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BCC Course Reviews

Bronx Community College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MEST 64Social Media Communication00000
NMT 88Senior NMT Seminar00000
ELC 51Electronic Controls00000
JPN 111Beginning Japanese I00000
EXS 100Introduction to Exercise Science and Kinesiology00000
DAT 48Advanced Java Programming00000
MTH 33Analytic Geometry And Calculus Iii00000
BUS 41Business Statistics00000
ENG 172The Bible as Literature00000
CHM 33Quantitative Analysis00000
HRT 15Perennials and Flower Borders I00000
GAR 24Soil Science II00000
CSN 120Network Switching and Routing00000
LAW 95Legal Research and Writing00000
BIO 83Clinical Chemistry00000
MLT 90Clinical Internship00000
EDU 30Introduction to Special Needs, Schools and Society00000
MUS 21Choral Performance I00000
ART 89Publication Design00000
PEA 101Introduction to Personal Training00000
CHM 11General College Chemistry I00000
ESL 1English as a Second Language - Basic00000
AST 112Planetary Astronomy00000
FRN 121Language and Civilization of France00000
COM 31Business Communications00000
HLT 90Health and Aging00000
GIS 12Introduction to Remote Sensing00000
CSI 30Discrete Mathematics I00000
IND 12Independent Srudy In A Specific Discipline I00000
BIO 81Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology00000
LAW 45Medical Law00000
CSN 190Cybersecurity Project00000
MEDP 18Introduction to Visual Storytelling00000
ART 79Typographic Design00000
MLT 81Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology00000
EDU 10Child Study - Birth to Grade 600000
MTH 21Survey of Mathematics I00000
BIO 90Clinical Internship00000
MTHW 1Math Workshop 0100000
EGR 21Analysis Tools for Engineers00000
NMT 78Ekg-Interpretation and Techniques00000
ACS 46Diesel Engine Performance00000
PEA 16Strenghth and Flexibility Training Through Pilates00000
ENG 100English Composition I: Integrated Reading and Writing00000
PERM 14Permit Out00000
ART 95Introduction to 3D Graphics and Animation00000
ENGW 4Academic Literacy Workshop00000
CHM 17Fundamentals of General Chemistry I00000
ESLW 3Esl Workshop 0300000
ARB 111Beginning Arabic I00000
FIN 31Principles of Finance00000
CLE 21Clinical Radiography II00000
FYS 11First-Year Seminar00000
BIO 19Food, Sex and Death (Selected Topics in Biology)00000
GAR 41Plant Propagation I00000
COMM 20Public Speaking and Critical Listening00000
HIS 51History of New York City00000
HIS 14Medieval History00000
CRJ 23Introduction to Corrections00000
HLT 96Health Education For Parenting00000
BIO 55Genetics00000
HSC 12Human Services Skills and Methods00000
CSI 35Discrete Mathematics II00000
IND 14Independent Study In A Specific Discipline I00000
ART 41Ceramics: Handbuilding00000
KEY 12Advanced Document Production00000
CSN 150Cybersecurity00000
LAW 72Real Property00000
BIO 82Clinical Hematology and Coagulation00000
LTL 10Learning to Learn00000
DAT 33Microcomputer Applications00000
MEDP 35Digital Video Editing II00000
ACS 25Automatic/Manual Transmission and Drivetrains00000
MKT 43Principles Of Advertising00000
ECO 11Microeconomics00000
MLT 86Immunohematology00000
BIO 86Immunohematology00000
MTH 10Technical Mathematics I00000
EDU 18Literacy in a Bilingual/Dual Language Early Childhood Classr...00000
MTH 30Pre-Calculus Mathematics00000
ART 84Digital Imaging00000
MTH 42Linear Algebra00000
EDU 50Creativity and The arts For Early Childhood and Childhood Ye...00000
MUS 10Music Survey00000
BIS 13Website Development00000
MUS 70Piano Class for Beginners00000
ELC 18Computer Programming For Engineering Technology00000
NMT 83Radiation Physics and Dosimetry00000
ACS 10Introduction To Automotive Technology00000
NUR 301Nursing Care Across the Life Span Level III00000
ENG 1Developmental Writing I00000
PEA 46African, Caribbean and Black Dance Forms00000
BUS 54Entrepreneurship00000
ENG 151U.S. Literature and Thought II00000
ACC 112Principles of Accounting II00000
ACS 21Steering and Suspension Systems00000
ART 22Painting00000
BIO 27Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience00000
COMM 42The Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism00000
HIS 31Latin American History00000