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Baruch Course Reviews

Baruch College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FIN 5000Independent Research in Finance I00000
FRE 4000Advanced Oral Communication I00000
ENG 2150TWriting II00000
ENV 1004Fundamentals of Ecological Research00000
ENG 3615Sudden Fiction / Crafting Short Short Stories00000
ECO 1001Micro-Economics00000
FIN 9897Special Topics in Corporate Finance00000
ANT 4050Religious Worlds Of New York00000
ENG 3034A Survey of African American Literature00000
ART 2050Basic Graphic Communication: Design and Advertising Layout00000
ENG 4545Literature of the Harlem Renaissance00000
ENG 3940Topics in Film00000
ART 4900Design And Photography In Theaory And Practice00000
FIN 3000Principles of Finance00000
ANT 3085Selected Topics in Anthropolgy and Sociology00000
FIN 9790Seminar in Finance00000
ECO 4150The Economics of International Trade00000
FPA 9101Independent Study in Arts Administration00000
ACC 9112Financial Accounting: Intensive00000
FRE 4999Special Studies in French00000
ANT 6002HHonors II00000
ENG 3270Film and Literature00000
ACC 9818Auditing and Accounting Information Systems00000
ENG 3730Literature and Psychology00000
ART 3056Typography: History and Application00000
ENG 4400Brit Poetry Fr 190000000
ENG 4120Chaucer00000
ART 3250Art of the United States00000
ENG 4950Advanced Topics in Language, Literature, or Film00000
ANT 3020Anthropology of Business00000
ENV 3032Animal Behavior00000
ART 5900Senior Seminar00000
FIN 4750Options00000
ACC 3200Cost Accounting00000
FIN 9772Quantitative Tools for Finance00000
ECO 3250International Economics and Finance00000
FIN 9854The Measurement and Management of Credit Risk I00000
ANT 3180The Religion of Everyday Life00000
FPA 2000Introduction to Arts Administration00000
ECO 9723Econometrics - Theory and Applications I00000
FPA 9190Cultural Policy and the Arts00000
AAS 3842Making of Modern India00000
FRE 4181History of French Literature I00000
ENG 3005Introduction to Literary Studies00000
FRO 1000SSeek Freshman Semin.00000
ACC 9805Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ENG 3201Topics in Politics and Literature00000
ART 1000Introduction to Design and Visual Communication00000
ENG 3610Workshop: Fiction Writing00000
AAS 4010Chinese Immigration in Global Perspective00000
ENG 3680Advanced Essay Writing: Style & Styles in Prose00000
ART 3041HHonors-Special Topics in Art (Studio)00000
ENG 3780Contemporary Drama: The New Theatre00000
ACC 9990Special Topics in Accountancy00000
ENG 4011Literary Theory00000
ART 3059Animation and Motion Graphics00000
ENG 4310Victorian Literature00000
ENG 4145HHonors - Topics in Shakespeare00000
ART 3225Renaissance Art00000
ENG 4500The Main Currents of Literary Expression in Contemporary Ame...00000
ANT 1001HHonors-Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ENG 4700Insult, Abuse, and Ridicule: Satire Through the Ages00000
ART 3260Asian Art00000
ENG 5002Independent Study In English III00000
ACC 2203Principles of Managerial Accounting for Non-accounting Major...00000
ENV 3002Energy Conservation00000
ART 5001Independent Study Art II00000
ENV 5000HHon Independent Study ENV I00000
ANT 3035The Remaking Of New York: The Immigrant Experience00000
FIN 4093Special Topics in Finance00000
DCT 90102Econometric Methods from Business Research I00000
FIN 4810Risk Management in Financial Institutions II00000
AAS 3780Vietnam at War00000
FIN 9759Mergers and Acquisitions00000
ECO 3140Game Theory00000
FIN 9782Futures and Forward Markets00000
ANT 3125Race and Ethnic Relation00000
FIN 9795Debt Instruments and Markets00000
ECO 4093Special Topics in Economics00000
FIN 9858Implications of Corporate Governance, Regulation, and Ethics...00000
ACC 5100Accounting Internship00000
FLM 3002History of Film II00000
ECO 6001HHonors Courses in Economics00000
FPA 5070Arts Administration Internship00000
ANT 4015Anthropology and Contemporary World Issues00000
FPA 9155Touring and Presentation of Arts Organizations00000
ECO 9792Special Topics in Economics00000
FRE 1001Elementary French I00000
AAS 3155Indian Philosophy00000
FRE 4011Advanced Grammar and Syntax00000
ENG 2800HHon Great Works of Lit I00000
FRE 4230North Africa: Literature and Film00000
ANT 4400New York: The Global City00000
ENG 3025Survey of American Literature II00000
AAS 2165Classical Buddhism00000
AAS 3345Asian American History00000
AAS 4906Critical Approaches to Japanese Popular Culture00000
ANT 1001Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 3064Photojournalism00000
ENG 4160Renaissance Poetry00000