machine Learning00000
BEL 044Beginning Tennis00000
COS 477Software Engineering00000
BIO 482Advanced Studies in Neurophysics and Imaging Technology00000
DES 322Digital Image Making00000
ANT 242UZPeoples and Cultures of the United States00000
ECO 200Economics of Public Policy Analysis00000
BJE 022BUILD Jobs & Employment 200000
ECO 340Econometrics00000
BEL 058Community Engagement00000
BSS 014BUILD Social Skills & Self-Determination 100000
ANT 214UPeoples and Cultures of Latin America00000
ARH 220Art History Ancient Through Medieval00000
ART 203Advanced Drawing00000
ASL 102SIntroductory American Sign Language II00000
BIB 312JFemale and Male in Biblical Perspective00000
BUS 475Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar00000