Bard Course Reviews

Bard College

ECON 201Intermediate Microeconomics00000
FILM 2253D Animation00000
CHI 101Beginning Chinese I00000
CNSV 560Collaborative Piano Practicum00000
CMSC 102Computer Science II00000
BLC 107Intensive ESL00000
ECON 612Research Workshop II00000
ARTH 278Modern in America00000
CLAS T200Women in Antiquity Tutorial00000
ARTH 385Theories/Methods:Art History00000
CNSV 510Graduate Vocal Chamber Music00000
CMSC 201Data Structures00000
BIO 203Human Anatomy & Physiology00000
DAN 216Interm Advcd Modern Dance00000
ARTH 114History of the Decorative Arts00000
ECON 401MC401: Senior Project I00000
CHEM 112Chemistry and the Environment00000
EUS 322The Politics of Solutions00000
ART 108Studio Art: Portrait & Comm.00000
FILM 337Queer Cinema00000
ARTH 308Curation: Hist/Theory/Practice00000
CLAS 402Joint Senior Proj II:CLAS/MES00000
ART 200Painting I00000
CMSC 131Python Programming00000
ASIA 402MC402 Senior Project00000
CNSV 310Keyboard Skills00000
CMSC 401MC401: Senior Project I00000
BIO 144Biostatistics00000
CNSV 535Acting Workshop00000
ART 405Senior Seminar00000
DAN 103Dance Ensemble00000
BIO 302Molecular Biology00000
DAN 335Prob in Dance & Performance00000
ART 101Introduction to Painting00000
ECON 237Economics of the Public Sector00000
BLC 212Grammar, Rhetoric & Style00000
ECON 511History of Economic Thought00000
ARTH 212German Art and Identity00000
EUS 222Air00000
CHEM 360Adv. Techniques: Synthesis00000
FILM 116History of Cinema since 194500000
ANTH 402MC402: Senior Project II00000
FILM 307Controversial Films00000
CHI 202Intermediate Chinese II00000
FILM 401MC 401: Senior Project I00000
ART 122Adv Exploration in Studio Art00000
CLAS 216Roman and Greek Epics00000
ARTH 337Pop Art00000
CMSC 100Introduction to Computing00000
ARAB 102Beginning Arabic II00000
CMSC 117Intro to Computing00000
AS 314Spiritualism00000
CMSC 145Discrete Math00000
ART 208Drawing II:Drawing from Nature00000
CMSC 301Algorithms00000
BIO 101General Biology w/Lab00000
CNSV 211Alexander Technique/Musicians00000
CNSV PLPrivate Lessons Sec Violin00000
BIO 122Intro to Bioengineering II00000
CNSV 403Conservatory Project00000
ART 310Printmaking III:Photogravure00000
CNSV 518Core Seminar IV (Vocal Arts)00000
BIO 166Methods in Field Ecology00000
CNSV 542Vocal Ensemble Wksp00000
ART T100Tutorial: Black Thought00000
CNSV 575Graduation Recital00000
BIO 216Science & Science Fiction00000
DAN 118Dance Composition I00000
ARTH 101Art Hist I:Stone Age/High Goth00000
DAN 312Advanced Ballet00000
BIO 402MC402: Senior Project II00000
ECON 100Principles of Economics00000
ANTH 320The Voice in the Machine00000
ECON 213Econ Transition from Socialism00000
BLC 180The Art of Public Speaking00000
ECON 321Seminar: Economic Development00000
ARTH 160Survey of Latin American Art00000
ECON 407Policy/International Trade00000
BLC 240Argument and Advocacy00000
ECON 531Monetary Theory & Policy00000
ART 105Anatomy and Art00000
EUS 102Intro:Environ & Urban Science00000
CHEM 205Analytical Chem Forensic w/Lab00000
EUS 308Culture through Nature00000
ARTH 252History of the Experiment00000
FILM T200Black Aesthetics Tutorial00000
CHEM 402MC402: Senior Project II00000
FILM 206Intro to Film Studies00000
ANTH 228Economic Anthropology00000
FILM 239Cinema of South Asia00000
CHI 106Intensive Beginning Chinese00000
FILM 315Advanced Video00000
ARTH 302Idea of the Aesthetic00000
CHI 302Advanced Chinese II00000
ANTH 200Gender Studies00000
ANTH 254The Stranger in Latin America00000
ARAB 302Advanced Arabic00000
ART 302Painting III00000
BIO 111Microbes in the Environment00000
CNSV 110Chamber Music00000