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Berkeley Course Reviews

University of California, Berkeley

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SOCIOL 140Politics and Social Change43451
BIOENG 10Introduction to Biomedicine for Engineers54551
XENGLIS R1BReading and Composition42441
ASTRON 7BIntroduction to Astrophysics00000
ASAMST 121Chinese American History00000
ANTHRO 290Survey of Anthropological Research00000
AMERSTD 190Senior Thesis00000
BIOENG C250Nanomaterials in Medicine00000
ARCH 149Special Topics in Energy and Environment00000
BIOENG 202Cell Engineering00000
ARCH 207CProfessional Practice Colloquium00000
ART 163Social Practice: The Artist in Body & Site00000
ANTHRO 189Special Topics in Social/Cultural Anthropology00000
ASIANST 10Introduction To Asia00000
AHMA 299Special Study00000
ASTRON 700Astronomy Colloquium00000
ARABIC 115AColloquial Arabic00000
BIOENG 121LBioMems and BioNanotechnology Laboratory00000
AFRICAM 142ACRace and American Film00000
BIOENG 297Bioengineering Department Seminar00000
ANTHRO H195BSenior Honors00000
AFRICAM 164Spoken Word: Oral Tradition & Transformation from Poetry to...00000
ARCH 249Special Topics in the Physical Environment in Buildings00000
ANTHRO 24Freshman Seminar00000
ARCH 298Special Group Study00000
ARESEC 241Economics And Policy Of Production, Technology And Risk In A...00000
ART 123Advanced Printmaking: Screen Print00000
ANTHRO 149Psychological Anthropology00000
ART 218Seminar: Theory and Criticism00000
AGRS 10AIntroduction to Ancient Greece00000
ASAMST 145ACPolitics, Public Policy, and Asian American Communities00000
ANTHRO 235Special Topics in Museum Anthropology00000
ASTRON C249Solar System Astrophysics00000
AFRICAM 114Introduction to African Linguistics00000
ASTRON 218Stellar Dynamics and Galactic Structure00000
ARABIC 1AElementary Arabic00000
BIOENG C237Adv Designing for the Human Body00000
AMERSTD 24Freshman Seminar00000
BIOENG 99Supervised Independent Study and Research00000
ARCH 102BArchitecture Capstone Project00000
BIOENG 153Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Impact, History, Therapeutic...00000
AFRICAM 11BElementary Swahili00000
BIOENG 247Principles of Synthetic Biology00000
ARCH 200AIntroduction to Architecture Studio 100000
BIOLOGY 1AGeneral Biology Lecture00000
AFRICAM 156ACPoetry for the People: Introduction to the Art of Poetry00000
ARCH 238The Dialectic of Poetics and Technology00000
ANTHRO C125AArchaeology of East Asia00000
ARCH 264Off-Site Fabrication: Opportunities and Evils00000
AFRICAM 18BElementary Amharic00000
ARESEC 202Issues and Concepts in Agricultural Economics00000
ANTHRO 114History of Anthropological Thought00000
AFRICAM 198Directed Group Studies for Undergraduates00000
ARESEC 269Natural Resource Economics Workshop00000
ANTHRO 122CArchaeology of the Americas: Archaeology of Central America00000
ARMENI 1AIntroductory Armenian00000
ARMENI 126Armenian Culture and Film00000
ART 116Ancient Pigments & Contemporary Drawing Practices00000
ANTHRO 138BField Production of Ethnographic Film00000
ART 137Advanced Projects in Ceramic Sculpture00000
AFRICAM 299Individual Study or Research00000
ART 180Advanced Digital Photography00000
ANTHRO 162Topics in Folklore00000
ASAMST R2BReading and Composition00000
AFRICAM 98Directed Group Studies for Freshmen and Sophomores00000
ASAMST 131Asian Diaspora(s) from an Asian American Perspective00000
ANTHRO 219Topics in Medical Anthropology00000
ASAMST 172Asian American Literature00000
AGRS 130DThe Roman Economy00000
AST C210X-rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation00000
ANTHRO 250JSeminars In Social And Cultural Anthropology: Ethnographic F...00000
ASTRON C254High Energy Astrophysics00000
AFRICAM 5AAfrican American Life and Culture in the United States00000
ASTRON 128Astronomy Data Science Laboratory00000
ANTHRO 301Professional Training: Teaching00000
ASTRON 290AIntroduction to Current Research00000
AMERSTD C152Native American Literature00000
BIOENG C118Biological Performance of Materials00000
ARABIC 104AModern Arabic Prose00000
BIOENG C231Introduction to Computational Molecular and Cell Biology00000
AFRICAM 131Caribbean Societies and Cultures00000
BIOENG 11Engineering Molecules 100000
ARCH 11AIntroduction to Visual Representation and Drawing00000
BIOENG 105Engineering Devices 100000
AMERSTD 101ACExamining U.S. Cultures in Time00000
BIOENG 140LSynthetic Biology Laboratory00000
ARCH 130Introduction to Architectural Design Theory and Criticism00000
BIOENG 192Senior Design Projects00000
AFRICAM C156Race, Space, and Inequality00000
BIOENG 225Biomolecular Structure Determination00000
ARCH 170BAn Historical Survey of Architecture and Urbanism00000
BIOENG 263Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biophotonics00000
AMERSTD 300Teaching Interdisciplinary American Studies00000
ANTHRO 127CBioarchaeology Research: Data Collection and Analysis00000
ART 8Introduction to Visual Thinking00000
ART 16Printmaking (Relief & Intaglio): Foundations00000
ARCH 204AThesis Seminar00000
AEROSPC 100Leadership Laboratory00000
AFRICAM H195ASenior Honors Thesis00000
AFRICAM 27ACLives of Struggle: Minorities in a Majority Culture00000