Berea Course Reviews

Berea College

BUS 386Deep Lrng/Neural Ntwks (CSC)00000
CHM 101Foundations of Chemistry00000
ART 492DSculpture Capstone00000
BUS 120Accounting I00000
AST 240Kinshp/Gen SE Asia (SOC/WGS)00000
ART 206Drawing II00000
CFS 313Infancy and Early Childhood00000
APS 230African Americans-Appal (AFR)00000
AST 104Intro to Japanese IV (JPN)00000
ARH 186Introduction to Archaeology00000
BIO 386Ornithology00000
BIO 101Human Anatomy & Phys I00000
ART 115Drawing Fundamentals00000
BUS 327Intermediate Accounting II00000
APS 113Appalachian Weaving00000
CFS 207Family Relations (WGS)00000
ART 325Fibers III00000
CFS 390BAssistive Tech/Strat00000
ANR 110Animal Science00000
CHM 370Adv Lab Chromatography00000
APS 390ADocumentary Photography Appal00000
AST 204Yoga (HHP)00000
ANR 318Food Policy (CFS)00000
AST 308Themes in Asian Tradition(REL)00000
ARH 234Intro to Archaeological Method00000
BIO 330Genetics00000
BIO 114Botany00000
ARH 398Decolonizing Pres Portraiture00000
BIO 494Evolution00000
ANR 390APlant Cons Red River Gorge00000
BUS 257Consumer Behavior00000
ART 135Illusionistic Drawing/Painting00000
BUS 363Marketing00000
AFR 356Sem-African-Amer History (HIS)00000
CFS 103Consumers & the Food System00000
ART 225Fibers II00000
CFS 225Food, Culture and Society00000
APS 210Health in Appalachia (HLT)00000
CFS 353Childhood Guidance00000
ART 416Drawing and Painting IV00000
CFS 498Child & Family Rsch Methods00000
AFR 204African Amer Intellect Thought00000
CHM 340Biochemistry I00000
ART 498Directed Study in Ceramics00000
CHM 440Biochemistry II00000
ANR 240Soil Science00000
AST 130Studies in World Art (ARH)00000
ARH 124Survey of Western Art II00000
AST 205Tai Chi (HHP)00000
AFR 225Envr Justice(SENS/APS/PSJ/WGS)00000
AST 260Buddhism (REL)00000
ARH 210Topics in Islamic Art & Archit00000
AST 324JSeminar in Asian History (HIS)00000
ANR 325Animal Reproduction & Breeding00000
BIO 102PA & P IIPeer-Assisted Learning00000
ARH 243Women in Art (WGS)00000
BIO 324Parasitology00000
BIO 222Microbiology00000
ARH 286Art and Social Justice00000
BIO 338Ornithology00000
ANR 350Horticulture00000
BIO 441Cell and Molecular Biology00000
ART 110Design00000
BON 010Bonners Placeholder00000
AFR 305Interracial Communication(COM)00000
BUS 240Business Law00000
ART 125Fibers I00000
BUS 323Income Tax00000
ANR 494Labor/Field Learning Exper00000
BUS 345Human Resources Management00000
ART 200DTopics in Drawing00000
BUS 367Marketing Research00000
AFR 186Readings in Black Psychology00000
BUS 475Strategic Management00000
ART 216Drawing and Painting II00000
CFS 145Consumer Decision Making00000
APS 140Appalachian Literature (ENG)00000
CFS 221Fundamentals of Nutrition00000
ART 316Drawing and Painting III00000
CFS 238Human Environments II00000
AFR 450Sem in Afr & Afr-Amer Std II00000
CFS 318Food Policy (ANR)00000
ART 398Ornithology in Printmaking00000
CFS 362Cont Family Issues & Poverty00000
APS 224Appalachian Music (MUS)00000
CFS 480Senior Research Seminar00000
ART 430Sculpture and Intermedia IV00000
CHI 103Introduction to Chinese III00000
AFR 132Intro to Race in America (SOC)00000
CHM 221Organic Chemistry I00000
ART 492BPainting Capstone00000
CHM 345Introduction to Biochemistry00000
APS 334Appalachian Plants & Ppl (ANR)00000
AST 101Intro to Japanese I (JPN)00000
ADV 010Advisor Early Feedback00000
AFR 138Black Music Ensemble(MUS 135)00000
AFR 250Patriotic Gore (HIS)00000
ANR 330Forage and Row Crop Production00000
ARH 262Italian Renaissance Art & Arc.00000
BIO 306Histology and Histotechnique00000