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Berkeley Course Reviews

University of California, Berkeley

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SOCIOL 140Politics and Social Change43451
XENGLIS R1BReading and Composition42441
BIOENG 10Introduction to Biomedicine for Engineers54551
ARESEC 219AEconometric Project Workshop00000
ARCH 239Special Topics in Architecture Design Theory and Criticism00000
ANTHRO 129CTopical Areas in Archaeology: Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherer...00000
AHMA 299Special Study00000
ART 16Printmaking (Relief & Intaglio): Foundations00000
ANTHRO 250VSeminars in Social and Cultural Anthropology: Tourism00000
ART 160Special Topics in Visual Studies00000
ARABIC 20AIntermediate Arabic00000
ARCH 203Integrated Design Studio00000
ANTHRO 121CHistorical Archaeology: Historical Artifact Identification a...00000
ARESEC C251Microeconomics of Development00000
AFRICAM 201AInterdisciplinary Research Methods00000
ARMENI 101BContinuing Armenian00000
ANTHRO 150Utopia: Art and Power in Modern Times00000
ART 118Advanced Drawing: Remixing the Figure00000
AFRICAM 111Race, Class, and Gender in the United States00000
ART 295Independent Study for M.F.A. Students00000
AMERSTD 102ACExamining U.S. Cultures in Place00000
AFRICAM 134Information Technology and Society00000
ARABIC 108Islamic Religious And Philosophical Texts In Arabic00000
AMERSTD 199Supervised Independent Study and Research for Upper Division...00000
ARABIC 298Seminar00000
ARCH 100DArchitectural Design IV00000
ARCH 198Special Group Study00000
ANTHRO 111Evolution of Human Behavior00000
ARCH 207BArchitecture Research Colloquium00000
AFRICAM 194AAfrican American Theme Program Seminar00000
ARCH 277California Architecture00000
ANTHRO 124APacific Cultures: Archaeology Of The South Pacific00000
ARESEC 212Econometrics: Multiple Equation Estimation00000
AFRICAM 31AIntermediate Chichewa00000
ARESEC 269Natural Resource Economics Workshop00000
ANTHRO 138AHistory and Theory of Ethnographic Film00000
ART H195ASpecial Study for Honors Candidates in the Practice of Art00000
AFRICAM 602Individual Study for Doctoral Students00000
ART 99Supervised Independent Study00000
ANTHRO 219Topics in Medical Anthropology00000
ART 132Advanced Ceramics: Research and Methods00000
AFRICAM 15AAdvanced Swahili00000
ART 185Senior Projects/Professional Practices00000
ANTHRO 292Experiments in Collaboration and Reciprocal Transformation00000
ART 301The Teaching of Art: Practice00000
AFRICAM 116Slavery and African American Life Before 186500000
ARABIC 104BClassical Arabic Prose00000
AMERSTD 190Senior Thesis00000
ARABIC 115AColloquial Arabic00000
AFRICAM 16BElementary Igbo00000
ARCH 24Freshman Seminars00000
ANTHRO H195BSenior Honors00000
AFRICAM 150BAfrican American Literature 1920 to Present00000
ARCH 109Special Topics in Architectural Design00000
ANTHRO C262BTheories of Traditionality and Modernity00000
ARCH 119Special Topics in the Social and Cultural Basis of Design00000
ARCH 139Special Topics in Architectural Design Theory and Criticism00000
ARCH 177California Architecture00000
ANTHRO 84Sophomore Seminar00000
ARCH 200CRepresentational Practice in Architectural Design00000
AFRICAM 164Spoken Word: Oral Tradition & Transformation from Poetry to...00000
ARCH 205BStudio One, Spring00000
ANTHRO 115Introduction to Medical Anthropology00000
ARCH 212Body-Conscious Design: Shoes, Chairs, Rooms, and Beyond00000
AFRICAM 27ACLives of Struggle: Minorities in a Majority Culture00000
ARCH 270History of Modern Architecture00000
ANTHRO 122CArchaeology of the Americas: Archaeology of Central America00000
ARCH 375Seminar in the Teaching of Architecture00000
AFRICAM 197Field Study in African American Life00000
ARESEC 202Issues and Concepts in Agricultural Economics00000
ANTHRO 127CBioarchaeology Research: Data Collection and Analysis00000
ARESEC 219BEconometric Project Workshop00000
AFRICAM 10BIntermediate Swahili00000
ARESEC 249Agricultural, Food, and Resource Policy Workshop00000
ANTHRO 135Paleoethnobotany: Archaeological Methods and Laboratory Tech...00000
ARESEC 602Individual Study for Doctoral Students00000
AFRICAM 250Black Intellectuals: Social and Cultural Roles00000
ARMENI 124Armenian Literature in Social Context00000
ANTHRO 146Cities of the Global South00000
ART 13Painting: Foundations00000
AFRICAM 98BCBerkeley Connect00000
ART 23ACDigital Media: Foundations00000
ANTHRO 170China00000
ART 103Advanced Painting: Reconsidering the Portrait & Figure00000
AGRS 24Freshman Seminars00000
ART 123Advanced Printmaking: Screen Print00000
ANTHRO 230Special Topics in Archaeology00000
ART 138Advanced Sculpture: Installation00000
AFRICAM C133AWhat is the Role of Race in Urban Schools?00000
ART 173Electro-Crafting00000
ANTHRO 270BSeminars In Linguistic Anthropology: Fundamentals Of Languag...00000
ART 218Seminar: Theory and Criticism00000
AMERSTD 24Freshman Seminar00000
ANTHRO C100Human Paleontology00000
ARCH 144Introduction to Acoustics00000
ARCH 154Design and Computer Analysis of Structure00000
ANTHRO 375Graduate Pedagogy Seminar00000
AEROSPC 2AThe Evolution of Air and Space Power00000
AFRICAM H195Senior Honors Thesis00000
AFRICAM 21AIntermediate Amharic00000