Baruch Course Reviews

Baruch College (CUNY)

CHI 4183Chinese Cinema00000
CIS 4170Data Visualization00000
BIO 4010Human Physiology00000
BUS 9700Sustainable Business: Perspectives, Theories, and Practices00000
BLS 3056The Civil Rights Movement00000
ART 5900Senior Seminar00000
CIS 2300Programming and Computational Thinking00000
ANT 3821South Asian Religion00000
BLS 3013Mass Media and the Black American00000
ANT 6002HHonors II00000
BUS 9551Business Communication I00000
BUS 1011HHonors Business Fundamentals: The Contemporary Business Land...00000
ART 3250Art of the United States00000
BUS 9811Graduate Internship I00000
ANT 3020Anthropology of Business00000
CHM 4010Medicinal Chemistry00000
BIO 3001Principles of Biology II00000
CIS 3630Principles of Web Design00000
ACC 4100Financial Accounting III00000
CIS 9310Object-Oriented Programming I00000
ANT 4050Religious Worlds Of New York00000
BLS 3038Survey of Caribbean Literature in English (Cross-listed with...00000
ACC 9112Financial Accounting: Intensive00000
BLS 4902Latin America and the Caribbean: Cultures and Societies00000
ART 2050Basic Graphic Communication: Design and Advertising Layout00000
BUS 6901HHonors Thesis In Business I00000
BUS 3003Business Internship00000
ART 3064Photojournalism00000
BUS 9557Managerial Skills for Accountancy Professionals00000
ACC 9990Special Topics in Accountancy00000
BUS 9797Special Topics in Business00000
ART 3282Museums and Gallery Studies00000
CHI 2001Upper Elementary Chinese I00000
ACC 2203Principles of Managerial Accounting for Non-accounting Major...00000
CHM 2003General Chemistry I00000
BIO 1012Fundamentals of Biology: Human Biology Laboratory00000
CHM 5003Ind Stud CHM IV00000
ANT 3110Women, Culture, and Society00000
CIS 3367Spreadsheet Applications in Business00000
BIO 3015Principles of Genetics00000
CIS 3920Data Mining for Business Analytics00000
AAS 3780Vietnam at War00000
CIS 4910Information Technology and Social Responsibility00000
BIO 6001HBiology Honors I00000
CIS 9350Networks and Telecommunications00000
ACC 5400Principles of Auditing00000
BLS 3018African Philosophy and Religion00000
ANT 4400New York: The Global City00000
BLS 3046Four Hundred Years of the Black Presence in New York City00000
AAS 3842Making of Modern India00000
BLS 3125Race and Ethnic Relation00000
ART 1000Introduction to Design and Visual Communication00000
BPL 5100HHonors - Business Policy00000
ACC 9804Intermediate Financial Accounting00000
BUS 2000HHonors Business Fundamentals: The Contemporary Business Land...00000
ART 3041HHonors-Special Topics in Art (Studio)00000
BUS 5000Independent Study in Business Administration I00000
BUS 3006Business Internship VI00000
ART 3060Intermediate Photography00000
BUS 9420Communications and Ethics for Business Analytics00000
ACC 9818Auditing and Accounting Information Systems00000
BUS 9552Business Communication II: Communicating Quantitative and Te...00000
ART 3225Renaissance Art00000
BUS 9600Current Topics in Business00000
AAS 4906Critical Approaches to Japanese Popular Culture00000
BUS 9794Special Topics in Business00000
ART 3260Asian Art00000
BUS 9802Graduate Internship Module II00000
ANT 1001Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
BUS 9814Graduate Internship IV00000
ART 5001Independent Study Art II00000
CHI 3002Upper Intermediate Chinese00000
AAS 3346The Rise of East Asia in World Affairs00000
CHM 1003LFundamentals of Chemistry00000
ART 6003HArt Honors III00000
CHM 3001General Chemistry II00000
ANT 3036World Regional Geography00000
CHM 5001HHonors Independent Study in Chemistry II00000
BIO 1016Fundamentals of Biology, Laboratory Research in Genetics, Ev...00000
CHM 6003HHonors - Chemistry Honors III00000
ACC 3200Cost Accounting00000
CIS 3150Introduction to Semantic Technologies00000
BIO 3009Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development00000
CIS 3500Computer Networking00000
ANT 3175The Lives of Hinduism00000
CIS 3750Social Media Technologies in Organizations00000
BIO 3032Animal Behavior00000
CIS 4110Object-Oriented Programming II with Java00000
AAS 3085Topics in Asian and Asian American Studies00000
CIS 4560Ethical Hacking00000
BIO 5000Independent Study Biology I00000
CIS 5900Computer Information Systems Internship00000
ANT 4015Anthropology and Contemporary World Issues00000
BLS 1003HHonors: The Evolution and Expressions of Racism00000
AAS 2155Philosophies from India00000
AAS 3175The Lives of Hinduism00000
AAS 4010Chinese Immigration in Global Perspective00000
ACC 9806Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting00000
ART 3056Typography: History and Application00000
BUS 4113HHonors Advanced Organizational Behavior00000